Anybody Watching the Postseason?

Jayson Werth and Raul Ibanez coming up with two (three, if you’re counting both of Ibanez’s homers in Game 3) of the biggest moments of the postseason. I’m just surprised Wilson Valdez didn’t come up with the clutch hit in Game 5. I mean, the guy was the Phillies’ 2010 MVP.


Glad for RAUUL! I sure hope the Cards take care of business today and we won’t have to see Werthless until 2013.

Agree! I never thought I would be pulling for the Cards to win tonight but I hope they do and send the Nats home for the season.

I agree.

Ibanez, Werth, Pence & Berry. You could do worse.

I counted 13 ex Phillies (or Phillies farm) who played on one of the post season teams. Only Detroit didn’t have an ex Phillie.

Yes,I’ve watched every game of the post season. Based on his seriously declining abilities which have disappeared this post season the 3rd basemen for The Yankees whose name I won’t mention because I can’t stand him,should retire after this

Don’t forget Scott Rolen came up huge for the Giants by striking out with the tying run on base and his costly error in game three. Hopefully Jim Thome can blast a homerun and help the Orioles beat the Yankees.

I hate the Yankees, so what Raul did was unforgivable. He couldn’t do that for us when we needed him in 3 postseasons, yet he does it off the freakin’ bench for the Evil Empire. GO FIGURE!

Raul’s dinger was a year late. I jumped out of my seat last year in game 5 thinking he hit a 3-run shot, only to have it die at the warning track.
Go O’s. Maybe it’s Jim Thome’s turn tonight.

Buck finally got Thome out of the lineup tonight. He’s been useless.

Very excited for Raul, despite playing for the Yankees. Rooting for Thome to get a ring before he retires. Werth’s said so many stupid, insulting things about Philly that I’m seriously rooting against him and those arrogant gNats….

The best part about Raul’s HR was that he pinched hit for A-Rod. I’m not a Yankees fan either, but always liked Raul.

I hate A-Rod as much as the next Phillies fan, but I have to hand it to him for one thing — he was the first one to congratulate Raul when he returned to the dugout. I was impressed by that…

The post season has been great thus far. Don’t have a problem with Werth or Rolen. Rollins would have done the same-however no one was stupid enough to overpay except for Amaro. Nice of him to quit on the team with 4 games togo. I don’t believe he had a calf problem: if he did, hewould have had 4 mos. to recover. Geez K. Frandsen played with a stress fracture of his fibula, Chase played with compromised knees. Doc gave did his best. Rollins is all about himself. Another costly mistake by Amaro along with the ricdulous Papelbon contract and the premature contract to R. Howard who would have been a free agent at the end of the 2011 season, which ended with an achilles rupture. Maybe Amaro could have saved 100 million dollars. It would have been interesting to see how Amaro would have handled the situation.

Really? You’d think Werth just won his team the World Series. Good, no, GREAT at bat. Guess the Nats are getting they’re celebrating in while they can.

their celebrating.

I knew the Nats would cave under the pressure of post-season play.
Loved the post-game shot of Werth-less, in the dugout!

Not a fan of the Yankees……But nice to see Rauuuuul be the hero, more than once, for them, this year!
May have to root for San Fran. If we can’t get our own rings, itt would be nice to see some ex-Phillies do it.
Wonder if Ruben is re-thinking some of his decisions?

Amaro should be re-thinking all of his decisions, including retaining Manuel for 2013.

Come on. Ibanez might be a bargain for the Yankees at $1 million a year but let us not forget that Ruin paid Ibanez $10 million per year for 3yrs.. For what? Ruin let Werth get away but the problem was Ruin did not trade Werth a year earlier. Rather than either bashing or lauding these ex-Phillies, as the case may be, the take away should always be their intersection with the Phillies.

Your hindsight is flawless.

Hindsight? Not really. Ibanez signing with Phillies was a surprise due to amount, duration and the fact it was accomplished so quickly. Do you remember? As it turned out the critics were right, it was both too long and too expensive. And, did anyone believe the Phillies were going to re-sign Werth? If there were, I hope they can find a phone booth in which to hold their next annual meeting.

Let’s not lose sight of the fact that Ibanez hit .240 for the Yankees this year and only played 80 games in LF. Post-season heroics are nice, but don’t get carried away.

I wonder how that idiot Rizzo is sleeping at night after shutting down Strasburg. Dumbest move ever.
And go home, Werthless.

Rizzo should be sleeping nicely over the next three years while the rest of the division chases the Nationals. Don’t be short-sighted.

Shortsighted? What are you talking about? So, you guarantee that the Nats are going to have the same opportunity next season, or the one after that? Sorry, MLB doesn’t work like that.

phan52: Couldn’t agree more. One of the dumbest moves ever. Bad break (no pun intended) for the Yanks.

Nope, have not watched a single second of post season play and don’t intend to.

Your weird obsession with hating Wilson Valdez really creeps me out. You’re starting to sound as whiny as Matthew Berry from ESPN.

Ruin and Charlie, a deadly combination. Ruin makes an annual visit to the MLB geriatric ward and Charlie pushes the wheelchairs out onto the field game after game. In the meantime, attendance, which finances this lunacy, decreases. Only in Philadelphia, to paraphrase a great American.

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