Manuel Back Young at Third

Michael YoungCharlie Manuel reiterated he is completely confident in Michael Young’s abilities to play third base.

Young had trouble with a couple balls in Monday’s season opener against the Braves at Turner Field. He had a ball go off his glove in the fourth inning that was ruled a double. He later had another ground ball pop out of his glove. He made the throw to first, with Ryan Howard making a nice pick to get the out. But because of the bobble, he could not get a force out at second.

“He’s going to bobble some balls,” Manuel said. “Everybody we put over there is going to bobble some balls. Brooks Robinson used to bobble balls. That’s part of the game. When somebody says he has trouble fielding just because a ball gets by him or he bobbles a ball, it doesn’t mean he’s not a good fielder. That’s one. If you sit there and see him boxing three or four a game or something, then yeah we’ve got a major problem. But Michael is fine there.”


Well, Doc is officially on “Holiday”. Frillies may be out of this before it even starts.They aren’t even in the same league as the Braves and the Nats. They are more like the Mets and the Fish.

i have nothing against michael young, but manuel comparing his play at 3rd base to brooks robinson is a little bit of a stretch. last season the rangers wanted him strictly as a dh, no way he was playing in front of beltre at 3rd.

Michael Young is a good guy and great leader, but he might be the worst fielder in MLB. Last season Rangers fans heard the phrase. Past A DIVING Michael Young. Repeatedly, and I suspect that Phillies fans will become familiar with the phrase this season.
But for some reason, Managers are willing to walk through walls for the guy while fans are forced to suffer watching him try to recapture the glory days of his usefulness.

last season he was mostly a DH, so your comment is fraudulent and you are just another doom and gloom poster… it’s really getting old.

Karl. Last season Michael Young played roughly half of his games in the field, most of which were at 1st Base and he sucked like a turbo charged hoover vac on steroids.
As I have said, I like him as a leader and club house guy, he simply is no longer a major league level defender at any position. You will understand that 2 weeks into the season after you see routine play after routine play mishandled by MY. I remember watching Ali get his brains beat by Larry Holmes way after his glory days, and no one to stop the fight. That’s what it was like watching Mike try to catch easy grounders last season and not being able to get it done. Its like watching your dad spill milk all over himself while trying to eat his cereal.
BTW Young was at 3rd base when the Rangers came to town early last year.

Game Highlights: Chase Utley
Game Lowlights: Roy Halladay
Game Honorable Mentions: None
Game Dishonorable Mentions: Eric Kratz

Eric Kratz is not a MLB player. Not even backup material. He had a nice run for about a month last season that fooled everybody, but he is what we are seeing now. If they aren’t going to bring up one of the kids, just play Quintero. At least he qualifies as a legit backup.

Damn Chooch for “cheating”. Really miss his offense and also how he handles the pitchers. Too bad that can’t bring up Joseph from the minors.

darin ruf should be brought back up and put at first base against left handed pitching. howard should never see another lefty, he is a joke hitting against lefties. it is time for the 25 million dollar man to be platooned, since he proved this last year with his .172 batting average off of lefties.

“he is a joke hitting against lefties.”

Ryan Howard has 74 HRs and 265 RBIs against lefties in 1401 career ABs. Take those number are extrapolate them over a typical season at-bats and you would get 29 HR 106 RBIs if he played one season getting 550 ABs against all lefties. That is pretty impressive against lefties. Stop crushing the guy for what he did in limited time last year, coming back mid-season from injury.

BTW..Howard was killing lefties in Spring so let’s give the guy at least a month before we start benching one of our best players.

Here here!
He was getting a bit into a slump when ST ended, so just LIGHTEN UP and give him a chance to work out of it… he’s on great shape and will be a big plus-up for us compared to last year certainly and probably even 2011.

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