Opening Night Lineup



Unless Mayberry has some crazy good numbers against Hudson, why isn’t Nix in there?

They both hit .308 off Hudson, and Mayberry is better glove. Easy decision.

What’s with the color coding?

I miss the good ole calligraphy days….

lefty is red, black is righty, blue is switch. pitcher is green bc it doesnt matter.

Brilliant, thanks.
Although “R”ighty would make more sense as “R”ed.

I just hope the computer program does that, if not I can see Charlie taking an hour to do this everyday. “Ahhhh damn it, how do I change the font color again?! Hey Rube, get in here”

cannot believe that darin ruf was beat out by john mayberry for the left field job. i guess the stats do not count with an amaro run team. i hope they loose every game they play with anyone but ruf in left

hey vegas, what’s Ruf’s OPS against Hudson?

what is mayberry’s? i predict right now that mayberry will not get a hit tonight, and if nix pinch hits he will strike out.

Mayberry OPS vs. Hudson: 1.240. What is Ruf’s?

BTW, I don’t know why I bother. You’re the dude who wants Tyler Cloyd pitching for this team.

“Loose”? Did you even see Ruf playing left field? Based on your spelling, I’d say you were probably born too loose.

“what is mayberry’s? i predict right now that mayberry will not get a hit tonight, and if nix pinch hits he will strike out.”

So Mayberry hit a double and scored and Nix pinched but didn’t strike out so your predictions were 0-2. Keep the negative predictions coming you seem to be horrible at them.

Glad to see that Revere is the lead-off man.I actually think it may be a two fold benefit .The team and Rollins. I think he’ll be more apt to take a few pitches and put the ball in play hitting liners etc rather then the Uppercuts and home run attempt.Rollins is at his best when he’s swinging more level. He has pretty good power. Maybe one day he’ll realize that the Uppercut swing diminishes all his power.

Mayberry has 1.240 OPS vs Hudson including 2 HR.

so much for mayberry and his 1.240 ops against hudson. if you noticed mayberry went 0-3

Actually, i noticed that Mayberry had a double and scored a run. Pay attention.

phan52, Mayberry didn’t do squat against Hudson. Isn’t Mayberry’s “stellar” career stats against Hudson the reason Charlie played his “hunch”? You are the one who needs to pay attention.

pherris, don’t feed the zoo animals.
He said YESTERDAY that Mayberry would go hitless, He didn’t. End of story.

That’s the great thing about baseball: You can base game decisions on relatively small sample sizes and not be questioned about it.

This team is a frigging bunch of dinosaurs. If they make it to May intact, the world will be shocked, Good luck, oh creaky ones.

funny but true

Game Highlights: Chase Utley
Game Lowlights: Cole Hamels
Game Honorable Mentions: None
Game Dishonorable Mentions: Ryan Howard, offense; Michael Young, defense.

how bad does it have to get with howard hitting against left handed pitching before manuel finally admits the guy is a bust. wasn’t last year enough proof when he hit .172 against lefties for manuel to pinch hit for him. they had 2nd and 3rd last night with one out and of course howard astrikes out. it would have been nice to see the babe pinch hitting for him instead of wasting his time in triple a.

At least with the potential of Ruf coming off the bench, the other manager would have to think twice about going to his left hander.

I think everyone needs to relax. It’s one game. Howard will hit .260/40/120, and the Phillies will contend Will they make the playoffs? we shall see…

What makes you think we are not relaxed? Regardless, are you aware of insanity as being defined as doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result each time? Isn’t this what Ruin and Charlie do?

Gonzalez just took his opening day pitcher out of a game after only 4.2 innings.They will never think twice about bringing in a lefty in a tight spot like that. And Charlie will never pinch hit for Howard, especially in the 5th inning, so get over it.

i agree with pherrisphain 100%

Philadelphia Phillies… one game closer to irrelevance.

just because the braves picked up the upton brothers and the phillies picked up cheech and chong is no reason to think we are a game closer to irrelevance. lmfao

@doc – lol… glad to see a sense of humor. I only come here to get pherris riled up, works every time.

keep up the good work b-nyc

You mean the same place where the Braves have been for the last 18 seasons? What has it been, 7 years since they even won the division?

Seems as if you are one of those I rile up since you are posting here. Come to think of it, I must be doing something right since you are apparently still riled up over something I posted last season.

Needed a breather from the 14 straight, it’s exhausting at the top. And yes, those baseball focused “attendance!!” posts really got to me haha.

actually pherrisphain and bravesnyc i find to be amusing and not boring like some. you guys need to smoke a peace pipe

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