Chooch Suspended 25 Games


Major League Baseball announced this afternoon that Carlos Ruiz has been suspended 25 games for using an amphetamine. The suspension begins at the beginning of the 2013 season, which means Ruiz is unable to play until April 28 against the New York Mets at Citi Field.

“I am sincerely regretful for my mistake in taking a prohibited stimulant,” Ruiz said in a statement. “I apologize to my teammates, the Phillies organization and the Philadelphia fans … I look forward to returning to the field and working toward bringing a championship back to Philadelphia in 2013.”

Losing Ruiz the first month of the season will make that pursuit a little more difficult. Ruiz, who will forfeit about $770,000 of his $5 million salary, had a career-season in 2012, hitting .325 with 32 doubles, 16 home runs, 68 RBIs, a .394 on-base percentage, a .540 slugging percentage and a .935 on-base-plus-slugging percentage.

This is the second time Ruiz has tested positive for an amphetamine. The first time a player tests positive for a prohibited stimulant the results remain private and the player is not suspended.

“The Phillies fully support Major League Baseball’s Drug Program,” Ruben Amaro Jr. said in a statement. “We are disappointed by the news of this violation of the program. We will support Carlos in an appropriate manner and move forward to achieve our goal to play championship-caliber baseball in 2013.”

The suspension means Erik Kratz likely will open the season as the team’s starting catcher.

Kratz hit .248 with nine doubles, nine home runs, 26 RBIs and an .809 OPS in 50 games last season. But he hit just .181 with two doubles, two home runs, nine RBIs and a .515 OPS in 23 games from Aug. 24 through the end of the regular season.

Ruiz’s absence the first month of the season means catching prospects Tommy Joseph and Sebastian Valle could get closer looks in Spring Training as the Phillies will need a backup catcher. Brian Schneider is not expected back.

Ruiz will be able to participate in Spring Training workouts and Grapefruit League games in Florida in February and March. He also will be allowed to take batting practice before the gates open before regular-season games. He is eligible to begin a rehab assignment five days before the end of his suspension, which would be April 23.


Wow! Stunning and disappointing news. What the heck is going on in the baseball world anyway?

Why chooch why? What a not so good thing to do take PED’s.

He didn’t take PEDs he took aderol…something that helps you focus. Which would enable a hitter to see the baseball better. Thats it.

Aderol. If it’s doctor prescribed, then what’s the big deal?

Amphetamine? It could be cough medicine, or pain medicing for crying out loud. The testing is legitimate but it leaves too much to question. I’d bet this is a big to do about nothing.

Well, he certainly saw the ball a lot better. This is not “cough medicine”, this was use of a drug to get an unfair advantage over competitors. Wonder if the Phils knew before the $5 million.

There is absolutely no Unfair Advantage conveyed by taking Adderall. As a matter of medical fact, if you don’t need it, it has little effect. Students take it in college during exams under the misguided belief that it’s a brain stimulant. It’s the medical equivalent of a spark plug to keep your brain firing. You do not SEE the ball better.

So then, why take it? And why does baseball suspend a player for testing positive? My guess is, you don’t know the answer to either of those questions.

Adderall is a form of stimulant medication that only influences the brain’s ability to stay on task…he doesn’t “see” better and his performance is not enhanced. Adderall has NO value unless your brain specifically lacks the “executive funciton” controls. It’s an ADD drug. Drink coffee. Can stimulate in a similar fashion but can also dehydrate. This is nonsense and all the sports better come to terms with this “zero tolerance” notion. I want my athletes performing at their peak. Not artifical. This is complete nonsense.

This comment is 100% accurate. It isn’t anything performance enhancing. People need to do research before labeling a Chooch a cheater

“The anticipated benefit is that performance and stamina can be enhanced,” said Daniel Hussar, professor of pharmacy at the Philadelphia College of Pharmacy at the University of the Sciences.

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Look forward to seeing Kratz play!

This would be his second positive test. Since it’s a stimulant, the first positive test is kept private. Only after the second one does a player get suspended.
And, if it’s not a “performance enhancer,” why would baseball suspend a player? By definition, enhancing ones performance can fall under several categories, including “focus.”
By baseball’s standards, he’s a cheater.

If it was a performance enhancer the suspension would have been 50 games. So whatever MLB is labelling whatever they found it’s not as a PED.

BTW- in the 60’s half the players in the majors were on speed and it was a lot stronger stuff than adderall.

Dr. Lagos emphatically believes Adderall belongs on the banned substance list.
“It is a medication that alters the brain, the mood, the body,” she said. “If you don’t have ADHD, people call Adderall the ‘smart drug’ or ‘superman drug.’ It makes everything tighter in terms of focus and helps you do things more quickly. It’s almost like you’ve taken 100 cups of coffee and you’re just rifling along and able to perform things.”

Look at all the excuses being made for the little Choocher. If this had to do with Jose Reyes or some other baseball “bad guy” you would want the book thrown at him. Hypocrites.

Carlos Ruiz was one of the few bright spots for the Phils in 2012…didn’t think it possible at this point but the 2012 season just became even more disappointing.

I am disappointed, but he cheated as defined by the RULES. Second offense to boot which takes away the “I wasn’t aware” excuse. Regardless of what any fan thinks, he was busted, found guilty and has to serve his time. Whether or not adderall gives an advantage is irrelevant. It is banned for whatever reason and the players know it. If it is for a legit reason, they can get a waiver for it and there is no problem. Again, disappointed in Ruiz.

WTF was Ruiz thinking? And what is with a 25 game suspension? Never knew such a suspension exists. It may very well be he was legally prescribed the drug involved but did not obtain MLB prior approval. But baseball fans are like mushroom who are kept in the dark while they are buried with horseshit.

Does anybody know how much time there is between tests?

NOT suggesting Chooch should be excused, but these banned drugs are ridiculous. The reference to it being the Superman drug is from someone who thinks about performance through chemistry. This is banned because someone somewhere thinks it should be. Just because something is a rule doesn’t mean it’s right. Someone in school prescribed Adderall gets untimed testing and special help….because it’s fixing a deficiency. WTH are we doing in life? Chooch shouldn’t have taken it, but a 25 game suspension sounds to me like he’s on a Rx and didn’t have permission. Maybe taken the medication fixed a problem and he was able to perform….no aspirin for your headache next time…

I am a firm believer that all things happen for a reason, the good and the bad. Chooch has always been my #1 on the team. When I heard that he had been using Adderall, I’m not going to lie; it was a moment of “Really? Why?” Then my husband explained what Adderall does; helps with focus, concentration and such. This was a huge light bulb, ray of light, whatever you want to call it for me. I had been battling what felt like alzheimer’s disease for a year (I’m 34) and for about 6 months I had myself convinced that it was that or a brain tumor. It wasn’t until the day that Chooch’s usage came out that I realized, with a major sigh of relief, that I had ADHD. I agree that these guys are looked at as role models for our young, I have two kids of my own and both are big time Phillies fans. But had it not been for Carlos Ruiz coming clean, I still might be sitting at my house lost in the chaos in my head and stressing too much to see a doctor for the fear of the outcome. His actions literally saved my career, my relationship with my children and husband, and the depression I almost sank into. You can criticize me if you want, but this is reality for me and I have no problem standing against a crowd when it is something I believe. ADHD is not easy to live with, so judge all you want but if you do not have it then you have no clue how much this actually meant to someone that has it and was yet to be diagnosed.

I really like reading through a post that will make men and women think.

Also, thanks for allowing me to comment!

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