Manuel Plays It Safe with Utley

Remain calm, all is well.

Chase Utley got scratched from today’s lineup just minutes before a 4-3 victory over the Yankees in a Grapefruit League game at Bright House Field. Hearts skipped a beat in the Delaware Valley as Utley has missed the previous two springs because of chronically injured knees.

But it wasn’t an injury that removed Utley from the lineup.

It was wet field conditions.

The field received a ton of rain before the game and the infield tarp was dumped in shallow right-field, which obviously is where Utley could be chasing down a pop up. So Charlie Manuel decided to play things safe and sit him.

Told he gave folks a scare, Manuel said, “What’s new? I give them a scare all the time. Knee jerk. Chicken Little. The world is coming to an end. I see it every day. You know? How many games have we played? I see it all the time, even when you win.”


Charlie, really? Knee jerk, chicken little? No, we have been watching you manage far too long. Your skills at checkers do not cut it in a chess match.

ur a total idiot…really…5 nl east titles and a WS and oh yea Charlie knows nothing…oh ok and ur what a manager…no just a bum

Anybody who thinks baseball is chess is being over-dramatic. It isn’t rocket science. Throw the ball, hit the ball, catch the ball. When you do those things better than the other team, you most likely win.
It’s like the idiots who are suggesting to bat the pitcher 8th ad Revere 9th because the “genius” Tony LaRussa did it. I notice he didn’t do it down the stretch of a pennant race and in the postseason. He realized he overcooked it with that one.

This certainly answered my difficulty, thank you!

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