Changes to Coaching Staff; Sandberg Likely In

More changes are coming.

The Phillies announced their first changes following today’s season finale at Nationals Park, where they informed bench coach Pete Mackanin, hitting coach Greg Gross and first base coach Sam Perlozzo they will not be back in 2013.

“I think when you want to do some things, people on your staff, most of the time they’re the ones that have to be let go or moved or whatever,” Phillies manager Charlie Manuel explained. “I think that’s just the position it’s in.”

Mackanin replaced Jimy Williams as bench coach following the 2008 season. Perlozzo replaced third base coach Steve Smith following the 2008 season before moving to first base in 2011. Gross, who served two tours as Phillies hitting coach, rejoined the team in July 2010, when the Phillies fired Milt Thompson.

It is expected Triple-A Lehigh Valley manager Ryne Sandberg will join the coaching staff in 2013, unless he takes a big-league managing job elsewhere.

The coaching staff changes will only lead to more significant changes on the 25-man roster.

“We’re definitely going to have some changes on our roster,” Manuel said. “How many or what, I really don’t know. From talking to Ruben (Amaro Jr.), we’re going to try to get better and get back to compete, win our division and have a chance at the World Series.”


How do coaching changes lead to “significant” roster changes?

Trade Ryan Howard to the American league for a bucket of balls.

The Phillies are going to trade the most prolific run producer in their history for a bag of balls? Are you really a baseball fan?

Dude, you site the past. Howard is broken and ineffective. The American league is his future – his very short future. Maybe a bag of balls is too little. We might get some relief pitching or some deep prospects from a club that thinks a big bat in the DH spot is all they need to compete. I don’t know who that is but the Fightin’s need to cut their losses. Shoot, even if we get nothing more than rid of that stupid salary – even part of it – we’re better off in the long run.

what the —- is a bench coach?

I’m not sure exactly when the game got so complicated that managers needed a “bench coach.” It isn’t like the game got faster or more intricate. It’s the same game that Connie Mack managed, plus or minus a DH.
It’s yet another dopey sports thing that just sort of appeared. As pointless as sliding into first base.

A “Bench Coach” is the managers confidant. He is his best friend on the bench. Think of it as an external hard drive. Something you might tap into every know an again to improve your confidence.

That, or its another way to keep baseball guys in the game – a jobs program.

The stat I heard on the broadcast today says it all – the Phillies scored three runs or less in 76 games this year. That’s nearly half the season. And don’t just blame injuries. For most of the season they played with no energy, no drive. In fact the season was a continuation of last year’s NLDS vs. the Cards, when every ball the Phillies hit seemed to be a weak grounder to second. Somehow this team has to learn how to manufacture runs when they need them. They can’t sit around waiting for someone to hit a 5-run homer, or expecting their pitchers to no-hit the opposition night after night.

All the negativity aside, the Fightin’s payed .600 ball after the All Star break. To finish .500 is a remarkable turn around. Only one major league team played .600 ball all season and they won our division. All is not lost. Of course Jr. needs to make some improvement but this team experienced a major turn around this summer and ought to be congratulated.

So, according to this Todd Zolecki, the coaching staff changes will lead to significant changes on the 25 man roster. Funny, someone else named Todd Zolecki wrote today that the Phillies will not look much different in Spring Training and they will have to win with what they have. It’s crazy how we have so many sports writers with the same name but different opinions. There are at least three Jim Salisburys and I’ve lost count of the Bob Brookovers. Maybe you guys should use middle initials.

“We’re definitely going to have some changes on our roster,” Manuel said.

Hey Port, is it possible that Todd was referring to that quote when he suggested there could be significant changes? A real leap, I know.

But…but Always the company man phan52. Charlie said “some changes”. Todd wrote “significant” changes. What team doesn’t undergo “some changes” in the spring? How does “some changes” get to the “significant changes” level?

