Phillies, Lannan Agree to Deal

johnlannan1The Phillies not only found their setup man this weekend, they also found their fifth starter.

Sources confirmed the Phillies have agreed to terms with right-hander Mike Adams to be their setup man and left-hander John Lannan to be their fifth starter. first reported the Lannan deal. CBS Sports reported Lannan has agreed to a one-year, $2.5 million contract.

The deals are pending physicals.

Ruben Amaro Jr. said recently they were looking for a low-risk, high-reward starter to replace Vance Worley, who the Phillies shipped to Minnesota in the Ben Revere trade. Lannan seems to fit the bill.

Lannan, 28, is 42-52 with a 4.01 ERA in 134 starts in his career, which he has spent entirely with the Nationals. But Lannan, who has started twice for the Nationals on Opening Day, became expendable in a stacked Washington rotation.

He is a groundball pitcher, which could help him at Citizens Bank Park, although he has a 6.49 ERA in eight career starts in Philadelphia.

But the Phillies wanted a veteran presence to fill out the back of the rotation, which includes Roy Halladay, Cliff Lee, Cole Hamels and Kyle Kendrick.


Lannan is a good pick up. Felt for the guy when he was squeezed out in Washington considering how long he had carried the water for the Nats only to be thrown under the bus when a modicum of success was attained. Always thought he did a good job against the Phillies. Initially not thrilled with Adams when Todd first reported it was going to be for $18 million for 3 yrs. A bit more palatable at $12 million for 2yrs. Not exactly a low risk in the “low risk- high reward” paradigm”. Visions of Jose Contreras blocking out the sugar plums from dancing in my head.. .


Sure seems like 2012 didn’t teach anyone a darn thing.Still No Power Bat. A very good center fielder with good speed has no arm and is a singles hitter . Huh

What’s his ERA when not facing the Philllies? We used to hit him real hard

Ha! Looks like Jayson Stark heard you!
” Lannan is 3-13, 5.53 vs Phillies, 39-39, 3.80 vs everyone else.”

As I remember it, Lannan pitched the Phillies tough in his last several starts against them. Probably had as much to do with a then improving Washington team as it did with Lannan’s pitching ability.

pherris, you aren’t paying attention if you think Lannan did well against the Phillies. At one point they beat him 10 straight times. His BB/K ratio is horrible and his WHIP is pathetic. Lannan in our rotation is the first signal that this team is not very good.

I guess pherris has a different definition of “tough” than the rest of us. In 2 starts against the Phils in 2012, Lannan is 1-1 with a 3.48 ERA, 1.45 WHIP, 4 walks and 5 strikeouts.
In 2011 he was 2-4 with a 5.13 ERA, 17 walks and 10 strikeouts. In August, he lost 5-0 and in September he won 7-5. That’s tough? You can look this stuff up – you don’t have to go by memory.

He was the one that broke Utley’s wrist as I recalled. Utley was never the same afterwards. Not sure how I feel about him being on the team.

phan52, did you notice I wrote how Lannan pitched tough over his last several starts against the Phillies not over his entire career? Taking the Phillies out of the equation, do you notice how his pitching stats are comparable to if not better than Joe Blanton? If memory serves me correctly, the Phillies paid Joe Blanton on the average $8 million per year for his last three years with the team while they will be paying Lannan $2.5 million in 2013? Correct me if I am wrong, doesn’t this represent a $5.5 million savings for the same product? So what is this “signal” to which you refer? Interestingly Lannan was 9-5 against the Braves. Does this entitle Lannan to at least a water dish while he sits in your dog house?

Joe Blanton pitched 191 innings in 2012 and there apparently was a pretty robust market for his services in 2013, resulting in a 2-year contract for a significant amount of money. He has proved his worth as a regular member of a winning rotation over time. John Lannan pitched around 180 innings in 2012, but 148 of them were in AAA. I doubt there was any appreciable market for him and I would posit that, even at $2.5 million, he is being overpaid. I’m pretty sure they could have waited and got him for the minimum and I really hope that isn’t the end of candidates for the fifth spot in the rotation.

