Practice? Yes, Sandberg Is Talking About Practice

Ryne SandbergBig leaguers need practice, too.

But organized infield and outfield work during the season had become so sporadic that any structured pregame practice at all stood out like a sore thumb. The Phillies picked up those sessions a bit following last season’s July 31 Trade Deadline, but they typically were limited to the first game of every home series.

That is changing. They already had practices Friday and yesterday and have another scheduled tomorrow as Phillies third base coach and infield instructor Ryne Sandberg makes them part of the team’s routine. He said they will be 20-minute sessions as needed and as he sees fit before home games.

“That’s what I do,” Sandberg said. “That’s what I like to see happen. It’s a stress on defense. It allows us to have time to work on things. It’ll be something that will be stressed throughout the whole year.”

The Phillies took ground balls regularly in the past, but it typically occurred during batting practice. Charlie Manuel calls this a more structured, more hands-on setup that allows for more discussion and teaching. The sessions are mandatory.

He likes it.

“The fact it is more organized, it gives you time to talk to get your points across as far as mistakes we’ve made or things we want to improve on,” Manuel said. “It’s a little bit stricter coaching and I like that. I like everything about that.”

But structured practices do seem to be a rare occurrence in baseball these days, not only with the Phillies, but every team.

“I don’t think getting away from it is a good thing,” Sandberg said. “Having it is a very positive thing. In my day we took infield every day, except for day games. I think it’s something that’s necessary to stay sharp and stay on top of things. We’ll also have the outfielders join us and throw to the bases, probably twice a homestand or something like that. It’s for everybody to stay sharp on defense. It’s a big part of the game. To work on it and stress it becomes important.”


How long before Ryne is making these decisions as the manager of the Phillies. Like these moves to start.

Where’s Allen Iverson?

I think its a very good idea. Players should work on all aspects of their game.

If Charlie likes it, why weren’t they doing it?

This is exactly what they need. They need to be treated like a baseball team instead of a bunch of millionaires. Charlie can sometimes give a little bit too much leash because they have a lot of veterans.

Now if only somebody teaches baseball sense like don’t swing at the first pitch when Revere is on first. Take a pitch and give him a chance to get in scoring position, is called baseball sense and I don’t know if that’s something that can be taught. Maybe Joyner can teach good at bats instead of the normal bat at bats by the whole lineup at once

a couple of questions pertaining to ryan howar. 1. is he worth 25 million per year? 2.will he get a hit off a left handed pitcher lol?, or better yet will he get the bat on the ball against a lefty this year? they could have darin ruf playing first base for a lot less money, and doing no worse than howard is doing.

Charlie likes this approach? WTF? Who exactly is running this team?

this chad durbin looks worse than quaills did last season.

I am copying & pasting my April 2012 post: “This is a bad baseball team that needs to rebuild.”

Rollins batting 2nd is a waste to a good leadoff hitter. Its about time an assistant coach is doing his job. I know it isn’t his job but I wonder what his opinion is on leaving a pitcher in when they are off. Just because they should be throwing 100 doesn’t mean they should stay in there if they aren’t affective. Remember how Charlie lost to the Cards in the playoffs because he was out coached.

man u guys are paying $160MM for a Marlins caliber team. That’s the way you do it.

if you are going to go down the drain like both the phillies and marlins are in the process of doing, you might as well do it with the 2nd lowest team salary as the marlins are, and bring up some of your younger players than have one of the highest salaries in the history of major league baseball, that is stock with old useless men like howard.

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After selling out the opener, the Phillies attendance has fallen below 40,000 for the last three games with last night being below 36,000. The diehards posting here may mock what they consider the “casual” fans but, you know what, the “casual” fans pay the bills. At $50 per fan, on average, I estimate that the Phillies have lost $750,000 so far for only three games. Note to management: Phillies fans, “casual” or otherwise are voting with their feet. This is not panic due to a sample size. This is a continuation of what started after July of last year or whatever the date consecutive sellouts ended.

as long as manuel insists on going with the dead wood and amaro not making any roster moves it will only get worse. this current team is capable of loosing 90 games this year

I have read were Charlie is the odds on favorite to be the first NL manager to be dumped. It would be an exercise in futility is Ruin does not follow him out the door.

hope you are correct on both manuel and amaro..

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