Dubee: Doc Is Fine, Trust Me

Roy Halladay, Rich DubeeIt sounds like everybody in Philly is a little freaked about Roy Halladay.

Understandably so.

Phillies pitching coach Rich Dubee answered a few questions about Halladay before today’s game against the Yankees at George M. Steinbrenner Field in Tampa.

Q: Did you talk with Roy today?
A: We talked. He’s fine.

Q: Are you encouraged after you talked with him yesterday and today?
A:No, I think I knew he was fine physically yesterday. He came out saying he’s fine. He said on the mound he’s fine. He feels good today. He feels like he didn’t even pitch physically. That’s good.

Q: What’s the difference between what he said last year when he said he was fine and this year when he said he was fine?
A: He had issues year. He had issues. He can’t make it public. Why should he? You guys don’t need to know everything, first of all. This guy didn’t want anybody to know he was banged up last year.

Q: Did you know?
A: Yeah. I wasn’t going to tell you.

Q: But he told people?
A: Yes.

Q: So you’re saying this is different?
A: He is not having anything this year. He is not having any physical problems this year. Any. Arm. Back. Legs. Nothing.

Q: Why should people believe it this year?
A: You can believe what you want. I’m telling you what I knew last year and what I know this year. He felt obligated to take the ball. This is a special guy, you know? And he tried to pitch through some stuff last year. Right now at this point this year he feels fantastic physically. Like I said, he doesn’t even feel like he pitched yesterday. He threw 70 pitches. He felt like he could throw another 100. He’s not there with his delivery and location.

Q: Are you more concerned because it’s not a physical issue?
A: I know what he’s missing. He’s missing his cutter. The cutter is not there. The cutter was there at the beginning of the game yesterday to the far side. And when he tried to throw it back door he changes his delivery. He changes his arm slot. He changes his delivery. So all of a sudden that leads into the other side, too. First of all, he’s not there rep-wise to be able to make that adjustment quick enough. Second, right now the back door cutter is probably too much because he’s not locked in delivery wise.

Q: We heard the same ‘all is well’ last spring.
A: You can throw any red flag you want up there.

Q: So this year you’re not doom and gloom whereas last year you were?
A: Absolutely. Last year I had more concerns.

Q: You had a pretty good public face about it last year.
A: I’m not going to come out here and say the guy can’t do this or can’t do that. Why would I? This year, going off what he’s been telling me, physically, talking to him, seeing him, yes, physically he is fine.


LOL, this is great.

Scott, that was some hard hitting journalism there. It seems like a marked departure from the usual sort of softball questions. I am curious why the tone is different?


Who’s Scott?

Sheridan? The trainer?

Sorry,but I can’t take your word for it. Believe me.

Wait a minute .I heard him say he felt lethargic. He said he did a lot of throwing during the off season and in spring training. Nah. I think there’s something wrong and it’s called Father Time.,

Is this some kind of Abbot and Costello comedy routine or what? According to Dubee he knew Halladay had issues last year but repeatedly denied Halladay had issues. But this this year, he claims Halladay does not have issues and we are suppose to now believe Halladay does not have issues because Dubee says so? Why doesn’t Rich just come out and ask us, “Who are you going to believe, me or your lying eyes?”.

He’ll have 3 more starts before the opener. We’ll see soon enough.

It doesn’t really matter if Dubee is telling the truth or not. The proof will show up when the season begins.

Geeruby hit it on the head. Doesnt matter who says what, what matters is how Doc pitches come April. I think Zo came across a bit more challenging than he normally does because he was the one getting lied to last year and his credibility is undermined for his submissions.

Results don’t lie. We’ll see.

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