The market for Joe was so robust that he took a pay cut, granted a marginal one but a pay cut nevertheless. Lannan has a higher average WAR over the course of his career than Joe and a lower ERA than Joe. Lannan has averaged 199 innings per every 162 games while Joe has averaged 210 innings. In my estimation after 4 years of trying and after pissing millions down a rat hole on Contreras, Baez, Qualls, Ibanez and Polanco, to name a few totaling $61.6 million and without even getting into what he has done to the Phillies and the farm system through trades, Ruin has finally found a good bargain. I have read were the Phillies only have about $7 million remaining to get the power hitting outfielder everyone prays for them to sign so I hardly think they are in a position to get another 5th starter.

Bargains are relative I guess, so.I’m guessing that pherris is related to John Lannan.

It may very well be I am related to Lannan. Better to be related to him than to Ruin and Charlie as you and your fellow apologist, muleman, appear to be. Let me guess, all of you guys hooked up at a 12 step meeting for one addiction or another or what?

I hardly think we am the apologists here. You are the one defending the signing, not me or muleman.

So, phan52, let’s get this straight. Your position is the Angels got a deal by signing Blanton in a “robust” market to a $15 million 2yr deal but the Phillies got screwed by signing Lannan, a pitcher at least equal to if not better than Blanton even according to your sabremetric alchemy , to a one year deal for $2.5 million. Thank you for clarifying this for us, Pope.

I would appreciate your thanks if I had actually said any of the assertions that you are ascribing to me. But, of couse, that is what strawmen do.

Cut the bullshit. Pope, This is exactly what you wrote. On Lannan you wrote this “Lannan in our rotation is the first signal that this team is not very good” and on Blanton you wrote this “Joe Blanton pitched 191 innings in 2012 and there apparently was a pretty robust market for his services in 2013, resulting in a 2-year contract for a significant amount of money. He has proved his worth as a regular member of a winning rotation over time.” So Blanton is worthy although statistically he is no better than Lannan and costs more than twice as much as Lannan?

lets just agree that the rotation this year won’t have books written about it like 2011’s did

pherris, that is completely different from saying that the Angels got a “deal” by signing Blanton. I said that there was a market for Blanton, so it can be assumed that MLB GM’s value what he has to offer. They are always going to overpay when they are fighting other teams for his services. Blanton’s K rate has gone up consistently and he had the best of his career in 2012. Sites like fangraphs show that his velocity is up in all his pitches and his ball/strike ratio gets better every year.

There was zero market for Lannan so it can be assumed that the Phillies bargained against themselves to sign him. You are the one who thinks that Lannan is the equal to Blanton, not me. And you would be a man alone in that assessment. A 1.39 BB/K ratio is in with the dregs of the league.

Pope, why don’t you pull some more sabremetrics out of your ass to support your position? While you may not have indicated the Angels got a “deal” by signing Blanton, the clear implication of what you did post was that the Angels paid fair market value for Blanton while the Phillies overpaid for Lannan. The bottom line is would you rather pay Blanton $7.5 million as the the 5th starter for the Phillies or Lannan $2.5? Just answer the question.

I wouldn’t do either. Blanton is way overpaid and Lannan just sucks. But if I had to have either it would be Blanton in a heartbeat.
Did I answer to your satisfaction? Anything else I can do for you, sir?

problem isn’t Lannan as #5, its that KK is #4. What we have are two #6’s as regular starters and not the fill ins they should be

Kendrick obviously figured something out in the second half of 2012 and became a very effective starter. He routinely pitched into the 7th inning, something he hardly ever did before. I am very comfortable with Kyle Kendrick as the #4 starter. He will be better than most #4 starters in MLB.

Lannan on being signed by the Phillies: “I’m excited, and a little shocked.”
He probably was ready to sign a make-good contract at some point, instead of getting a nice guarantee.

Lannan was showing humility. Something you should learn about.

I laughed. Out loud.

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