Phils Pick Up Chooch’s Option

Carlos Ruiz had been one of the best hitters in baseball before he suffered a foot injury in August.

So it came to nobody’s surprise today when the Phillies picked up the $5 million club option for next season. The Phillies had a $500,000 buyout, but there was no way they were going to take that. Ruiz hit .325 with 32 doubles, 16 home runs, 68 RBIs and a .935 on-base-plus-slugging percentage in 114 games this season.

The Phillies declined their side of a $5.5 million mututal option with Placido Polanco. They will pay him a $1 million buyout instead. They also declined a $2.5 million option for Jose Contreras and a $4 million option for Ty Wigginton. Both will receive $500,000 buyouts.

Juan Pierre and Brian Schneider also became free agents, although neither are likely to be back.

Free agents are eligible to negotiate and sign with any team beginning at 12:01 a.m. EST Saturday.


Also,’s Jake Kaplan caught up yesterday with Vance Worley. Read the story about Worley’s rehab from elbow surgery here.


Please bring back Pierre! He’s a great fielder and base runner. He’s one of the few players that make things happen once he’s on base.

Pierre has limitations as a late inning replacement because of his defensive shortcomings. He could pinch hit or pinch run, but they would then need to use another player as a defensive replacement.

I love little Juan, but he’s a defensive liability. Teams ran on him too much. He had a nice year and had productive at-bats (sorely lacking in their lineup) but unless they expand the rosters, he’s not worth keeping.

Pierre won games for us with base running. What a valuable tool for late in a tie game. I like the guy.

Don’t mind losing Schneider. We have Kratz. However, Pierre was amazing for us.

Pierre hits around .300 R & L. Why he was platooned & didn’t bat leadoff is beyond me. Lousy manager, GM & scouting.

I too liked Pierre. I liked his base running and he seemed like a good clubhouse guy. Nice to the hot season starting.

Pierre had a great year, but he had it as a starter for most of the year. Look what he did after the deadline when he was a bench player mainly. We can’t have on the bench a no power, no arm, guy for OF. Not about liking, about best fit for team.

The Giants win two WS in three years. Why weren’t the Phillies able to do this? Oh, that’s right, the Phillies have Ruin and Charlie.

I would love to see Juan Pierre back. He is the perfect lead-off hitter. Oh! wait we have Rollins the perfect selfish, who cares about the team, my stats count player. And you know Manuel will not move him down in the line up. Do you think Bochy would put up with that nonsense? Amaro–Detroit is in need of a closer, maybe you can unload that ridiculous contract you gave to Papelbon. There is no other team in baseball that would take that contract. Why are you still the GM–your record is a downward spiral. You were given a championship team and 4 yrs. later we are barely a break even team. Oh! what is the Phillies payroll? It is absolutely embarrassing. Please do the right move for the team and move Manuel to another position in the organization. He admitted he slept thru last year–he says he is going to take a more active role in 2013. Not sure that is a good thing!

Juan should be back if for no other reason to mentor Galvis how to bunt for a hit and slap to left. Can’t move Rollins to 2nd in the order. He can’t take pitches, move the runner, or keep from popping up.

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