Kratz Talks Turkey … Bacon

Erik Kratz is a Tony Award hopeful, but a CLIO Award seems more likely.

It has been difficult to miss his commercials for Godschall’s turkey bacon during Phillies broadcasts, most notably one in which he talks to a cartoon turkey dressed as a pig. The commercial has gone viral locally.

“I had a blast,” he said today at Turner Field. “I don’t know if commercials are my forte, but I had fun.”

Kratz’s father Floyd Kratz is a co-owner of the company, so he asked his son if he would help. He said yes.

“A lot of people think they’re cool,” he said.

And his teammates?

“Teammates make fun of me.”


Had me laughing. Still not sure if it was at him, or with him, but I was laughing.

I do like Turkey Bacon. Make fun of me all you want, but it’s actually quite tasty.

I personally intend to bookmark this blog, “Kratz Talks Turkey Bacon
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it? Thanks -Zachary

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