So What’s Manuel’s Lineup?

rollins 0517So, if everybody is healthy, what do you think Charlie Manuel‘s Opening Day lineup will be?

That’s a big if, obviously. Chase Utley hasn’t played in a single Grapefruit League game since 2010 and Delmon Young could miss the first couple weeks of the season because of an injured ankle. But if everybody is healthy, what will it be?

Here’s my best guess:

  1. Jimmy Rollins, SS
  2. Michael Young, 3B
  3. Utley, 2B
  4. Ryan Howard, 1B
  5. Young, RF
  6. Domonic Brown/Darin Ruf/John Mayberry Jr., LF
  7. Erik Kratz, C
  8. Ben Revere, CF

Here is what Manuel said about Delmon Young hitting fifth, providing that right-handed power like Pat Burrell and Jayson Werth in the past:

“Yeah, he can hit fifth,” he said. “He definitely can hit fifth. I think once we get to Spring Training and put him in and let him play, I think hitting is definitely his strong point. I think he’s a good hitter.”

Where is Revere hitting?

“He can hit in the top of the lineup to somewhere down toward the bottom. It kind of depends on how he looks. I have seen the guy hit three times. I don’t go on somebody telling me where he can hit. I go on what I see, once I see him.”

If Delmong Young hits five, can Michael Young hit second?

“Yeah. First of all, we can do a lot of things. But also, too, as I explained, if we are going to give people time off and things like that, then we will have different lineups. We are going to have completely different lineups sometimes.”

Note: Scream so hard your face turns red, but I don’t see Rollins moving out of the leadoff spot. That could change once the season starts or if Manuel falls in love with Revere, but Manuel likes Rollins at the top of the lineup.


I don’t understand not having Revere in the two spot. He’s thrived there before and he’s a great table-setter….

Ummmm. Kratz? Not Chooch???

Chooch is suspended retard. It’s opening day lineup. I can tell you are a true fan

Really Lowell? You’re going to go there? A-hole.
Excuse me for forgetting about Chooch’s suspension!
I AM a true fan. Maybe someday we’ll have an intelligent conversation, on the subject.

Seriously? You had to be an idiot for one comment? Go back to your cave, Neanderthal.

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Lowel and Birm. Norma has been an regular poster here for years. So she for got about Chooch’s suspension, big deal! The last thing we need on this blog are phan trolls, so take it easy, will you?

Doesn’t look like a lineup that scares other teams

hey Todd, I just want to say I love the information you provide. You are hands down my go-to guy for all Fightins updates. I’ve noticed since the acquisition of Revere that you have held pretty tight to the notion of him hitting at the bottom of the lineup, which as you’ve mentioned, is largely due to the fact that Charlie will not move JRoll. My question is where would YOU like to see Revere in the lineup and if it is the leadoff spot where do you move JRoll? Great work, as always.

Being a Phillie fan living in DC has had its advantages, until now. I hear all the talk on the DC sports stations about the Nats and how really good they are and it makes me get a little sad. I honestly think that Ruben did the best he could this off season, but a lot of this year’s teams seems to be a “transition til our prospects come up”

But being a Phillie fan in the NL East all of a sudden has become a scary thing

Who else on this roster belongs in the lead off spot? Revere is barely a 90ops+ hitter

Because he has no power. Does a leadoff need to have power? Or the ability to hit for contact and not pop up the first pitch of the game. He needs better discipline, but so does Rollins, and at least Revere has the other two things. Plus he is an even bigger threat to steal every single time he gets on, so he can get on second after getting a single more times than not.

Rollins is one of the few guys on this squad with 20+ HR power, might as well let him swing away (which he does anyway) and try to knock in runs.

Will Charlie do it? Probably not. But that is one of the many reasons I don’t see Charlie here after this season.

Why not Revere at 2? He has elite speed and is a contact hitter where 2 guys go….maybe they think Michael Young will create more walks but I still think you need your best hitters at the top and Revere could be our best hitter in terms of contact hitting.

But it’s whatever to me.

Wow this is a depressing lineup. Entirely depends on Utley and Howard miraculously coming back and putting up 08-09 numbers.

Can someone PLEASE explain to me Charlie Manuel’s fascination with Jimmy Rollins hitting leadoff? The guy led the majors in infield pop outs last year. He would bat no higher than 5 for many managers.

Agreed. Hence…my post above.


Here’s a riddle: How many first pitch pop ups in the lead off spot does it take the miss the post season?

