Sandberg and Others On Board

More news on the coaching front today:

Ryne Sandberg has been hired as the team’s third base coach and infield instructor. Steve Henderson has been hired as hitting coach and Rod Nichols has been hired as bullpen coach. Mick Billmeyer, Rich Dubee and Juan Samuel have been retained after yesterday’s dismissals of Pete Mackanin, Greg Gross and Sam Perlozzo.

Dubee, who is Charlie Manuel‘s right-hand man and controls everything pitching related, will return as pitching coach. Billmeyer moves from bullpen coach to catching coach. Samuel has been offered a move to first base/outfield/baserunning instructor.


Interesting that a bench coach wasn’t named. Is another hire in the offering?
Samuel seems like a good clubhouse guy and liaison to the Hispanic players, but some of his decisions at third base were questionable.

No, there is no bench coach. MLB has a limit on the number of coaches, and the Phillies are at it.

I never knew there was such a thing as *catching coach”. I’m thinking Mick was stealing some of Dubee’s thunder, so they gave him a new position. A friend of mine called it a “promotion”. Not so sure. How much help does Chooch, and Kratz, need?

Catching coach is better than winning the lottery.

Oh is that right? So Mick is collecting an annual annuity of 17 million like I am?

Does Billmeyer get to keep the binoculars? lol

So Charlie is going to have his Heir Apparent right there is dugout with him? Is it just me or does this come across as a real prescription for success? Is this something Ruin learned in one of his basket weaving classes at Stanford?

No, Sandberg is the third base coach. There is no “bench coach.” Remember, Charlie was in the dugout with Bowa, so what has changed?

Where is Sandberg going to going to spend at least half of each game other than in the dugout with Charlie? Was Charlie considered Bowa’s heir apparent?

What I don’t get is if the Phillies think that the problem this year was with the coaching staff, doesn’t that mean that the #1 coach (Manuel) is ultimately responsible? Instead of clearing house, shouldn’t they have cleared Charlie? The only move here that makes sense is getting rid of the 1B coach or the bench coach to make room for Sandbeg.

That said, I think they new coaches are a welcome addition as they’ve proved they can help players improve. look at the hitters and pitchers coming up through the system who were helped by Nichols especially

We’ll see if Nichols can beat a winning philosophy into these major leaguers with fat $$$ contracts that are already set in their ways. Wouldn’t you agree it’s a whole lot easier to coach young minor leaguers?

The coaches always pay for the sins of the team.
But I think the addition of Ryno will be great. Not only 3rd base coach, but fielding coach. Chase said he helped in a lot, during his rehab.

The most important change for the positive that was announced is the intention of hiring an asst hitting coach to team up with Henderson. This is a smart move and a long time coming. This staffing construct for hitting instruction is the key to the Cardinals’ success during the past 3 years (along with the hiring of McGwire).

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