Betancourt Decision Coming Soon

Yuniesky Betancourt

Ruben Amaro Jr. said today the competition for the team’s two utility infield jobs remains wide open with less than a week remaining before they need to make a decision.

Freddy Galvis, Kevin Frandsen and Yuniesky Betancourt are fighting for those jobs, but because Betancourt has an opt-clause he must be informed by Sunday if he has made the 25-man roster. If he has not, he can ask to be released.

Galvis is hitting .273 (15-for-55) with six doubles, one triple, two home runs and eight RBIs. He is the best defender of the three, and Charlie Manuel has been vocal in his support. Frandsen has had a good spring offensively, hitting .298 (14-for-47) with four doubles, one triple, two home runs and six RBIs. Betancourt went 4-for-5 with a double and two RBIs in today’s 17-10 loss to the Braves at Champion Stadium. He is hitting .450 (18-for-40) with three doubles and nine RBIs.

“I think they’ve all played well enough to be on our club, so it has to be wide open,” Amaro said, “Defense is still important, but obviously it’s the total package of the player. All three of them have played very well. I’m happy with all three of them.”

Asked if he can make up his mind in the next six days, Manuel said, “I can make up my mind in two seconds.”

But has he?

“No, I haven’t,” Manuel said. “Everything comes into play. It kind of depends on where we want to go and what we see on our team. Really. We’ve got a good battle there, man.”


Obviously you send galvis down for now until you trade betancourt


Why would anybody trade for Betancourt? Anybody could have signed him this offseason, but he has been awful for a couple of years now. A small sample size in spring training can’t change that.

Not obvious at all…. I think this is a push as far as the competition… Really comes down to what they can do contractually with everyone… They cannot trade Bentacourt unless they sign him to a major league contract first. They either sign him next Sunday or release him.

Galvis is on the team. With Utley,s knees and Young’s suspect D, you keep the best fielder on the roster. As for the other two- flip a coin

I’m sure all the pitchers want to see Galvis on the team. Betancourt hasn’t been that good over the past few years, but his hitting this spring has been ridiculously good. I don’t know if Ruben can shop him to any team out there, but it would be worth a try before they have to make a decision about him on Sunday. It would be nice to have all three guys on the roster, but even with Delmon on the DL to start the season, they can’t take all three guys. I’d go with Galvis and Frandsen. Freddy for his glove and Kev for his glove at thirdbase and his bat. Betancourt is too much of a liability on defense.

Is Frandsen really in the mix since the Phillies signed him for $850k? Then there is the issue of the Phillies ability to send him to the minors? Would they able to do this without Frandsen having to clear waivers? If the Phillies have to pay him regardless of the level at which plays, I really don’t see him being in the mix so it is between Galvis and Betancourt for the roster spot.

pherris, two of the three will make the team, and I’m fairly certain that Frandsen is a given. He will get some starts to spell Young and Utley on occasion. I think the competition is really just between Betancourt and Galvis.

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