The Phillies’ Opening Day roster

Phillippe AumontThe Phillies just announced their Opening Day roster.

Here it is:

  • Rotation (5): Cole Hamels, Roy Halladay, Cliff Lee, Kyle Kendrick and John Lannan.
  • Bullpen (7): Jonathan Papelbon, Mike Adams, Antonio Bastardo, Chad Durbin, Phillippe Aumont, Jeremy Horst and Raul Valdes.
  • Catchers (2): Erik Kratz and Humberto Quintero.
  • Infielders (6): Ryan Howard, Chase Utley, Jimmy Rollins, Michael Young, Kevin Frandsen and Freddy Galvis.
  • Outfielders (5): Ben Revere, Domonic Brown, John Mayberry Jr., Laynce Nix and Ender Inciarte.

The Phillies reassigned Pete Orr, Steven Lerud and Zach Miner to the minor leagues. Mike Stutes optioned. Delmon Young placed on the DL, retroactive to March 22 (right ankle surgery).

I don’t see any surprises here. The Phillies had been looking for help in the outfield, but they will stick with Inciarte for the moment. I suspect Delmon Young will replace him on the roster whenever he is ready to be activated. That could come before the end of April. Aumont, Horst and Valdes became the frontrunners for the final three bullpen jobs in recent weeks. The Phillies think Stutes needs to go to Triple-A and pitch after missing most of last season because of an injured right shoulder. Lerud pushed Quintero for the backup catcher’s job, but I thought they’d go with Quintero’s experience in the end, which they did.


Even Quintero’s time is limited to the first 25 games.

Hope Stutes can find his groove, like his toughness. Do the Phils like Inciarte enough to work out a trade if they have to drop him?

Todd, Inciarte is only being considered because he is Rule 5 player. That draft has produced two players (Victorino and Hollins) who were solid big leaguers. If I am missing someone,let me know. This notion that a team must keep these players for a season on their 25 man roster creates conflict in proper baseball decisions. Michael Martinez would not even be lingering in the organization if he weren’t a Rule 5 guy, and Herndon stuck around longer than need be as well. I am going to do some research to see how many of these Rule Fivers have been successful throughout baseball. Keep up the good work on the beat.

George Bell was a rule 5 that toronto stole from Phillies. Johan Santana was also rule 5

Johan Santana is probably the biggest name to come from the Rule 5

kyle kendick has cy young written all over his spring performances. lol

sending darin ruf down in favor of lance nix, inciarte, and mayberry was a mistake and i hope it cost them big time

why would you want to see the phillies suck because ruff didn’t make the team. wouldn’t you rather have him go to the minors and actually learn how to play left field before he comes to the majors. if you know anything about baseball its better that have prospects figure out how to play before pushing them into the spot light. look at dom brown how many times have they tried him to rush him through. ruf had one hot month in reading so if that was not a fluke and he is a real player you should see in at cbp before summer. So if the phillies are successful without ruf you will not be happy.

You seem to forget Ruf handled himself well when called up last September so where are you getting this one hot month in Reading as Ruf’s only qualification?. Besides, isn’t the good fielding and suspect hitting of both Mayberry and Inciarte redundant?

ruf will be 27 years old this season, it is not like he is a 20 year old. the phillies would rather play pure garbage like they did last season with nix, schneider, martinez, and wiggenton, rather than take a gamble with an untried rookiie like ruf, friend or even tyleer cloyd. i would rather have cloyd or friend than that other use of human flesh kyle kendrick.

ruf had as a good of a spring as mayberry and the piece of human garbage lance nix, who also was one of the reason they finished where they did last season. mayberry and nix are not major league players by any means, not the type player you need to go all the way. i would take my chances with darin ruf, who i would bet the family jewels on would have hit 25-30 home run this season if he was the everyday left fielder. mayberry and nix will not hit 25 home runs combined.

You lost any credibility you might have by touting Tyler Cloyd over a solid vet like Kyle Kendrick.

i agree with you 100%. anybody who thinks the phillies will win with nix, inciarte, and mayberry are on crack. then you throw in kyle kendrick, chad durbin, a washed up doc, their 5th scheduled starter lannan who sucked in dc last year, you are looking at a record this season of 78wins and 84 loses. i would have rather had ruf, cloyd, friend, stutes and defratus than this junk.

Another Lannan complainer? The dude is our 5th starter. BTW..Lannan was good in dc last year. Don’t be fooled by the slightly high ERA. He was 4-1 in 6 starts.Five out of his 6 starts were quality starts or better.

it is bad enough we have the useless kyle kendrick as our 4th starter let alone putting lannan as the 5th starter. anybody with any baseball brains at all saw that neither kendrick or this nats reject played well enough to make the team. morgan and cloyd had a better spring. i predict right NOW that the phillies will not win 80 games this upcoming season, unless both the 4th and 5th scheduled starter are either dropped from the rotation by the 15th of may.

Making Ruf learn a new position in the majors could ruin him; that’s what the minor leagues are for. If he can play outfield he will be back soon. If he can’t then he is trade bait.

We all wish things had worked out better for Ruf in the outfield this spring, but he looked pretty bad out there, and it affected his hitting, too. Let him go to Triple A and work on his defense. No doubt the kid can hit. The key is he’s a hard worker. He’ll learn the ropes in left. When he comes back – maybe mid-season this year – he’ll move into left and stay there for a long time. Ruf in left. Revere in center. Brown in right. Rose-colored glasses?

Read elsewhere Todd supposedly tweeted that Inciarte will only be a place holder until Young comes off the DL at which time Inciarte will go back to the Diamondbacks. So they keep Inciarte for his glove. Yet they will replace him with a player who has no glove but a better bat? Is there a sabermetric which measures something like this? Mayberry better seize every opportunity presented to him.

I think you are right about Mayberry here. Its settled that he isn’t a major league starter. If Inciarte plays well enough that the Phils don’t want to lose him, Mayberry could easily be the one who goes.

difference between Ruf and Maybery is simple, they can send Ruf down, they can’t send Mayberry. Mayberry plays 3 Of posistions, plus 1B, Duf plays 1B and is trying to learn to play 1 OF posistion. He’ll be back this year, or next. This team has postential to win 90+ why don’t you all try to root for the team at least thru April before trashing them?

The only thing more difficult than watching Darin Ruf play LF is reading the atrocious grammar, punctuation, and spelling of these comments. I need a special decoder ring.

Well, I suggest that you don’t watch Ruf and that you don’t read these comments. Neither Ruf’s performance nor this site will be any worse should you take a powder.

idiot, ruf would hit more home runs this season than the bum nix or mayberry are going to combined. if ruf would have hit .400 with 10 home runs this spring he still would have been sent back by amaro. nix and amaro are lovers, just like you and mayberry are.

all you ruben amaro lovers should run to vegas an get 12-1 odds on the phillies winning the nl pennant. it means you only need to put up 10 big ones and get 120 grand in return. ruby has some of you guys so blinded that you really think the phillies are going to go all the way. if that is the case what is holding you back, especially with kendrick and lannan as the 4th and 5th starter.

Well WeinusWain. How do you like those 2013 Braves? The same pitching and 3x The speed and 3x the power. Gonna be a long hot summer sucking on cheesesteaks.

It’s funny , you Frilly fans are always waiting for a savior to come from the DL. What’s that creaking sound in here. Something is really starting to smell old.

Typical idiot. Yeah, it’s over. 1 game down, 161 to go.

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