Phillies to Non-Tender Schierholtz

The Phillies plan to acquire at least one outfielder before Spring Training opens in February.

So today a source confirmed they have non-tendered outfielder Nate Schierholtz, who was eligible for salary arbitration. Schierholtz, who the Phillies acquired from the San Francisco Giants in July as part of the Hunter Pence trade, made $1.3 million last season. Assuming the Phillies add at least a centerfielder in the coming weeks, there will be a healthy group of outfielders with Domonic Brown, Darin Ruf, John Mayberry Jr., and Laynce Nix.

The only other Phillies player eligible for salary arbitration is left-hander Antonio Bastardo, and the Phillies tendered him a contract as expected.

Schierholtz’s salary seemed to work against him. He would have received a raise from the $1.3 million, which wouldn’t make sense for the Phillies as he probably would have been no better than the team’s fifth outfielder. But he also hits left-handed like Brown and Nix, and the Phillies are looking to add right-handed hitters.

Schierholtz hit .273 with four doubles, one home run, five RBIs and a .698 on-base-plus-slugging percentage in just 66 at-bats with the Phillies. He is a .270 hitter with a .727 OPS in his career.


Seriously? We’re keeping Bastardo? What blackmail does he HAVE?!

The acquisition of Schierholtz led me to believe the team planned to platoon him and Mayberry in 2013. While 1.3 mill may be high for 5th OF, for a guy starting 80 games and batting in 30 others doesn’t seem too high.

They already have Nix and Brown. They don’t need another lefthanded-hitting platoon player in the OF.

Nix and Brown? You’re not serious about that, right. Nix is about 40 points off Schierhotlz’s average against right-handers. He makes about 1.1 million. For a 200k difference (about what Ryan Howard will make per start next season) you’d give up an 81 GS .290 hitter for a .250 hitter? Brown bat .250 vs righties as well. This is just a money move by Amaro, not a talent move.

No shit, it’s a money move. Nix has a guaranteed contract and Brown is a minimum guy, so they are the two lefthanded-hitting platoon OFers they are going to keep. If they tender Schierholtz they have to pay all three of them.

Think, dude.

Guaranteed and a no-trade clause too? Didn’t think that was the case if that’s what you meant by “think.” If the Phillies are serious about contending they’ll need to stop worrying about a few dollars here or there. 40 points ain’t easy or cheap. The question is simple: who’s the best guy of the three for a lefty platoon for a WS hopeful team? The answer is Schierholtz. If he was a journeyman with a bloated contract I could see moving him, but not at 1.3. Nix played in only 70 games last year. Schierholtz would easily give them 100 with over 70 starts. Amaro’s serving the Kool-aid again. Who’s gonna drink it!

OK, you tell me what Nix will bring in a trade. Should I wait? It’s easy for you to play loose and easy with the Phillies payroll. Amaro made his bed and he has to sleep in it. Hence, no Schierholtz. It has nothing to do with Kool-Aid and everything to do with the luxury tax and they are still in the market for a high-priced OFer. So yeah, think. And BTW, Schierholtz is not, nor was he ever a .290 hitter so the difference is not what you posit it to be, and he has little of no power. Not what you want in a corner OFer, especially in CBP.
Get over it.

Listen dude, we’ll agree to disagree. Nix trade brings nothing accept relief of his 1.1 mill contract. He bats .248 vs RHP, Schierholtz bats .287 vs RHP- source: MLB Stats. Keep on believing in Amaro. If he doesn’t make a huge deal the 2013 OF will be what the 2012 Bullpen was. He just gave up 40 batting points for 200k. How much were your seats last year? Next year?

Right now the Phillies are a boring team ……show Josh Hamilton the money and stop getting flea market find that are a wast of time……right now if they aren,t willing to spend good money, I am not spending as well…….stop balking and start seriosly talking good players

I can’t believe you’re arguing over Nate Schierholtz.

Haha, true. But there are 9 position, the Phillies will not have qualified everyday starters at two of them. The difference between Nix/Brown and Schierholtz is equal to the difference between Chooch 2011 and Chooch 2012. Yes, 40 batting points is that noticeable of a difference.

I’d love to see this team go after a switch hitter like Swisher or any other top guy, but regardless, they need quality platoon help in the OF

I know. The guy is a clown if he thinks the difference between Nix and Schierholtz is going to be the difference between winning and losing. If either one of them need to get a lot of at-bats the Phillies are in trouble.

Never mind, you’re right. Just start Mayberry full time

I was hoping there might be some potential in the non-tendered market but it’s pretty much of a waseland. Guys like Mark Reynolds and Ian Stewart just won’t get it done.

Reynolds is a strikeout machine. It’s a shame, because he’s a decent 3B and can fill-in at first too. I have a feeling they’ll try to squeak by with a Fransden/Galvis platoon at third and wait for Cody Ashe to be the regular guy.
They have bigger problems to solve in the OF and the bullpen.

Rumor has it that the Phillies are going up against the Giants for the services of Angel Pagan and have offered him a four year deal.
After losing out on Upton (which was OK with me), why do I think that we are going to end up with Victorino?

what I don’t get is why trqde for him to begin with. Since you had the same 2 lhb on the roster when you traded Pence, why not get a RHB for him instead of Schierholtz? Once again RAJ proves he’s not very good at assembling a winning team

All I am seeing on this site is talk about peripheral no upside help …..I wish you guys would address the real problem…..The downside / High priced / getting old /hurt all the time Utley and Howard with stats going down so embarrassing low I cannot stand to watch anymore…I do not want to hear about how they were HURT…their stats have been going down prior to injuries and in Howards’ case he is just plain clumsy and I am sick of watching him wiff at the curveball in the dirt and no ability to turn a 1st to 2nd to 1st double play….NO excuse for a seasoned first baseman….. Utley is not going to heal….he is getting older and what he has is degenerative …also embarrassing to watch and what makes matters worse Amaro and Manual are OK with that and that is really troubling and embarrassing…….Go Phils….Just those two go somewhere else

Has Ruin Tomorrow Junior found religion or what? First there was a report that the Phillies offered $55 million for five years for BJ Upton but he signs with the Braves at $75 million for five years. Now there is a report that Angel Pagan will return to the Giants at $40 million for four years which the Phillies reportedly considered too much. Unless a trade is in the works in which case Ruin can return to form and trade half of the farm system, only Bourn and Victorino remain.

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