Phillies Acquire Revere, Worley and May To Twins

The Phillies will not leave the Winter Meetings empty handed.

Multiple sources confirmed to this morning the Phillies have acquired outfielder Ben Revere in a trade with the Minnesota Twins. Right-hander Vance Worley and right-handed prospect Trevor May are headed to Minnesota in the deal.

Revere hit .294 with 13 doubles, six triples, 32 RBIs, 40 stolen bases and 70 runs scored in 511 at-bats last season. He also carried a .333 on-base percentage and a .342 slugging percentage.

“If they get him, based on what’s available, they did all right,” one high-ranking American League executive said this morning. “He’s a solid average player. That’s how I look at him. He’s above average defensively. He can run. My biggest question, considering his size (5-foot-9, 170 pounds), is if he can play 145, 150 games. But he puts the ball in play better than I thought he would.”

CBS reported in the early morning hours the Phillies had targeted Revere as an option in CF. Things clearly picked up with Ruben Amaro Jr. and Pat Gillick holding separate conversations this morning with Twins general manager Terry Ryan.

The Phillies lose Worley, who projected to be their fourth or fifth starter. They also lost May, who had been their top prospect entering last season.

Because Revere is not yet eligible for salary arbitration, he comes relatively cheap, which would seem to allow the Phillies to continue to pursue a desperately needed corner outfielder with power. They are deep in negotiations with Rangers for infielder Michael Young, who would play third base if he accepted a trade.


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Why do Ruben and Gillick have separate conversations? Good cop / bad cop?

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He’s a solid average player. Is he ? 511 AB 13 DBLS 6 Triples 32 RBI 70 Runs..40 SB and for this they gice up Vance Worley ? Plus other plyrs .
Are you kidding me. 32 RBI’s in 511 AB 13 DBLS 6 TRIPLE 332 obs 342 Slugg lol

Well I hope you get Jish Hamilton bec solid average plyr will NOT do it.

r u kidding me, this is our new centerfielder, wow looks like third place again

How in the world does this help them. No homersin 1064 MLB PAR. Nice job Rueben.

Way to look at one stat. They didn’t get him for power – they got him to play center field and get on base. Name the last Phillies player to steal 40 bases in a season – let alone do it in 124 games. He also isn’t arbitration eligible which means they still have money to get a power hitting corner outfielder (assuming they land Young).

People ripping on Reveres RBI and homerun numbers….really? He was a leadoff hitter for the twins. how is he supposed to get rbis. Fact is he is a great contact hitter who can get on base and advance himself with his speed. above average defensively as well. With all the “big” names in Philly his lack of power should be fine

Doesn’t strike out a lot (100 in 1000 MLB Pas). A very good defensive CF, controllable and cheap for several years. Helps the Phil’s pitchers, especially if you need to cover up for the subpar defensive OFs they have.

Cheap option to play CF, lead off, and steal bases. Stole 40 bases last year. No he doesn’t have much power, and his OBP looks a little bit too much like JRoll ( average, and OBP very close meaning doesn’t work counts or get BBs) but for what the Phils need it’s affordable and is a piece to build for the future. Not a spectacular move but a smart one. If they can get Michael Young and cash from the Rangers it would leave money to go after a top corner OF like Swisher or Ross.

All you people are crazy. Revere will fit perfectly in Philly, and I can’t believe the Twins traded him. Who is going to lead off now? They’re really playing for 2015. At least tickets will be insanely cheap this year. Ridiculous.

Dont like this deal a little bit. Two pitchers for a guy who doesn’t solve our power number problem and can’t bat leadoff due to Jimmy.

yes he can lead off. No reason not to. JRoll is not a true lead off hitter. As much as I’m not a fan of it, JRoll probably bats second behind Revere which gives speed on the basepaths for Utley and Howard. The question is whether the Revere and JRoll can get on base enough to be truly dynamic. don’t need HRs if you got guys who get on base and can get around on singles or doubles.

I was thinking this kid might just be another Juan Pierre, but I just spoke to a buddy who lives in the Twin Cities and he says the kid is a dynamic player. Shakes things up on the basepaths and chases everything down in the OF. He thinks we’ll like him a lot.
Now, someone tell Charlie he’s got to leadoff.

