Delmon Young to Step Up Rehab

Delmon YoungDelmon Young took the redeye from Los Angeles to Tampa last night, and showed up in the Phillies clubhouse early this morning at Bright House Field. He came straight from the airport to the clubhouse after sleeping on the plane.

He took batting practice with his teammates a short time later.

“That was the first time I had someone throwing to me since the last World Series game,” he said.

That must have been nice, right?

“It’s batting practice,” he said. “I really don’t care too much to hit on the field.”

But Young got good news in Los Angeles, where the doctor that performed the microfracture surgery on his right ankle in November told him that he can progress his rehab. That includes full-weight bearing on the treadmill, participating in batting practice and standing in the right field to get acclimated to fly balls. That does not include shagging or making lateral movements, although that could come in the next week or so.

He didn’t get the fuss as he answered a few questions about his rehab and trip to L.A. in front of his locker today.

“You guys trying to write a soap opera here or something?” he said.

Ruben Amaro Jr. said Young has progressed “faster” than expected, and said he remains hopeful Young can be playing for the Phillies sometime between mid-April to May 1.

“We’ll take the progression slowly and conservatively,” Amaro said. “I’m just hopeful in the early part of April or the middle of April he’s playing in games enough so we can start to really evaluate and work on that part of his game. We’ve talked about it before. We’ve got to make sure the guy can play well defensively for us to have him in our outfield. That’s one of the things we’re going to makes sure: when he’s ready to play in Philadelphia we feel he’s ready to contribute to our club.”

But Young said he hasn’t been champing at the bit to get into Grapefruit League games.

“No, not really,” he said. “It’s cold and it’s only March 6. I’m not anxious at all.”

Regardless, Young is going to play right field and only right field whenever he joins the Phillies.

That is his preference.

That is the Phillies’ preference, too.

“Because he’s not good left field,” Amaro explained. “And he doesn’t want to play there. He’s a much better right fielder as he came through the system in Tampa Bay. He played center and right. He was a plus defender in right and because of the circumstances got away from that in other organizations. He’s much more suited for right field.”

Of course, that creates an interesting situation whenever Young joins the Phillies lineup. If the season started today, it seems like a certainty Domonic Brown will be in right field. But it sounds like even if Brown starts the season hitting well and playing solid defense in right he will be making the switch to left.

Amaro doesn’t consider that an issue because he said it’s a push when it comes to Brown’s ability to play left or right.

“Good spring,” he said about Brown. “It looks like he’s more relaxed. He’s in a hitter’s position that I think is more consistent than he’s been. It’s much, much closer to where he was as he progressed through the Minor Leagues. I think he is going about his business very professionally. I like what I’ve seen so far.”

If the season started today, it is unclear who the Phillies’ five outfielders would be. But Darin Ruf has struggled both offensively and defensively and could use more seasoning in Triple-A, if he doesn’t improve his play in the coming weeks.

“Listen, if we broke camp today I couldn’t really tell you what our outfield would look like,” Amaro said. “I know that I have a pretty good idea of what I think it might look like, but we’ve got close to a month yet to make decisions on what’s happening.

“Ruf has struggled in the outfield and he’s struggled offensively, but sometimes that happens. He’s a kid who’s coming basically from Double-A. He did get a chance to be in the big leagues with us last year, but he wants to do his best to get acclimated in left field. He’s trying to impress with his bat. He’s probably trying to do a little bit too much. Whether he makes our club or not, that remains to be seen. He’s going to have to play better than he’s playing now to be on our Major League roster, but the fact of the matter is there are a lot of things going on with him. We’re throwing a lot of stuff at him. I think with some time he’ll relax and play the way we know he can play. He’s still learning. And he’s still young as far as having the opportunity to be in Major League camp. This is the first major league camp he’s ever been in.”

If Ruf opens in Triple-A, the Phillies outfield seems likely to include Brown, Ben Revere, Laynce Nix, John Mayberry Jr. and Rule 5 Draft pick Ender Inciarte.

In the meantime, Young will continue his rehab.

“I just do what the doctor says,” he said.


OMG is this our baseball bynum……

How is he baseball basball’s bynum he is moving up his rehab not pushing it back and he isnt costing the phillies very much if he doesnt play. The team isnt built around delmon young

He doesn’t mean in all aspects, just in the “hi-hum” attitude of actually wanting to play. It might not be a high salary compared to today’s standards in Major League Baseball, but wouldn’t you be excited if you got the chance to play baseball for $1 million? That is what he will be making as soon as he is on the 25 man roster. I would sure as hell be like a kid in a candy store. He could at least fake some excitement.

He is gonna get booed out of this franchise quicker than he can say “gimme a cheesesteak” if he keeps up that attitude.

That was supposed to be ho-hum incase anybody was wondering haha

Except Bynum is actually good if/when he plays. Delmon isn’t.

What an obnoxious jerk. Ex-Phillies fan .

This really chaps my ass. The guy really don’t know how lucky he is to even have this chance, especially on a National League team. This guy just continues to make me shake my head in disbelief.

People make mistakes, and to be honest, I could care less about what he said when he was piss drunk. In all likelihood he doesn’t really feel that way, especially since his agents are Jewish, or so I’ve read.

What it comes down to is the fact that this guy has (or at least had) natural ability and he is pissing it away because he has the maturity of a 12 year old, and the work ethic to go along with it.

Especially in a city that cherishes its blue-collar traditions, and adores players like Chase Utley because he plays the way any diehard Phils fan would if they had the opportunity, he either doesn’t give a shit, or is too simple to understand that those comments would infuriate the fanbase that now, essentially, pay his salary.