11:25:55 PM’s
Yes, let’s get rid of the coaches. They’re the reason Halladay fell apart, or we had a terrible outfield or no middle inning relief pitching through the first 75 games. Oh wait- that’s right- they never told our hitters to be more patient and stop swinging for the fences. Silly me- it had to be he coaches, after all, Charley manages the players and game situations flawlessly.

Frustrated in Phillyland

The A’S announced today that they will be releasing their entire staring staff next year…. and bring up five more great pitchers next spring.

Interstingly enough…they let go of 2 former successful Major League mangers that have hepled the Phillies win the NL East for the last 4 years and retained a former Major League manager who has proven to be arguably one of the worst 3rd base coaches in the history of mankind in his FIRST year with the Phillies (which has proven to be a bust) AND retained a pitching coach that led 2 guys with a total of 3 Cy Youngs to a 17-17 record and plus 4 ERA cumultaively….clearly letting these other 3 go is this answer (ok…maybe Gross is a good move) to a successful 2013 season and beyond. Ryne Sandberg is obviously the answer….especially since he is unproven at the Major League level and has been bypassed by several teams despite the fact that he is supposedly the greatest thing since sliced bread. Dale Sveum v Ryne Sandberg?! Theo is a fool, but in retrospect, it could be our gain? Why don’t we figure out what to do with an offense that my softball team could give a run for their money. We start with a 1-1 count….Ryan wouldn’t stand a chance especially since there is a wrinkle in the ptch…

Your entitled to your opinion but not the facts. The cumulative ERA of the two Cy Young Award winners to which you refer was 3.72. That being said, their combined 17-17 record is more indicative of how pedestrian both were.

phan – No. What Todd says is different from what Charlie said, “some” and “significant” are very different. If he was taking it from Charlie’s quote I would say he took quite a liberty there. Besides, even if you were correct, the fact would remain that in this post he would be agreeing with Charlie that significant changes will be made, while in the other he agrees with Jimmy that significant changes will not be made. Considering that both were posted on the same day within minutes of each other, I find that odd.

You probably have not been around here long enough to realize “the Pope” is infallible.

Port, I would think that Todd is a little more in tune with what is going on with the Phillies than you are. Are you in the clubhouse every day? Do you get to talk to Charlie Manuel and Ruben Amaro on a daily basis? If so, please, go on. Enlighten us.

in todays’ game, with all the stats available, the Bench coach tells the manager that player X hits .300 against RHP on thursdays, after 16:00 in afternoon if wind blowing straight out at 7MPH, but only hit .203 against the guy pitching.

Pherris: did some research before I wrote about Ryan Howard. His career B.A. is .271–adequate for a cleanup hitter on a non-contender. But check this out: his career average when he puts the ball in play (subtract his strikeout A.B.s from his overall A.B.s) is .400. If he cut his S.O.s in half (average 193/year), his career average would be .322. However, you can’t erase his S.O.s. He has struck out 200 times more than he has hits. That’s incredible for a keystone of your team. And how old is he now? He’ll be 33 the next time he puts on a uniform. How many productive years does he have left at his size and weight? At what point does he no longer have ANY trade value to another team? I’d say pretty soon, and then you are faced with an older slugger with suspect legs. You want to keep him around with his salary? I’d rather take a chance with Ruf and see what the market would command now. Every year now his value goes down. He had a reasonably good second half, and there will always be an almost good, almost bad team who will take a chance and make a bad trade to get into the playoffs (White Sox?, Red Sox?). Major League history is full of them. I like Howard as much as the next guy. He’s a good guy in the clubhouse. But as an everyday player who strikes out more times than he hits the ball? Not on my team.

Why don’t you tell us about his power production. He came off the DL and picked right up where he left off. Is it a coincidence that the Phillies went 42-29 after Howard’s return? Tell us how many of Howard’s strikeouts would not only have to put the ball in play but also result in hits for his career BA to rise from .271 to .322? The problem is that Howard has been influenced too much by the Charlie Doctrine.

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