Another Ruf Day

Darin RufPhillies outfielder Darin Ruf had another tough day today.

He went 0-for-4 with three strikeouts against the Dominican Republic in a 15-2 loss at Bright House Field. He also could not get to a ball Miguel Tejada hit to left-center field for a ground-rule double in the third. The ball appeared catchable.

Ruf is hitting .111 (3-for-27) with one double, three RBIs, two walks and nine strikeouts in nine games, including today’s game which does not figure into the official Spring Training statistics.

“It looks like he didn’t get no hits,” said Charlie Manuel, when asked what Ruf looked like at the plate. “Right now things aren’t going good for Ruf. He’ll be all right. Ruf isn’t the only guy to ever come to Spring Training and get off to a slow start. It happens every spring. He’ll be fine. He is going to get some more hits. He’s not going to go all of his life with collars.”


Well Charlie, it looks like Ruf is going to be getting his hits in Lehigh Valley.

That’s fine-actually better for him and us. Lets him learn the OF without preasure and to play every day. If/when we need another of we can bring him up. This Rule 5 kid is looking very good as the last guy off the bench/ D replacement in OF late in games

Someone should tell Charlie that the fact that Ruf “didn’t get no hits” means that Ruf did get hits. What can we expect when English is Charlie’s second language?

That comment wasn’t worth typing.

If I was writing the story, I’d have edited Charlie’s comment. There is no need to quote him verbatim.

We all wish Darin Ruf were starting the season in left field, but it looks like it isn’t going to happen. Rather than the kid’s psyche taking a hit and rather than having him press at the plate, let him go to Lehigh Valley, learn to play the outfield and regain his comfort at the plate.

Ruf might be a guy that just takes awhile to get going. Last year he only had 2 HRs through Mar/Apr. If you look at his splits from last year you will see that he is incredibly streaky. When he is swinging well he will mash everything.

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