Dubee: Doc Can Be Ready

Roy Halladay, Rich DubeeThe Phillies believe two more starts in Florida is plenty for Roy Halladay to be ready to pitch April 3 against the Braves at Turner Field.

Halladay lasted just one inning Sunday in a Grapefruit League game against the Orioles at Bright House Field because of a stomach virus. He lost eight to 10 pounds in a couple days, but after throwing a successful bullpen session yesterday, Phillies pitching coach Rich Dubee said today he is confident Halladay will be ready to go in 13 days.

Halladay is pitching in a Minor League Spring Training game Saturday at Carpenter Complex and March 28 in a Grapefruit League game against the Blue Jays at Bright House Field.

“Sure,” Dubee said, when asked if two starts are enough for Halladay. “What’s the risk? He threw 25 pitches last time out. Our other guys, their last game they’re only going to throw 50 probably. So that was his short haul.”

And why pitch Halladay in a Minor League game rather than face the Orioles in a game in Sarasota?

“He’s missed some time, but more important than that is I didn’t want to put him back on a bus,” Dubee said. “It’s contained germs. Contained germs. That’s what on a bus. It’s like flying. Why do people get sick on flights? Because there are germs on there. I don’t want to put him in a confined area.”

Dubee said he liked what he saw in Halladay’s bullpen session yesterday. He has said Halladay’s problems this spring are mechanical, and not health related.


Hmmm… why the fuss about a bus? Two thoughts: First, maybe he doesnt want to give the O’s a chance to beat up Doc and fan the flames of this whole “What’s Up, Doc?” saga… will be interesting to see how many people go see him pitch at a minor league game vs see the O’s game… Secondly, it’s possible that there is some hidden concern for real about him getting on a bus– not because of “germs” but because of “back”, ie he still has a bad back and doesnt want to aggrevate it by making him ride a long bus ride… I mean, good grief, they can’t friggin’ disinfect the friggin bus?? Either way, I ain’t buying that– something’s up.

Doc can’t follow the bus in hos own car, with his own germs? I agree – this does not pass the smell test.

Dubee is smoking dubees.

Fodder for Ed Rendell’s “Nation of Wusses II.”

A 35-year old, 225-pound professional athlete who has to be protected from bus germs!

Couldn’t he wear his bus pants?

Why travel if you don’t have to? Doc will be traveling around the country soon. Personally I hate long bus rides and I’m not fond of long drives followed by an athletic event either. So I can’t blame him for not going.

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