Then there is Amaro’s comments…

“Because he’s not good left field,” Amaro explained. “And he doesn’t want to play there. He’s a much better right fielder as he came through the system in Tampa Bay. He played center and right. He was a plus defender in right and because of the circumstances got away from that in other organizations. He’s much more suited for right field.”

First of all Roob, the circumstances got away from that in other organizations because the guy let himself get overweight and out of shape, while not actually working on his craft, ending up with him being a below average defender. Do you seriously think other teams wouldn’t use him in right field (or defensively at all) if he had remained good at it? NOOOOOOO! If he was good, they would have put him out there.

And OMG, Delmon Young doesn’t wanna play left field? Well hell, let’s just cater to what he wants, seeing as though he is a perennial MVP candidate and all…Oh, what? He is horrible defensively no matter where you put him nowadays? He had the worst throw in World Series history last year when the Tigers put him in left field? Crap, he isn’t even that great of a hitter other than a few weeks out of each season? Jeze, he hasn’t even played a day in RF for half a decade?

OK, I got it now. I know exactly why you would wanna move Brown, who has a rocket-arm and moves much better, to left field and substitute an overweight, out of shape, slow, careless slacker coming off an ankle surgery that let his arm (which used to be good) become below average in right field. Wait, no, I HAVE NO CLUE WHAT YOU ARE THINKING!

I know this is somewhat self-destructive for a Phillies fan to say, but I can’t wait for Delmon Young to get in RF and make himself look silly when a ball is hit up the first base line and it becomes a stand up triple or in-the-park homer when Young takes forever getting to the ball with those tiny strides, then can’t even reach the cutoff man, possibly throwing the ball into the ground halfway to him. On the bright side, maybe he will kill some bugs making their home in the CBP outfield grass and save the groundskeepers some work.

Man I really despise this guy. I have never even met him and I am already wishing him bodily injury. Yes, I said it, it had to be said, so I said it. I hope he slips on a fungo and twists his ankle.

Better suited for right field….what a dope. Maybe 5 years and 40 lbs ago when he actually had a good arm. Although he still had a double chin…curious. He was destined to be a chunkmaster flex 5000.

I don’t get all this Delmon Young negativity. They guy took the red eye back to take his first on field BP. He’s lost 10 pounds since being in camp. He’s progressing better than can be expected. And he’s not having any more run ins with homeless people. (sarcasm) But really folks, this guy was the MVP of last year’s ALCS. We got him for next to nothing. If he fails – we’ve lost next to nothing. But if he hits, plays solid D, and stays out of trouble – we got a bargain. Sure – he seems a bit surly – but who cares. (listen, Michael Jack Schmidt wasn’t exactly a ray of sunshine, remember?) I want to win. And a platoon of Mayberry RFD and Nix ain’t likely to get it done. Personally, I’m rooting for Rabbi Delmon!

If he plays solid D, I will streak across CBP. If we were in the AL and we could hide him in the DH spot then I would be all for his signing. Unfortunately, though, we are in the NL.

Especially when Amaro is dead set on Young playing RF because of numbers he put out 5 years ago when he could actually run and throw pretty well, it just baffles me. This is why the Phillies need to get with the times and hire an analytics department, because do you think Bill James, Nate Silver, or anybody from FanGraphs would say that statistics from 2007 or before are a good metric for making decisions on the 2013 season?

Of course other than Delmon probably being adament about playing RF, the disdain for this is towards RAJ. It just makes absolutely no sense to me that you would move Domonic Brown out of RF so that Delmon Young can play the more difficult of the two corner outfield positions. Brown moves well even if his routes are still a bit suspect, Delmon Young is still overweight (even after shedding 10 lbs), hasn’t really run well even before the ankle injury, and totally lost the somewhat decent arm that he used to have in his early 20’s.

I hope I am wrong, honestly, because if he can help the team, especially defensively, that would be great. I just don’t see how that happens given the circumstances. Then you look at his attitude, and that just compounds on top of everything else and makes me wanna pull my hair out. If you can’t get excited to play baseball for a living, citing that it is a little chilly and you don’t like to hit on the field (which I would pay money to do btw), then it just makes me wonder if he really gives a shit or not. If not, I’m sure Mayberry does. Who is a very similar player offensively, except he is faster and can definitely be at least average defensively.

Why all the upset about Delmon Young? If he gets healthy he will get the chance to contribute. If he’s a bust, there was nothing to lose. And comparing him to Bynum is just ludicrous.

Not really, like I stated above, it’s not a robust comparison. It is just comparing the attitude. It just doesn’t seem like he cares. It’s cold? seriously? I would give every dime in my account to have that exact same chance, and I can pretty much gauruntee I would be better than Young defensively, even if I might not be able to hit as good. I’m not kidding about that either, I would bet my year’s salary that I would be better than Delmon Young in the field.

Yeah, it’ll be great if he can play great, etc., but there is no denying that he is coming across like a jerk– that is all you got from him so far, that he is a jerk. Nice addition to the clubhouse?? Absurd to even bring up Michael Jack in this discussion– he was elected and appointed team captain… I dont even think DY’s monther would vote for him to be any team’s captain… I just hope some of the core players on the team get in this guy’s ear and make him feel the love and drink the Kool-aid, because he is just sour grapes right now…

Calling him sour grapes is not only asinine, it portends an extra level of intellect that you gleaned anything of significance from the few quotes proffered in this piece. Who cares? He stinks, his ALCS lightning in a bottle notwithstanding.

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