I love this deal. Worley was expendable and who knows what kind of pitcher May is going to be?
They got a 24-year old whose numbers are very close to Michael Bourn’s and he works about $10 million cheaper.
Look at his numbers. He bats .307 in the 2-hole. .263 hitting leadoff. Yes, he’ll steal more bases from the leadoff spot, and that may be where I’d have him, but Charlie will have to deal with the Diva at shortstop.
Revere runs everything down. Fans who don’t like him don’t know him. They gave up a prospect and a bottom of the rotation starter for a starting outfielder that they control until his arbitration year in 2014.

Actually, he might be a better fit than Bourn because Bourn caught Victorino disease last season and began to think of himself as a bit of a power hitter, and he fell back to earth and hit .225 in the second half. Revere will never have that problem, but he could use some plate discipline and maybe walk a little more.

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Revere is a great pickup. He’s a cheaper and younger version of Bourn-speed, defence, gets on base. My only issue with the deal is the price we paid. Once again it seems that RAJ overpays. I would have gone Worley and a mid level prospect, but Worley and our top rated pitching prospect? I wait to see who we get to be the 5th pitcher and fill the corners.

Who bats 5th ? Where’s the power ? I heard on the MLB Channel that the Phillies were 20 Million shy of matching the Braves offer to Upton. If this is true then they really weren’t going after him, What I see so far is the same BS last year with different names. When it comes down to to Brass Tacks.

Revere is a great pick up for the Phils. He can cover center and gives them strength up the middle. He also makes contact and strikes out under 10% of the time which is what the phils lineup needs. They didn’t get Ben for power, they got him to cover center and to make contact, he also steals bases pretty well. I like the move instead of spending 10-15 million per year on a free agent. Revere also adds a younger player. Good move all the way around.

Well, they may have not spent 10-15 million for a FA OFer, but what are they going to have to spend on a pitcher to replace Worley, who was also young and cheap, like Rivera?

From what I hear, there are a bunch of pitchers looking at 1-year deals. Guys like Edwin Jackson and Andrew McCarthy. It shouldn’t be a problem replacing Worley. The word is that they have several potential deals lined up in the event that they traded Worley, so the other shoe should drop soon.
It isn’t like they’re replacing a 15-game winner.

Looks like a good move.

1) It allows them to put Darren Ruff in Left Field. Ruff could stand there like a statue and this kid could cover most of Center and Left Fields. Ruff’s power potential makes up for the kid’s poor power numbers.
2) They’re paying the kid very little. That leaves cash to go after Hamilton or someone else with power in Right Field.

Remember, the Phils are still built to win with pitching. That means being solid defensively up the middle is huge. This really fits that bill.

Revere in center, Ruf in left, Mayberry and Brown platoon in right until one of them takes control . . . . . .

If you count the kid they got in the Rule 5 draft, that makes 6 OFers. Something’s got to give.

They don’t have to keep that Rule 5 guy. If they let him go early, there’s no ramifications. Having more is better through spring training.

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He’s a lefty too, sigh…

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How is Ben’s Arm?

Adam. Arm is weak Pierre-esque.

Roy, Cliff, Cole, Kendrick, Cloyd or ?


Somebody will over-pay for Greinke. They can have him.

This guy makes Whitey Ashburn & Juan Pierre look Ruth/Gerhig. Please, youl’ll be booing him by Memorial Day.

Ashburn is in the Hall of Fame and Pierre has 591 stolen bases and a lifetime .297 average. What’s your point?

That he has less power than any player with 1,000 AB;s since 2002. What did you think the point was?

All of this talk is making it sound like Opening Day is tomorrow. There’s a long way to go and a few more moves to make.
Calm down. Revere will do fine. You don’t need power out of your centerfielder. You need defensive strength up the middle. Ruiz, Rollins, Utley and Revere is a pretty strong set.
Did you want to over-spend for guys like Pagan and Bourn? You got a nice young (Empasis on Young) player and all you gave up was a questionable bottom-of-the-rotation guy coming off arm surgery.
Let’s see what happens next.

He’s not the “sexy” name, but this could be a great deal, depending on who else they acquire. If Charlie isn’t subborn and takes J-Roll out of the lead-off spot for Revere, they could start to build a good lineup. Revere is young and still has potential to improve. His walks and on base percentage need to improve as a lead-off type hitter. Who cares about his HR and RBI?? The people talking about his HRs dont understand baseball. Hopefully he develops into a real on base percentage guy… and this move saves them the money to pick up a power corner outfielder.

