Inciarte Watch

Ender InciarteEnder Inciarte will have his answer soon enough.

His chances to make the Phillies’ Opening Day roster improved Friday when the Phillies optioned outfielder Darin Ruf to Triple-A Lehigh Valley. The move left five healthy outfielders in camp: Ben Revere, Domonic Brown, John Mayberry Jr., Laynce Nix and Inciarte. The Phillies could make a trade or claim an outfielder off waivers before the season starts April 1 in Atlanta. They also could open the season with just four outfielders and three utility infielders with Freddy Galvis, Kevin Frandsen and Yuniesky Betancourt, although Ruben Amaro Jr. said that is unlikely. But if the Phillies can’t find a better outfielder elsewhere they could stick with Inciarte, 22, whom they drafted in December in the Rule 5 Draft.

“I’m thinking about it a lot and sometimes I feel anxious,” Inciarte said this morning at Bright House Field. “I want to know where I’m going to be this year. I’m kind of waiting for that day to know that answer.”

Inciarte, who has never played above Class A in the Minor Leagues, is hitting .238 (5-for-21) with one double, three walks and six strikeouts this spring. But the Phillies would not be keeping him for his bat. They would be keeping him for his defense and speed. He has been impressive in the outfield, showing good range and a strong arm. And with Delmon Young possibly back before May 1, it might not make sense to trade for another outfielder when there might not be a place for him in a month.

“I’m working hard,” Inciarte said. “I might have a chance, but they are the ones that make the decision. Right now, I don’t know. I don’t know where I’m going to be, but I’m going to keep working hard until the end. I’m happy overall. I think I’ve been showing my tools. I’ve just got to keep developing a lot of stuff because I’m still young and I feel like I can give a lot to this game.”


Nice keep a .238 hitter and option a guy who can hit .280 w 40 HRs in Ruf

Ruf needs to learn his new position at the minor league level, not the majors-that could ruin him. If/when he can play OF good enough he will be back, also as our backup firstbaseman; otherwise he is trade bait. We will know prior to mid-season. Meanwhile this gives us a chance to see Inciarte longer and possibly deal for him if we like him enough but want him to season a little. We need guys that can field, run, and get on base-otherwise no 3-run homers can happen.

Thhat’s great,glad he has speed and is a very good fielder. Once again Ruben is going to start the season without any bats. A singles hitter in center 33 extra base hits in 900 at bats and no arm to write home about,but he’s has speed and great fielder. D.Brown has been playing great and hitting well.The other outfield position is probably Lance Nix who is a good player.Utley’s bat has been horible and contiuing on the decline.I hear on a broadcast that he’s swinging at pitches in batting practice that are balls.Batting practice isn’t just to swing a bat.Just as in golf you have to make your practice count and that means practice using the fundamentals as they never change.He’s conditioning his minds eye to recognize balls at pitches to swing at. Hopefully Rollins’s won’t Uppercut everything as he did mostly all last year. Doesn’t he Get It Yet ? Howard should have a good year,but it’s obvious his speed has decreased. Michael Young I think will be fine offensively, but he’s not our usual defensive measure at 3rd,but let’s give him the chance.I’m sure he’ll be fine.
Ruf ws just sent down.So where are the home runs and etxra bases coming from >
Once again on his own Ruben hasn’t measured up.neg

the Phillie’s offense has changed from the 2008 team. no longer designed for power, we are designed to get on base, steal, sacrifice, and score with “Small ball”. get used to it. With a team built around a trio of aces (Hamels, Lee, Halladay) the offence is set to score 3-4 a game, and the defense is more important. Ruff, as good as he may turn out to be with a bat, would, at this point, cost the team more runs in the OF then he’d drive in.

I wish the Phillies would get rid of Mayberry. He has underperformed to much

Wow……. Inciarte is definitely a keeper, but at what cost? The Phils will have him skip Double-A and Triple-A just to have a great late inning defensive replacement or a pinch runner? It’s better just to offer him back to what ever team they got him from. If they don’t want him, the Phils can send him to Reading, where he belongs….

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