Day 3: Still Nothing

The Phillies hope something fruitful comes from these Winter Meetings.

Maybe it happens upon their return to Philadelphia tomorrow.

Maybe it happens next week.

The Phillies have used Winter Meetings in the past to build the framework for significant moves like the Roy Halladay trade in 2009 and the Cliff Lee signing in 2010. Maybe their efforts this week at the Opryland Resort and Convention Center will provide similar results. Maybe they will find a quality centerfielder, corner outfielder and setup man before the calendar turns to 2013.

“It’s been interesting,” Ruben Amaro Jr. insisted this afternoon. “We’ve had some good discussions on some things. I’m pretty optimistic that some good things can come out of these Winter Meetings. We’ve made some inroads, but it doesn’t mean much until you sign on the dotted line.”

Both Amaro and Charlie Manuel said they prefer a centerfielder to a corner outfielder with power. Unfortunately for them, the center field market has dwindled. B.J. Upton, Angel Pagan and Shane Victorino have signed with the Braves, Giants and Red Sox, respectively. The Nationals acquired Denard Span in a trade with the Twins.

Michael Bourn is available, but the Phillies might be wary of his price. Bourn is one of the best defensive centerfielders in baseball and has tremendous speed, but he also has a career .704 on-base-plus-slugging percentage.

“He’s a franchise player,” said Bourn’s agent Scott Boras. “I think there are a number of teams that feel Michael Bourn is the centerpiece of what they want to do. Atlanta was not a playoff team until he got there in ’12. They weren’t in ’11. A lot of teams have come to me and said they viewed him as the core of the Atlanta team. So I think Michael … being a quality leadoff hitter, having speed, and just having the defensive dominance. For a pitching staff to gain that many more outs, it just enhances the investment you made in your pitching. And it also provides for the core of the lineup, that guy who’s just constantly on second base and gives them the ability to score more runs. He’s really a key guy for success.”

Boras and Amaro had a bit of a dustup last offseason when Boras thought the Phillies reneged on a contract offer for Ryan Madson, which the Phillies adamantly denied.

Boras said the past is in the past.

“Ruben and I have met at least two or three times personally about other matters,” Boras said. “We’re both professionals and we’ve dealt with one another for years and expect to deal with one another for years to come.”

Rockies centerfielder Dexter Fowler remains a possibility, if the Phillies can accommodate Colorado with enough pitching. The Phillies are willing to trade right-hander Vance Worley, if it makes sense. Amaro said this week there is almost nobody untouchable in the farm system, which means top pitching prospects like Trevor May, Ethan Martin, Jonathan Pettibone and Adam Morgan could be moved. reported the Phillies have made contact with some of the second-tier free-agent pitchers in the event they move some of their own pitching to acquire a position player.

Other options? Manuel said he thinks Ichiro Suzuki could help the Phillies. The parties have talked.

But can he play any center field?

The Phillies could acquire a lesser centerfielder and try to improve the offense by also acquiring a corner outfielder with power. Minnesota’s would make sense. So would Colorado’s Michael Cuddyer and Arizona’s Jason Kubel.

“We have to be creative,” Amaro said. “Again, I’d like to keep as much talent as we possibly can. But again, we’ll have to try to be creative to do these things. None of these guys come without warts. There are no players that are out there, the perfect player or the player that is going to give you all of the combinations you want.”

But Amaro sounded confident there are quality outfielders available.

Are there a lot of them?

“Enough of them,” he said. “We’ve made progress. Usually it takes a lot more than one phone call though. It’s more about whether you actually have something done or not.”

Amaro maintained he is not frustrated or itching to sign somebody or do something to improve the team.

“We can wait until the cows come home to make our team better,” he said.

So far Phillies fans have been doing just that: waiting. They hope they don’t have to wait much longer.


You know, there is an off-season after the winter meetings. The store doesn’t close after this week.

Sounds like Bore-ass is really giving Amaro the hard sell on Bourn. He probably thinks Bourn was going to the Nationals and now he’s running out of options.

Everyone complained when Amaro pulled the trigger quickly, now they are anxious? I would pass on this year. Amaro does not have the money to make any significant moves. Wait til 2014 when some salary drops off (I am looking at you Chase Utley!).

Creative means cheap. He got creative when he said that Frandsen could be part of a solution at third base. Nothing against Frandsen, but we saw the best he will ever be last season. He will be lucky to hit .250 in extended playing time.

RAJ needs to step up and make some deals. This team needs at least two outfielders, a third baseman, and at least one arm in the bullpen. Creative will not cut it!

It’s not done yet, but it sounds like Michael Young is going to be the new third baseman for the Fightin’ Phils, with Texas eating half of his hefty contract (if the deal goes through; Young is a 5-10 guy and can turn it down).

Hopefully he still has something left in his aging bat, but I am not enamored with his defense at the hot corner. Neither were the Rangers, as he has mostly been at DH and 1B the last couple of years.

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