Revere is a # 8 hitter. Are you people nuts?

Congrats Amaro, you traded our 4th starter for a number 8 hitter. Thanx.

Good deal, also potentially sets up a big deal for a corner outfielder if the young trade goes through. BTW, why havent the phillies considered Reynolds? hed be perfect for the phills.

Reynolds? Are you serious? No thanks, the Phillies already have enough K’s in their current lineup. They don’t need a guy who leads the league in K’s every year.

I’ve watched a lot of Orioles games. Reynolds is frustrating because he’ll come up with runners on and less than 2 outs and strike out. So much power but a horrible strike zone. Plus, his 3B skills have diminished, which is why Showalter had him at first base most of the time.

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Why both Vance Worley and Trevor May for Revere? It seems to me that a Worley for Revere would have been enough to help both teams considering the needs of both teams and the point in development of both players. Is this another instance of Ruin going off half cocked? Are we getting to a point where Ruin has more prospects than brains as opposed to his prior position of having more money than brains?

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WTF? The Rangers will eat over half of Michael Young’s $16 million and the Phillies will give a young major league reliever along with a “low” minor league prospect? Why don’t the Phillies just eat all of Young’s contract and have the Rangers throw in several prospects? The Phillies have more money than the baseball acumen shown by the Montgomery-Ruin-Charlie troika.

Pherris: want to comment of the Young trade now that it’s done? Do you even know the two guys they gave up? So lets see, the Phillies got a CF and a 3B and gave up WOrley, May, 2 no bodies and the salary is only 4.5 million a year for both? THey can now get a good SP as a FA for up to 8 million a year and be within budget as well as spend a few million on a set up guy. Not a bad winter for RAJ in the end. and before you all bitch about Young’s defence, isn’t that what Galvis is there for? TO replace him in the 8th of close games?

FIJ where did you ever get this idea that I have any problem with Young? I realize English is your second language but come on. What I suggested is if the Phillies ate more of Young’s salary, the less they would have had to given up. We all know the only thing Ruin has going for himself is the Phillies money. And, where did you get your information as to what is within the Phillies budget?

I was commenting on who they gave up. While technically the guy they got from LA is a “young major league pitcher” he really belonged in AA given how badly he pitched last year. As for the other guy, he either will or won’t become something. In the meantime, Young is a quality player who can move around the infield as needed and bring some energy to a tired clubhouse. BTW I was born and bred in Phila, living there until I finished HS. I’d say that my mother tongue is definately English



I am sure the caps are working in making Ruben pay attention to your posts. Keep up the good work!

Atleast I Have something pertinent to say ….And guess what ? I GOT YOUR ATTENTION …so listen to this …. If your Happy with them not going after what Reuben calls the difference maker, then I feel sorry for you, because you don’t really want to see them get really good players. You go to dozen games and spend $200-$300 a game to watch crap players Like they got last year. As long as your spending stupid money, why should they spend SIGNIFICANT MONEY. Hey whatever I type is venting, so phan52, I DO NOT CARE WHAT YOU THINK. I have been following the Phillies and going ton games since Connie Mack Stadium, atleast 55 years of watching lousy baseball probably 40 of those years…..I am as passionate as they get, so if I write CAPITALS THAT MEANS I AM ANGRY, because smart teams do not stand pat and make stupid token pickup. Speaking of Pat, guess who was in Reuben’s ear with the Young pickup, one that should have made 2 years ago, and because they wouldn’t eat part of Blanton’s remaining salary and the deal fell through. What did Michael Young produce last year. Reasons like that set me off. Merry Christmas Reuben…..I don’t want to wait til Christmas Day to find Josh Hamilton under my Tree ……I am getting too old to wait for another WS, besides the World is supposed to end on the 21st

Angry? Yes. Pertinent? uh….no. I hardly think that getting two starters at premium positions (3B, CF) for about $6.5 million is “spending stupid money”. One of them isn’t even arbitration eligible yet and the other has one year left on his contract and the team is better today than it was a few days ago.
But hey, keep up with the CAPS. Maybe Ruben is “listening”.

