Phillies’ Top 20 Prospects ranks the Phillies’ top 20 prospects.

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Catcher Tommy Joseph ranks third in the system behind left-hander Jesse Biddle and right-hander Ethan Martin. Joseph will be interesting to watch in 2013. He will be competing with Sebastian Valle (ranked eighth) for the starting catching job with Triple-A Lehigh Valley. If Joseph wins the job and makes great strides this season, you wonder how the Phillies will view Carlos Ruiz‘s impending free agency? Ruiz is 34, so he isn’t young anymore. If Joseph looks great at Triple-A and Ruiz struggles following his 25-game suspension for using a banned stimulant, which way will the Phillies lean? Ruiz is immensely popular in the Phillies clubhouse. The pitchers love him. Everybody respects him. But the Phillies need to start getting younger. Maybe they look there.


How does come up with its Top 100 Prospect rankings?

This year it spoke to 25 individuals in the industry: scouting directors, scouts, front office executives, etc. Those 25 talent evaulators then ranked their top 50 prospects in a format similar to an AP college football or basketball poll. The No. 1 player on each person’s list receives 50 points. The No. 2 player receives 49 points. The 50th player receives one point. You get the idea. Jesse Biddle ranked 60th overall and Ethan Martin ranked 80th.’s Jonathan Mayo said he originally had Martin ranked lower in the Phillies’ organizational rankings, but moved him up based on the opinions of those talent evaluators putting together their top 50 lists. Interesting stuff.


We don’t know enough about Ruiz or Joseph to make a decision at this time. A short-term deal with Ruiz would be OK but we can expect Carlos to deteriorate very soon.

I agree with Bob. See how the season plays out. If Ruiz would take a short deal have them split time next year if Joseph is ready.

i say that if ruiz plays well enough this coming up season and if either 1 of our AAA catchers does well enough to be called up, sign ruiz to a 2 year contract with a team option for 2016 for 2 reasons. 1. if both of our AAA catchers need more time in AAA we have a proven catcher who all of our pitchers trust and respect. 2. if either valle or joseph does get called up you have ruiz there to mentor them and til fill in on their day off.

If Ruiz can consistantly hit as he proved last year, I honestly can see him as a viable 3B for a few seasons once his catching days are over. He has the arm……

Does Ruiz present another golden opportunity for Ruin should Ruiz pick up where he left off last year when he does come back? In that case, his value will never be higher as it will be during crunch in August and September.

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