Dubee Talks Doc

Roy Halladay, Rich DubeePhillies pitching coach Rich Dubee offered his take this afternoon on Roy Halladay‘s performance last night at Turner Field.

It is no surprise he is as optimistic and upbeat as Halladay, Charlie Manuel and Ruben Amaro Jr.

Here is some of what he said:

Q: What do you make of the results and are you as optimistic as him?
A: What I make of the results is pretty much that whole game. They struck out 16 times and they put nine runs up on us. They hit a couple of mistakes and we paid for it. But as far as Doc’s stuff, I feel very good about it. I think he continues to build. Like I said his last two outings in spring training, he’s starting to build momentum. Is he there yet? No. But I thought his stuff continues to improve. The one thing he’s not doing, he’s not commanding it like he needs to.

Q: Is there an issue with Roy trusting his stuff?
I don’t know if it’s an issue of trusting his stuff as much as trying to get to where he understands what his stuff is and how it’s going to play and how he can work off that. It’s still a phase where he’s trying to find out what he’s going to have and what he’s going to be able to do.
You talk about he got nine out of 10 outs with strikeouts. They got six hits, two of them were home runs, the other four weren’t hit very good at all. Broken bat by (Freddie) Freeman in the first, a jam shot by (Juan) Francisco in the first, a jam shot by Freeman and then (Andrelton) Simmons’ base hit in the fourth. That’s all encouraging to me. He’s still got swing-and-miss stuff and he’s got to find a way and we have to find a way to be a little more aggressive and get quicker outs.

Q: He said he can let his fastball loose, but he then threw mostly offspeed stuff deep in the count. Why?
A: Hitters will dictate a lot of time, too. If they’re still charging fastballs and you’re getting some of the swings you’re getting off breaking balls and splits, why wouldn’t you throw it?

Q: So he’s not afraid to let sinker or cutter go?
A: I don’t think so, no.

Q: What’s taken so long for it all to click for him then?
A: Bad habits. Bad habits that he acquired when he was hurt. This was a guy who did something as consistently as you could possibly do it for years.

Q: Bad habits in his delivery?
A: Yes, bad habits to get the ball to the plate last year, trying to work through some of the health issues. And I’m a big believer that the more you do something wrong, the more it becomes ingrained. If you do it wrong and you do it wrong and you do it wrong, it takes time to get that feeling out of your body ad get the right feeling back in it.

Q: What is the bad habit? Arm path?
A: He lost direction a little bit in his front side, and of course his arm slot got lower.

Q: Do you think he’s capable of rediscovering old mechanics even with some of the wear and tear maybe he’s sustained?
A: Absolutely. I think, again, over the last 3 outings I’ve been encouraged each time out. I think he’s building and he continues to build.

Q: You say you’ve seen progressions, but when do you need to see results?
A: I think I’m starting to see some results. You think I’m going to take the ball away from this guy? Jesus Christ, you’re talking about a two-time Cy Young Award winner. What do you think, we’re going to put him in the bullpen? I’m seeing results. I’m seeing nine strikeouts out of 10 outs last night. Do you see many other guys doing that in baseball. Yu Darvish against the Astros. Yu Darvish wasn’t facing the Atlanta Braves.

Q: He was asked last night if he understood the concern about him. He said, ‘Write whatever you want to write.’ But do you understand the skepticism? He hasn’t had results in more than a year.
A: Nobody has our patience either, probably. I’ve always said when you judge players, you go off their track records. And who has a longer, better track record than this guy? I mean, who does? And not only track record as far as being a quality pitcher, but as far as being a quality person with credentials that are out of this world.


Who is the Questioner in this? Zo? You are just being a dick. Dubee doesnt have to validate your skepticism… “He hasn’t had results in over a year”?? He still had a winning record last year, and his ERA was pedestrian, but not awful, while pitching with physical ailments. He had some bad games as well as some good games last year. If I was the pitching coach, I would have told you to go fock yourself. Really.

Knowing Dubee, I am sure that he wants to tell the media to go fock themselves on a daily basis. Questioning like this is usually the province of the manager, but Charlie shuffles all things pitching over to Dubee’s desk.

You think there is a disconnect between a pedestrian year and a $20 million price tag which leads to skepticism?

I know you like to bitch about contracts and, sometimes, you actually have a point. But I don’t think there has ever been an issue about Halladay’s contract regardless of his performance. If he had waited to become a free agent, he would have got the best contact by a pitcher in the history of the game, but he took less to come here.

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Game Highlights: Cliff Lee
Game Lowlights: None
Game Honorable Mentions: Utley, Kratz
Game Dishonorable Mentions: The Braves Rendition of “Murders Row”.

Wow, great looking Bullpen. Are any of em in single digit ERA’s still? You guys got 1 starting pitcher and not much else. And , Weinus, maybe that homeschooling didn’t have a spell check for “Murderer’s”. But I can understand the difficulty of forming complete sentences in your grief. How’s that view from the basement window?

on a positive note 1. chase utley has not looked this good with a bat in a couple of years. 2. cliff lee looks as good as ever. 3. jimmy rollins is still a very capable shor stop. on the negastive side 1. if the phillies sent darin ruf down to lhv to learn how to play left field, what is the excuse for dom brown. 2, michael young is so pathetic at 3rd base he makes me appreciate willie puddin head jones. 3. hate to say this but i really think doc is done as a dominant starting pitcher.

Don’t bet on it , Vegas…

just finished watching the mets/philies game with doc throwing another master piece. what exactly do you not want me to bet on erich?

I’m really impressed with how Dubee showed that he’s got Doc’s back. It can be very lonely and uncomfortable in Philly, if the media and phanbase are dead-set on roasting you alive. I believe in Roy Halladay. I believe that the same guy who went all the way down to Single-A, only to find and reinvent himself, can do it again.

I thought the job of the ace, the #1 starter, was to stop the bleeding at least if not to get the momentum going. The Phillies three aces are 1-3. Hamels owes us two and Halladay owes us one. But it is still early and there are still many, many opportunities yet to be blown. Anyone want to still bash the acquisition of Lannan?

How come nobody ever talks about how Pap can’t be affective unless it is a save situation?

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