Delmon Young Signs One-Year, $750,000 Deal

Detroit Tigers Delmon Young takes part in batting practice at their MLB baseball game against the Chicago White Sox in Detroit,The Phillies finally found a right-handed-hitting corner outfielder with power.

But this one comes with baggage.

On Tuesday the Phillies and Delmon Young agreed to a one-year, $750,000 contract. The signing screams low-risk, high-reward for the Phillies. Young, who is just 27, earned 2012 American League Championship Series MVP honors with the Detroit Tigers and hit .267 with 18 home runs and 74 RBIs in the regular season. He also had a career-high 112 RBIs in 2010 with the Minnesota Twins and has a career .824 OPS against left-handed pitchers.

But Young also has battled consistency issues on the field with several notable off-the-field problems, including an April arrest in New York on a second-degree aggravated harassment charge. Police said an intoxicated Young hurled anti-Semitic slurs at four men, and Major League Baseball suspended him seven days as a result. But the Phillies are comfortable with the risks, especially considering they have just a one-year commitment to him.

If Young plays well, the Phillies could have a productive corner outfielder at a remarkable bargain. The Phillies had been looking at Scott Hairston as a possible corner outfielder, for example, but he has been seeking a two-year, $8 million deal.

If he causes problems, well, the Phillies always can cut him loose without taking a significant payroll hit.

The Phillies have been looking for a corner outfielder since the beginning of the offseason. But how much outfield can Young play? And how effectively? He played just 31 games in the outfield last season, playing 113 games as Detroit’s designated hitter.

Young has had conditioning issues in the past, and last season he played with bone spurs in his ankle. He had surgery to remove the spurs in November, but is expected to be ready for Spring Training.

Young’s arrival creates an interesting outfield situation for the Phillies. Ben Revere will be the team’s everyday centerfielder. Young presumably will take one of the corner outfield spots, potentially as an everyday player. That could mean Domonic Brown and John Mayberry Jr. sharing time in the other corner spot with Laynce Nix a reserve and Darin Ruf possibly opening the season with Triple-A Lehigh Valley for more seasoning.

Can Young keep his head on straight in Philadelphia?

He was suspended twice in his Minor League career. He was suspended three games in 2005 for making contact with an umpire and 50 games in 2006 for flinging a bat at an umpire.

He has a troubled past, but he has loads of talent. The Phillies believe it’s worth a shot.


Great job Rube!
Just what we need- a fat,Anti-Semitic,DH
As a season ticket holder,for over 20 years,I am totally embarrassed by the organization

The definition of low risk / high reward. Young guy, plenty of upside and the price is right.

Where’s the “high reward?”
Strikeouts to walks are about 6 to 1. He’s going to report to spring training as a right-fielder, a position he hasn’t played since 2007. Only walked 20 times all year. Had .649 OPS vs RHs. And was mostly a DH. His OBP last 2 seasons was .298.
It shows where this team is headed when they have 9 outfielders on the roster and Laynce Nix is the highest paid.


In the words of Derrick Coleman Whoopdee Damn Doo

The Phillies could be a good influence on Young. I like the signing.

How in the world could anyone possibly think this is going to work out?

No way he’ll be able to handle the microscope of Philly and the Philly Phans.

Embarrassed by the organization? Get real dude. It’s a sports team not a church choir. You want to win, or do you want your “high-character” heroes that bat .230 but give back to the community? This is a great signing because of how low risk it is. Stop with your judging.

This guy is a has-been (actually maybe a never-was) with enough prior baggage to think he’ll be more of a distraction than an asset in Phiily.

Considering the moral decline of other athletes, I say give him a pass. He must defiantly will be playing for a bigger paycheck. I think he will have a great season.

no microscope on a $750K guy, he’s just another player to most

I think the bar is gonna be set pretty high for him to become a regular on this team. Nobody should have great expecations of him, either as a person or a player. Could end up being camp fodder, but he also could end up as the LFer.

hmmm…Ruben seems to think Delmon Young can play RF everyday. I don’t know where he got that idea. He hasn’t played RF in 5 years and he is a butcher in LF as it is. There’s a reason he’s been primarily a DH.

He is going to report to camp as a RF. I suppose that’s because they’re counting on Ruf in LF?

I only hope Ruf is given adequate opportunity to show whether the Phillies can depend on him.

A double-platoon maybe? Ruf/Nix and Brown/Young?

Gotta keep Ruf & Brown with the big club. If you have to release Mayberry or Nix to do so, so be it.

I predict that by June Ruf will be a starter. He’s gonna mash at CBP.

They can’t release Mayberry. He is the only other OFer who can play CF besides Revere. If Young ends up getting significant playing time, I think it means Ruf starts the season in AAA. JMO, not what I want. I think they need to get Ruf and Brown as many at-bats as possible to see if they can play in MLB, and playing Young hinders that.

Phils OF is the worst in the majors………2009 we had all 3 in the All Star game……..go figure

The deadly troika: Montgomery +Ruin + Charlie. = Mediocrity, at best.

What a lousy organization the Phil’s have become.

Lousy? It’s the same organization that produced only one losing season during this century, and even then they finished at 80-81. I think the FO is dealing with its situation effectively, it’s “situation” being the costs of a maximum effort to win a second championship. I like everything they’ve done, particularly from a business standpoint. They’ll compete with Atlanta for a wild card, at least, and have the experience to steal a division title if Washington falters.

And they’re more dangerous as underdogs anyway. Could be lots of fun, in the way that the 2005-2008 regular seasons were fun.

Frankly, I hope they give Ruf a shot. I heard he tore Winter Ball up.

Rube sucks. He has decimated a quality team and filled it with question marks, thin hopes, and out-right disappointments all the while trading away the future and spending way too much money for past performance (1st base?). The Phils need a leadership change. New Prez, GM, and manager.

I will watch but it will be a very long season.

God, I hope I’m wrong.

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