I don’t care if they scare them, they just have to execute basic hitting. Something noticeably lacking last year!

See, now I normally would’ve went right along with you on the “there’s no way he moves Jimmy out of #1” thing, despite how the actual logistics may madden us. But I recall back when we first got Revere and they were talking to Charlie about it, since Revere seemed to have very natural leadoff inclinations, and Charlie sounded the most open he perhaps ever has to moving Jimmy’s spot if there was a good reason to have someone else there. So, I’m thinking with a good ST showing, Revere could indeed bat lead off on opening day (btw, in that lineup of mine I’ve got Jimmy #6).

is this the lineup for Grapefruit opener? LOL

ground out
strike out swinging

lead off strike out
strike out
pop up

(pitcher bunts)
pop up
ground out


Well he can use the old Eeny Meeny Miney Moe System to make the line-up each game. It really doesn’t matter.

Revere should hit 2. And move Michael Young to 5. Why would you put the speediest, biggest sb threat before the pitcher. It’s a waste of Revere’s game.

Here’s my opening day lineup: Revere, Utley, Michael Young (to break up the lefties), Howard, Rollins, Young, Ruf/Mayberry/Brown, Kratz. Pitcher. (I understand Cholly’s never going to move Rollins down, though)

Manual is an idiot and needs to go! Rollins should be hitting at the bottom…his offensive season last year was PATHETIC! He can’t hit much worse in the 7-8 hole where he belongs at this point in his career! Hey,at be he has a much better season and a 50 point bounce in ave. and other stats. That’s the only way he should stay in the 2 hole…he is NOT a lead off guy any more.


I see rollins either 2nd or 6th

Revere’s skills are wasted in the #8 spot. So all we got for Worley and May was a decent CFer?

Unlike Manuel, I have seen Revere play and hit many times, albeit with the Twins farm team in Ft. Myers. Hitting Revere 8th is a waste of talent and speed. What, is he going to steal in front of the pitcher. If you have to bat Rollins first, hit Revere 2nd, M. young 6th and everyone else down slot.

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No need to think Ruf is in the picture. He and Cloyd weren’t high round draft choices. They couldn’t pass them over for their awards after the seasons they had. Charlie likes his veterans. He won’t change. The organization will drop them like a hot potatoe if they stumble like Brown or some of the other highly hyped players.

Some teams belive you have a fast, contact, ave. man as your leadoff. Charlie is all about the long ball. Rollins gives him that. I have some problems with Rollins but his numbers other than ave. weren’t that bad. You were talking about a team that a .275 ave was the highest every day player ave. It would take something horrific to move Utley out of the #3 spot He is in a contract year. He will be able to start the year and have a decent year provided there are no unforseen injuries. Howard will be much better but until he can lay off that low and away 3rd strike he won’t earn that money.

I agree with Todd’s lineup except to flip Utley to #2 and Michael Young to 3rd. This breaks up the 2 lefties with Utley and Howard. I don’t think Revere is going to hit enough for Charlie, so he’s a #8 guy. I also expect Utley to be rested quite a bit against lefties (he has been terrible the last 2 years) with Frandsen batting 2nd in those games. Howards hould also ‘rest’ against lefties.

If Charlie bats Frandsen second (when/if he plays) and Revere eighth, he should be fired on the spot.

I sincerely hope that Michael Young can have a bounce back year, because with Utley’s declining skills and Rollins’s projected .320 OBP, Howard won’t have anyone to knock in.

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Well, as much as Jimmy pops out, at the end of the year, he still managed to score over 100 runs, with hardly anyone to knock him in the first three months. So I can see why Jimmy is the logical choice to lead-off for Charlie.

I think the Phils will go with a line up of:
1. Jimmy Rollins – SS
2. Chase Utley – 2nd
3. Michael Young – 3rd
4. Ryan Howard – 1st
5. Delmon Young – RF
6. John Mayberry/Darin Ruf/Domonic Brown – LF
7. Ben Revere – CF
8. Erik Kratz – C
9. Roy Halladay – RHP

I don’t hate Revere hitting 8th, as he takes 2nd after a single on the pitcher’s AB and is in scoring position for Rollins and Young. Might almost work like a 2nd leadoff man. However, maybe Revere leads off and JRoll hits in the 2 spot, with young sliding to 5 or 6 and everyone else sliding back one?

Norma Lewis is a Cunt

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