Frandsen OK After Getting Hit with Pitch

Kevin Frandsen earned a spot on the Opening Day roster Sunday, when the Phillies released Yuniesky Betancourt.

But he got a big scare in the third inning today at Joker Marchant Stadium, when Tigers ace Justin Verlander drilled him in the left wrist with a 94 mph fastball. Frandsen remained in the game before Charlie Manuel walked onto the field to remove him before the bottom of the third.

Frandsen said he is fine, although he had stitches from the baseball imprinted on his wrist as a memento.

“It’s not like it’s painful,” Frandsen said. “It’s sore. I’ve been hit well over 100 times in my professional career. Anywhere near your hand is the one that kind of freaks you out. The way it came off, it wasn’t like I couldn’t feel my hand or anything. It was just sore … as it should be after getting hit with a fastball.”

He said no x-rays is scheduled as far as he knew.


I am not an expert on assessing injuries, but isn’t there at least a chance that he has a hair-line fracture that could open up if he plays before it heals? Take the X-Ray!

Erich, what are you going to do? It is the Phillies where the inmates run the asylum.

Doc’s stat line today would have been better today had Dom seen Jimmy pointing his glove to secondbase. Dom’s throw home cost Halladay another earned run, as Encarnacion went to second on the throw and scored on the single that followed.

Dom really needs to be told what to do beforehand. He is not like Freddy, who has a very high baseball IQ. I hope Jimmy took him aside and had a heart -to-heart talk with him about that throw.

Dom made a mistake there, no doubt about it. But 8 hits and 2 walks on 96 pitches in 4.1 innings is not very encouraging. There were baserunners galore and the Phillies backed Doc up pretty well defensively in getting three outs on the basepaths. It could have been far worse. But the Phillies are bashing pretty well this spring. I just hope they bring those bats north.

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