Sandberg’s Journey Back

I had a chance to speak with Ryne Sandberg earlier today about his journey back to the big leagues.

It took him six years of managing in the minors before the Phillies hired him as third base coach. That seemed like a long time to a lot of people: Hall of Fame second baseman can’t get a job in the big leagues? What’s up with that? But Sandberg sounded like a patient guy who had no trouble paying his dues. He is well aware there are plenty more coaches in the minor leagues that have been coaching a lot longer than six years before getting the call.

Case in point: new Phillies bullpen coach Rod Nichols spent the previous 13 seasons in the minors.

Everybody considers Sandberg the heir apparent to Charlie Manuel, whose contract expires after next season. Manuel said he is not worried about any questions that might pop up next season about his future, which could happen if the Phillies start slowly.

Asked if he felt he needed to have a conversation with Manuel about any of those potential questions from pesky reporters, Sandberg said, “We’ll both be fine. I’ve been around him long enough. I feel like he has a trust in all of his coaches. I don’t think I’d be on his coaching staff if there wasn’t a trust level and a comfort level. I think we’ve developed a trust these last two years, both in Spring Training and in September as a call up. We’re very comfortable with each other. I enjoy being around him, and I think he feels the same way about me. And now we’ll work together. We have a common goal: winning as many games as we can and get to a World Series.”

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I hope Ryne is as good a coach as everybody thinks he will be. Working with Major Leaguers is a whole different ballgame [pun] than working with guys in AAA.
It would be nice to have Charlie’s replacement in-house. They screwed-up having him as a player for 15 years, so let’s hope this turns out better.

The Phillies screwed up “having him as a player for 15 years”? Want to clarify this point?

They traded him and Bowa for Ivan DeJesus. Clear enough?

Yeh, I guess we should assume that a guy who had a 15 year HOF career in MLB would have difficulty relating to MLB players.

“They traded him and Bowa for Ivan DeJesus. Clear enough?’ You didn’t write this. You wrote “They screwed-up having him as a player for 15 years, so let’s hope this turns out better.” I guess what you really meant is that the Phillies screwed up trading Sandberg as a thrown in in the Larry Bowa for Ivan DeJesus trade. Sandberg goes on to have a 15 year HOF career. Is this what you really meant?

Jesus, what the fuck is wrong with you?

I know you are up on your spelling and down on your physics. It seems your syntax needs a little work.

Hey pherris, I’m the Pope and you’re Jesus. Maybe we should start our own religion.

reminds both of you that language is used to communicate a thought or message. Regardless of the grammar, spelling, or diction, if you understood the idea then the post worked. Stop nit-picking and lets have a real constructive board as we start thinking about 2013 (before the WS even begins, how sad)

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