Twelve Agree to Contracts

The Phillies have agreed to Major League contracts with the following 12 players:

  • Jeremy Horst
  • Ethan Martin
  • J.C. Ramirez
  • Mauricio Robles
  • Michael Stutes
  • Raul Valdes
  • Erik Kratz
  • Sebastian Valle
  • Zach Collier
  • Tyson Gillies
  • Ender Inciarte
  • Darin Ruf


Todd, it would be nice if you provided a little bit of filler and not just a list. A sentence or two would suffice. For instance, 1. Will these guys now be paid the MLB minimum even if they start the season in the minors? 2. And somewhat related, will the salaries of these guys count against the salary cap threshold for luxury tax purposes?

pherris, they do not get paid the MLB minimum unless they are on the 25 man roster, and their MLB salary only counts toward the threshold if they are on the 25 man roster. The whole 40 man roster counts toward the threshold but, for the guys who are not on the 25 man roster only their minor league salary counts (usually a maximum of around $80,000), not their agreed to MLB salary.

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