Cruz, We Hardly Knew You

This is minor news, but the Phillies and right-hander Juan Cruz mutually rescinded their agreement to a Minor League contract.

He becomes a free agent immediately.

Phillies general manager Ruben Amaro Jr. said this morning at Carpenter Complex that Cruz felt his chances to make the bullpen had diminished upon the Phillies signing right-hander Chad Durbin. Cruz never signed his contract and never showed in camp yesterday, which was the official report date. He clearly didn’t want to be in camp, so the Phillies cut him loose.

“We kind of all got together and talked about it and decided to part ways,” Amaro said. “He will not be in camp, and he’ll be able to sign with whomever he wants to and maybe (they will) give him a better opportunity. We decided we would grant that for him out of respect for a guy that has been in the big leagues for nine years. We just didn’t think it was right for either party.”

The Phillies now have 59 players in big-league camp: 30 pitchers, six catchers, 12 infielders and 11 outfielders.


He’ll probably win the Cy Young.

Wish this headline was,”Young, We hardly knew you.”

Anyone with that kind of attitude can leave any time they want. If the competition is too hard for you in Philly, have fun pitching for the Marlins, as all Phillie castaways end up there sooner or later…..

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