Another Good Day for Brown (Hand Not Included)

Domonic Brown gets his hand stepped on and still hits.

He went 2-for-3 today in a 3-2 loss to the Rays at Charlotte Sports Park. He singled sharply to left field in the first inning. But once he got to first, Rays first baseman James Loney stepped on Brown’s right hand as he dove back to first base.

It left a mark, but he stayed in the game after getting the hand treated. He singled to left in the third.

“It’s all good,” Brown said.

Brown is hitting .424 this spring. Charlie Manuel once again called Brown the biggest bright spot in Phillies camp.


Poor kid can’t catch a break in the spring haha

I’m glad to see that he’s doing well. Definitely an upside to our hitting which hasn’t been the best these past few years. Now let’s hope that Kyle Kendrick gets his act together and start pitching like we all know he can.

Now if Darin Ruf can just start crushing the ball again.

He did have a double today. I think he is gonna start to pick up the pace here soon. He knows that if he doesn’t, he’ll be back in the minors before April since he has had issues defensively.

I’m a big fan of Darin Ruf. Would love to see him be the starter in LF. I think he is going to be a good one for the Phils.

It’d be nice to see him & Howard mashing home runs from either side f the plate!

That surely would be fantastic. Then I don’t have to hold my breath every time a ball is hit to D Young if he were to get the nod instead of Ruf. Let’s hope for the best.

I think our outfield is going to end up being one of our strengths this season & beyond. And they’re all younger players (unlike our infield).

And don’t look now, but Tommy Joseph & Cody Asche aren’t too far down the road either! Reports of the Phillies untimely demise are a bit premature, IMO.

Agreed. Joseph and Asche have really impressed me. I would love to see Joseph get the nod as the backup for April while Ruiz is suspended. It would assure that he gets the “awe factor” out before he comes up for real, which could end up being as soon as next year if RAJ doesn’t end up keeping Chooch around. Honestly, I would love to see Joseph get some time as Ruiz’s backup if they would sign Ruiz to a one year deal after this year. I just don’t see that happening since, if Chooch is anywhere near as productive as last year, he will most likely want a multi-year deal.

Then you look at the pitchers we have coming up, and it doesn’t bother me nearly as much to think that Doc might not be back after the season. Although, similarly to the situation with Chooch and Joseph, there would be nobody I would rather have one of either Pettibone, Morgan, and Martin learning under than Halladay. Out of those three I have been most impressed with Morgan. He seems very intelligent and knows how to set batters up to miss their bats.

Only time will tell, but yeah, all the talk about the sky falling is certainly feeling a bit premature to me too. Our farm system may be weak as a whole, but as far as the positions that we may be needing in the next couple of seasons, we may very well have replacements in-house for all of them.

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