Everybody Loves Music! (A Break From The 1-3 Start)

Jeremy HorstThe Phillies lost in an awful way yesterday in their homer opener.

A few thoughts: These first four games have been mostly ugly and it is not encouraging at all when compared to the Nationals and Braves. (I predicted this team to finish third in the NL East, but still challenge for a wild card. My third-place prediction looks good, but the Phillies aren’t making me look real good about their chances to win 87-91 games.) That said, it’s just four games. The Phillies have had poor starts in the past. The only difference this time is this team is coming off a down year, not a World Series championship or 102-win season. It’s not like you can say, “They’re fine. They won 100 games last year.” They’re coming off an 81-81 finish.

But take a deep breathe. I read wide-ranging tweets yesterday, everything from releasing or demoting Jeremy Horst (1.15 ERA in 32 appearances last season with left-handers hitting .170 against him) to releasing Chad Durbin (historically a slow starter, his career ERA in April is 1.75 earned runs higher than his career ERA from May through September) to fans drawing concrete conclusions about the offense, bullpen and rotation after just four games.

Let’s reserve judgment a little further down the road.

You know, like next week …

In the meantime, I know many fans enjoy this, but here’s the current Phillies’ at-bat/warm-up music as of today (courtesy of Phillies music director Mark Wyatt):




A band named “Skillet” is quite appropriate, I think, for a guy who likes Turkey bacon as much as Erik Kratz does. (Godshall’s is pretty good stuff, to his and his dad’s credit. And turkey bacon is one of the very few foods that my extremely picky seven year old loves).

No more “Good Times, Bad Times” for Doc? Booo…

THAT (with a few exceptions) is just a god-awful list of songs…..They are gonna loose 100 games if they keep playing this cr@p (pardon my french)…..:-)

I’ll pardon your French, but I won’t pardon your spelling. *lose*

Save it for your students, Dutchy. You should have posted, “It’s ‘lose,’ not ‘loose.'” But I suppose we can forgive you, even though we know that you won’t forgive us. Have a nice day.

Michael Young might be my new favorite player with that one

Okay, Doc’s warm-up song needs to change. Great song but not exactly inspiring. He or Paps should use “Red Right Hand” by Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds. “You’re one microscopic cog in his catastrophic plan/designed and directed by his Red Right Hand.”

cole and ryan have given the team huge dividends so far this season with their enormous contracts. since dom brown has hit 2 home runs already, maybe they should give him a new contract for say about 20 mil per year for the next 10 years. lmfao

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