Baby Steps: Utley to Play Friday and Saturday

Chase UtleyThese are big baby steps.

Chase Utley will start Friday’s intrasquad game at Bright House Field, and is expected to start Saturday’s Grapefruit League opener against the Houston Astros. That is noteworthy because Utley has not played in a single Spring Training game since 2010 because of chronically injured knees.

“He’s going to get at least one at-bat (Friday),” Charlie Manuel said. “He’s going to play like two or three innings. … Yeah, he’ll probably play (Saturday). He probably won’t play Sunday. I think he worked hard this winter. The way he’s swinging right now and the way he looks, you can tell he’s willing to pay the price to get back to where he was. He wants to play quite a few more years. That’s good.”


So far, so good. If he played 150 games this year, we get into the playoffs. That’s the bottom line.

I hope he is healthy They need 140+ games from him, something they haven’t had since 2009. Utley just makes them a better team in every way. He and JRoll are still awesome up the middle on defense.

He’s done. It’s time to realize that Utley will never be what he once was.

Trade him to another team, even if you only get scraps in return.

Put a fork in him.

Most ballplayers of Utley’s age are not what they once were, even if they haven’t been plagued with knee-related injury problems like Utley’s. But “scraps” and “put a fork in him”? That shows a lack of respect for what he’s accomplished and a lack of appreciation for his potential contributions, even with the knee problems. And who would play second base? Good field, no-hit Freddy Galvis?

Yeah right Guylard, that’s the ticket. We’re way better off with Kevin Frandsen everyday. Or maybe some “scraps” from another team.

So who doesn’t realize “Utley will never be what he once was”? But he is still pretty damn good. Problem with Utley is more durability, not talent or results. If they use the young guys to rest him, that should help him get through the season at a pretty high level. He is worth way more to the team than “scraps”. Now, if they are clearly out of it by the AS Break, I could see cutting ties and seeing if they could get something for him. Otherwise, you gotta ride him. You act like he is Thome. The man can still play at a pretty high level – Geez!

Exactly. Utley may not be THE best second baseman in all of baseball anymore like he was from ’05-’09, but he is most definitely still top 5 when he is on the field, and I have a hunch he has figured out a way to make that happen. I think he has 3 good years left in him if he continues to put the work in during the offseason.

Ill be making my projections for him and the rest of the infield sometime this weekend, after I finish out the outfield. I already got Brown’s projections done if anyone is interested.

There are also articles on why j-roll should not leadoff, a breakdown of the outfield in general, and a 2 part article on why the phils should be motivated this season.

Feedback is always appreciated🙂

remember this comment if Sept. Figure 140+ games, .280/20/80

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