Pitching Schedule (Feb. 22-28)

You know Grapefruit League games are around the corner when Phillies pitching coach Rich Dubee posts the pitching schedule for the first time.

Here it is:

  • Friday (noon intrasquad game): Adam Morgan, Ethan Martin, Cesar Jimenez, Jonathan Pettibone, Mauricio Robles, Kyle Simon and Justin Friend.
  • Saturday vs. HOU: Cole Hamels, B.J. Rosenberg, Zach Miner, Jeremy Horst, Michael Schwimer and Justin De Fratus.
  • Sunday @ DET: Roy Halladay, Rodrigo Lopez, Antonio Bastardo, J.C. Ramirez, Jake Diekman and Joe Savery.
  • Monday vs. DET: Cliff Lee, Tyler Cloyd, Mike Stutes, Phillippe Aumont, Jonathan Papelbon and Raul Valdes.
  • Tuesday vs. NYY: Kyle Kendrick, Aaron Cook, Chad Durbin, Miner and Horst.
  • Feb. 27 @ MIN: John Lannan, Morgan, Bastardo, Rosenberg, Schwimer and De Fratus.
  • Feb. 28 vs. ATL: Hamels, Martin, Pettibone and Diekman.

If you’re looking at the rotation it sure sets up like how the rotation will set up in April with Hamels starting Opening Day followed by Halladay, Lee, Kendrick and Lannan.

Setup man Mike Adams is not on the schedule, which was expected. The Phillies said he might miss the first week of games following offseason surgery, although he is on his regular throwing program.


In other news, the Phillies agreed to contracts with nine players:

  • Pitchers (4): Aumont (R), De Fratus, Pettibone and Joe Savery.
  • Infielders (2): Freddy Galvis and Cesar Hernandez.
  • Outfielders (3): Domonic Brown, John Mayberry Jr. and Ben Revere.


If this portends the future, Hamels will be the #1 starter instead of Halladay. Makes sense, splitting up the lefties.

Other than who pitches on opening day, the significance of the #1 starter over the #2 starter is what exactly?

Maybe they see something in the projected lineups they will be facing that they like one guy facing over the other. Either to challenge them with something they need to work on (i.e. working against opposite handed hitters or something), or maybe they just want the first guy to get the most work in. Who knows really, until the regular season, all that is just trying to get guys to work out the kinks, so it’s hard to even speculate as to what the reasoning is.

pherris, I don’t read anything into it other than the opportunity to split up the lefties. In my mind, they have 3 #1 starters.

Love it! Means ball games are just around the corner even if they’re meaningless spring training games.

I personally can’t wait to see how Pettibone, Morgan, and Martin do. I won’t expecting too much, but I also wouldn’t be all that surprised if the came out and impressed. They might, with good reason, think that one of them has a good chance of ousting Lannan from the #5 starter position, so maybe they come in throwing with fervor and tenacity, at least to make Rubes, Dubes, and Cholly think twice about not including one of them in the rotation.

That is the wonderful thing about baseball, ya just never know how things will play out. I CAN’T WAIT!!

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