Remember when getting Greg Jefferies was a big deal in this town? Lance Parrish? Remember when Shane Rawley was the Ace? If not, relax!!!! Just because a guy has a “name” and a big salary doesn’t make them an improvement.

Yes I remember all the Bone head acquisitions since the early 60;s…..since the very beginning of free agency, when Curt Flood refused to report to the Phillies in a trade setting off the very idea of free agency…..There are acquisitions that you have to pay big money for certainty and Josh Hamilton is one of them …..Then there are pickups that you get at flea markets hoping they turn into smart moves…..That seems like more fun, but in reality when you make a smart improvement you always WIN, and that is the whole idea of an improvement. I know it isn’t my money….It is ALL our money they are asking to pay each and every time we pull into one of their parking lots to pay $15-$20 before we even step into the money pit Park and when they put up performances like last year Injuries or not they chose to keep those players instead of blowing up the team at the right time and now it is too late because some of those players( Utley, Howard ) are worthless hanger ons …..So in essence we are all Stock Holders and we have a right to speak our minds ….So nobody is wrong to vent our opinions ANGRY or other wise….That is what is great about our country!

And do not tell me the price of big acquisitions turn up in increases in ticket prices…..If you spend wisely on sure things is good money. All the money spent on the bozo pickups over the last couple of years is spending bad money!

Hamilton is far from a “sure thing”. He’s a nice piece, don’t get me wrong, but to say he walks in here and wins 20 games is far from a given. Plus you are paying a lot for yet another aging veteran that will want the years more than the money on this contract. If you could get him at whatever price for 3 years than do it, otherwise it is a pretty big risk.

That is all I want too…..I have watched a lot of players and Josh Hamilton is more of a sure thing than not…..he hits for Power, RBI’s and Average, WAY more solid a hitter than most…..HE will be In our lineup …..I just HOPE Pat Gillick is still in Ruben’s ear. Here is a little food for thought: who was the GM before Giilick ? What was the Phillies situation at the time? Who is back working for the Phillies in the front office since last year ? And what is the state of the Phillies as of last season? Quite a coincidence or is it bad mojo. LEE and YOUNG, may be a draw for Josh to come to Philly for less.(ask them to get involved , I am sure they want Josh on their team)…you have to play all the angles if you want to spend less, but you have to still SHOW THE MONEY

Josh Hamilton has a shot to cash in on a contract of a lifetime. In the end, somebody will give him no less than 5 years (maybe more) and at his age and with his history, that isn’t worth it to the Phillies.

Be honest : do yo want Josh Hamilton or not ? yes or no ? and what history ? do you Know about recovering drug and alcohol abusers…..some really and truly recover…..I know first hand. If Josh can produce, he can produce… period. Why you so down on Hamilton and so lenient with the the decline over the last three years by Ryan Howard ….have you seen his raise in strikeouts ? It is going up drastically!! He cannot layoff the curve in the dirt. That is a mental thing that he cannot shake and until he does, I want so bad to root for the guy, but like a father with a kids grades your never satisfied with failure. He Strikes out every 3.6 times at bat that is once a ballgame. His rate of RBIs per at bat is way down and declining the last four years, not just injury related so stop that excuse. His hits , well .219 average is a disgrace……Only one MLB first baseman hit worse in all of baseball starters….a disgrace…..So when you have a chance to pick up 128 RBIs and a .280 average 40 homeruns you would be crazy not to…….there are 30 teams drooling to get him and the one that does …..just hit the lottery

Hamlton’s history goes beyond his addiction issues. He has injury issues as well And If 30 teams were drooling over him I assume that he would be signed by now.
The Phillies need to get younger. As long as you decide to bring up Howard, the only relation this has with Howard is that we don’t need another questionable, aging and ridiculously expensive LH bat in the lineup. If you are so concerned about how they spend their money, what effect would it have on ticket prices if they ate the remaining money left on Howard’s contract AND signed Hamilton as you suggest? And BTW, Howard isn’t a .219 hitter. He hit .219 in a season where he realistically should not have even been playing. He was a diminished player in 2012. I guarantee that he will bounce back from that in 2013. And another thing, Stop complaining until you see the 25 man roster that comes north in April. I’m sure it is not all here as we speak.

I’ll right away snatch your rss as I can’t in finding your email subscription hyperlink or e-newsletter service. Do you’ve any? Kindly allow me realize in order that I may just subscribe. Thanks.

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