Brown Making His Case Early

Domonic Brown assessed the first 492 plate appearances of his Phillies career this way today at Bright House Field:

“That stuff I’ve been doing in the big leagues — that’s not acceptable in my eyes.”

That stuff he has been doing in the team’s first four Grapefruit League games? That could earn him a starting job in the Phillies outfield. He crushed a solo home run over the batter’s eye in center field in the seventh inning in today’s 4-3 victory over the Yankees at Bright House Field. Brown is hitting .429 (3-for-7) with two home runs, two RBIs and one strikeout this spring.

Brown said he has added 10 pounds of muscle, which might be why he is showing a little more power at the plate.

“Eating better,” he said. “I’m getting better checks so I can eat better. It feels good to be healthy again. … Lot of core and legs this winter because of the knee injury. I think I’m stronger down there and that might be why I have a pretty good base.”

Brown is going to get every opportunity to win a job this spring, especially with Delmon Young expected to open the season on the disabled list. He has taken advantage of the opportunity to this point.

“What you see is what he can do,” Charlie Manuel said. “His swing is more fluid and compact. It’s more explosive.”

And Manuel thinks if Brown can just find that consistency he has lacked in the big leagues, he could fulfill the potential that made him an untradeable prospect in the past.

He thinks he could become a game changer in the Phillies lineup.

“He’s that kind of guy,” he said. “Yeah, he is. Without a doubt. When you see him hit balls like that in the last three or four days. He’s swung the bat good. When I see him rip balls to right field, balls inside, it shows he’s strong. He’s got quick hands. He’s getting through the ball.”

Said Brown: “I’m just keeping it simple. Just going up there and making sure my approach is good. I’m seeing the ball well and trying to swing at strikes. I wouldn’t say I’ve changed approach, just fine tuning. That’s it. … I making sure I’m going out there and working hard and not putting pressure on myself and having fun and doing it because I want to do it like Chuck always says. I’m out there because I want to do it, not because they’re forcing me to do it.”


If he keeps this up, I’d say stick him in right, platoon Ruf and Nix in left.

Had to DVR today’s game, so just got to see it. Wow, even if the wind was blowing out a little, that was a shot. I especially like the fact that it went out to center.

So far, so good. I hope he can keep it up all spring and get a stranglehold on that RF job.

I hadn’t see Brown yet this spring but I just watched the highlight of the HR and it is immediately obvious that he is bigger. He looks more like a MLB power hitter. I hope it translates into big league production. Defense will come if he gets to play every day.

We keep waiting for whomever the real Dom Brown is. He seems like he has such potential and then for whatever reason it disappears. Hopefully this is his year.

He does look bigger… “10 lbs of muscle”, doesnt sound like much, but it really is if it is all really muscle… Good to see him making an effort to IMPROVE and not whine for lack of opportunity. I think he was told flat out (from the likes of Dallas Green?) during the Fall/Winter that he better be prepared to “wow” people com Spring… Meanwhile, Ruf is starting out slow and may end up going back to AAA at the end of March.

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