Rollins Wins Fourth Gold Glove

Jimmy Rollins has been one of the best shortstops in baseball for years.

He got a little hardware today to prove it.

Rollins won his fourth National League Gold Glove Award. He previously won in 2007, ’08 and ’09 to rank third in franchise history with four Gold Gloves. Only Hall of Fame third baseman Mike Schmidt (10) and centerfielder Garry Maddox (eight) have won more.

Rollins’ career .983 fielding percentage ranks third in baseball history behind Troy Tulowitzki (.985) and Omar Vizquel (.984). His .978 fielding percentage this season led the league. He committed just 13 errors in 594 chances.

Good year, right?

“Good and average,” Rollins said by telephone tonight. “I felt I did a lot of things good. I scored 100 runs, which is something I wanted to do. I stole 30 bags. Those are just benchmarks I have to reach every year. Obviously, winning the Gold Glove is just an affirmation to the work I do every day at shortstop. But obviously I would like to hit .300 and score 150 runs. There’s always room (for improvement) … every athlete, no matter how good a season they have, there’s always room. When you have a season where you did good in some places and some places you could do better, it just leaves a lot more out there to continue to work for.”

Carlos Ruiz lost to Yadier Molina for the NL Gold Glove for catchers.


JRoll has shortcomings as a leadoff hitter, but the whole package is something you don’t usually get in a shortstop. Congratulations Jimmy. Well deserved.

Oh please! Read his comments–like I said before all about him and his stats. Any mention at all about the TEAM. He does play on a TEAM even though you would never know it–he is so self-centered. At least mention the Phillies, the only team in baseball who would give him such a ridiculous contract. Again, Amaro outbid himself.

So, scoring over 100 runs (again), stealing 30 bases (again) and hitting over 20 HR’s (again) doesn’t help the team? Show me another SS who does all that, AND wins a GG. There aren’t a lot of them.

that would be great if he’d perform while hitting 6th (or even 2nd) but he doesn’t and his OBP makes him a lousy leadoff hitter-and he’s lazy. That all said, he’s a great glove and deserves the award

But can he pitch an inning? LMAO

I guess all HIS stats per say–the Phillies did not play in October-soooo how much did they really help the TEAM!!! I will say it again he is selfish, self-centered, does not play with the team in mind and grossly overpaid for too many years. Maybe he will run on a ground ball, then again, maybe he will not. Takes 3 days off when his child was born, however they were playing at home, and quit on the team at the end of the season. Furthermore, Freddy Galvis can run circles around Rollins and his gold glove. I much rather have Galvis at shortstop and the 33 million plus to use strenghting the rest of the TEAM. I guess the other 29 baseball teams were not that impressed with Rollins since he was ready to go to the highest bidder–however there was not any bidding. Too bad for the Phillies.

Rollins is the reason they didn’t play in the postseason? Where were you this year? Because you certainly didn’t watch much Phillies baseball.
Haters will hate, I guess.

Excuse me, I do not hate–this is baseball–entertainment and it is not condusive to such negative feelings. Everything I have written just is the truth. Sorry ” if you can’t handle the truth”. Maybe you should watch the game a little more closely and take off the rose colored glasses concerning Rollins!!!

You have gone off the rails.

Sorry you de-railed yourself! Like I said “you can’t handle the truth”.

I suggest you look to the fact that they were missing their 3-4 hitters for most of the season, the entire bullpen imploded outside of the closer (who they could never get to because of the rest of the bums), one of their Cy Young Award winning pitchers was hurt and the other didn’t win a game until July, the All-Star CFer quit and played in a whiney pique because he wasn’t signed, and they didn’t have a serviceable 3B until September (and a call-up at that). But yeah, it was Rollins fault. I can see your logic.

We can all agree Rollins can be infuriating at times, but he’s still one of the best SS in the NL and the gold glove is an example of that. I agree with all of Phan52’s reasons the Fightins had a lousy 2012.

Sir, I am amazed that you are so misguided. I don’t place the demise of this season on Rollins. That falls on the shoulders of Amaro. He inherited a championship team in 2009 and they have been in steady decline since. His signings, contracts, nonsignings are ridiculous. The payroll is out of control and they are barely break even team. Please, please do not bring up injuries. San Francisco, St. Louis. Baltimore, Yankees all had their share of injuries and they played in Oct. Rollins is a player who is all about himself playing on shortstop island. No, you don’t understand my logic because if you did, you would not make such incongruous statements.

You called him “sir.” How do you know phan52 is a man?

I don’t know muleman, I am so misguided and, God forbid, I don’t want to make any incongruous statements. But I DO pee standing up, if that is any help.

You just made an incongruous statement–you can’t PEE STANDING DOWN!! I don’t really care–male or female your thinking is de-railed and not only about baseball!!!

And I thought reading Yahoo news comment sections were funny……

Oh my a “pissing” match about a Gold Glove winner …..LOL! This is a fun diversion from the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy. Hope everyone here at the Zone are doing well and didn’t suffer too much damage.

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