Hunter Impressed with Doc’s Debut

Roy HalladayTorii Hunter offered an encouraging assessment of Roy Halladay this afternoon at Joker Marchant Stadium.

“We had no chance,” he said. “It’s like he’s already ready.”

Halladay is far from ready for the 2013 season, but everybody seemed to be heartened with his effort in two innings in his Grapefruit League debut against the Tigers. He allowed one hit, one run and struck out two in two innings with nearly every Phillies front office executive and scout watching from the stands.

“He was filthy,” said Hunter, who struck out swinging on a 1-2 changeup in the first inning. “He’s always filthy to me. I haven’t faced him in a couple years, but he looks good. His fastball was sneaky. He had the ball sinking, cutting. He was in and out of the zone. This is probably his first start, but if he gets better from here he’s scary, which you know he is.”

Halladay threw 22 pitches (16 strikes) and the radar gun had his fastball in the 89-91 range, which seems OK considering it was his first time out.

“It feels a lot freer and easier right now than it did at the end of the season,” Halladay said. “Arm-wise, it’s less effort. My arm is in a better position. Last year, there were times when I felt like I had to throw as hard as I could to make up for the lack of lower half. Especially through my bullpens and the game, I felt like my arm was in a better spot. I didn’t feel like I had to try to throw really hard.”

Hunter described Halladay’s velocity as sneaky. He estimated his fastball at 93, but said it looked like 95. So I guess if the gun read 89-91 it looked 91-93.

“The two-seamer, cutter, hitting the outside corners, he was there,” Hunter said. “He was there. No doubt.”


Doc bein’ Doc…

I hope so but I wonder what Victor Martinez thought?

He made a mistake. Any great hitter, even one coming off of an injury, will make any pitcher pay for it. This is the time to make mistakes.

After seeing his performance today, I feel a lot better about what he will be like come April.

It’s just the first step in a five-week process. I’m encouraged that he was throwing up to 91 mph. This is a starting point. His velocity will obviously improve with each outing. Looking good so far.

Word is that V Martinez showed up for Spring VERY READY… Doc now knows how to pitch to him, so the will be the absolute last time he will ever get rung up by Martinez….

wow! super!

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