Phillies Trade for Young Heats up

Ruben Amaro Jr. said yesterday the Phillies had made progress at the Winter Meetings.

It turns out they are getting closer to finding a third baseman.

Sources said this morning they were in serious discussions about acquiring Rangers infielder Michael Young with everybody essentially waiting on Young to accept or reject the move. Young has full no-trade rights. If he said yes, the Phillies could feel a little better about their prospects at third base going into the season.

The Rangers are willing to eat some of Young’s $16 million contract, although it is unclear how much.

Young is a highly popular player and known as a good clubhouse guy in Texas, but his production suffered a steep decline last season. He hit .277 with eight home runs, 67 RBIs and a .682 on-base-plus-slugging percentage last season. He hit .338 with 11 homers, 106 RBIs and an .854 OPS in 2012, so the Phillies are hoping he can move back toward those 2011 numbers, even just a little bit.

It remains to be seen who the Phillies will include in the deal, but it is doubtful the Phillies would include a significant piece from their 25-man roster to acquire Young considering he is declining production and he is in the final year of his contract. It also is unclear how much Young can handle third base. He has spent the majority of his career at shortstop and second base, but played 25 games there last season. Scouts said earlier this week they weren’t sure he could play there an entire season.


Hi Stats from 2012 aren’t impressive at all.However that is not to say that 2013 has to go the same route.I do think it is a crap shoot. It;s just a matter if you like rolling the dice.Should he work out (if they get him) he could be of Great Significance to bolstering an offense that is in such need .


Visions of Ty Wigginton in my head.

A large part of his contribution is his clubhouse-character. He is a leader and sets the tone for the team. Quality player, quality man!

Another “best years behind him” guy.

This is not what we meant when we said the team needs to get young, Amaro.

Any phan who thinks Michael Young is a redux of Ty Wigginton can only be described one way – intellectually lazy. The least damaging move on the Phillies part would be a straight assumption of the $16 million of Young’s contract for 2013. The last thing the Phillies need is the Montgomery-Tomorrow-Manuel troika trying to save a few bucks by another one of their “trade the farm system to win it all this year” deals. It has become obvious since 2008 that the troika has more money than brains. The screwing up of the money from year to year can be controlled. The screwing up of the farm system is incalculable. Besides, I am sure the Phillies would not have to eat all of Young’s contract before they would even have to trade any prospects. The X factor would be how much Young would want for an extension in terms of money and length to waive the possible no-trade and 5-10 aspects of his current contract.

pherris, my thoughts about Ty Wigginton in this regard is on defense. Young is not exactly a GG at the hot corner at this stage of his career.
Phillies pick a young Diamondbacks OFer (Ender Inciarte) in the Rule 5 draft. Hopefully he’s more Shane Victorino than Michael Martinez.

And the Phillies picking Inciarte in the Rule 5 draft is fine and dandy, no harm, no foul except that he has to be on the 25 man roster for the entire 2013 season. But supposedly, they have traded Vance Worley to Minnesota for Ben Revere. WTF? Why? One or the other. But, why both? If this gives Kendrick a rotation spot rather than jerking him around, I am all for it. Of course, this just makes the outfield situation more of a clusterf**k.

I don’t get it. You would’ve have thought last year would’ve taught a lesson . Sue seems like they’re trading for hopes and dreams. He’s the answer at 3rd base and he’s only played 25 games there ? Oh No..My worries are coming true..e is another Andy Reid.

Anybony who has scouted Face over the past 3 years know that he has no bussiness with a glove his hand,he’s going to need a butterfly net to be of any use going forward.
You can get use to seeing at least 1 routine grounder get past him and down into the left field corner per game, and he is equally adept at letting them by down the right field line.
Once a feared hitter, he is now a shell of the face that he once was, even with half his games at RBPIA (which is as hitter friendly as it gets) pitchers were taking turns knocking the bat out of his hands by late last season.

Phillies fans are going to be screaming for Amaro’s head after they get a good look at this guy, and I am praying that Face does not veto this trade.
Happy trails to you Michael Young. Thanks for the memories.

I am very happy they got Michael Young, only wish they would have made wiser choices like this last abysmal year. Hey Ryan Howard if you have any sense of pride you would go to the front office and ask for your over priced/ under achieved salary to be re-negotiated so we can get JOSH HAMILTON TO PICK UP SOME OF THE SLACK when you go on YOU STRIKEOUT BINGES……PLEASE HAVE A SENSE OF TEAM SPIRIT and do like many honorable players have done in many sports that TRULY WANT ANOTHER CHAMPIONSHIP IN THIER TOWNS

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