Walk Watch: Day 5

Jimmy RollinsThe Phillies have not walked in a game since the eighth inning Sunday in Miami, when Chad Qualls intentionally walked Domonic Brown.

They have not earned a true walk since the sixth inning Sunday, when John Mayberry Jr. got a free pass.

The Phillies have played four consecutive games without a walk, which is a truly remarkable feat. It is the longest streak in baseball since the Chicago White Sox played four consecutive games without a walk in Aug. 2011. It is the longest streak in the National League since the Arizona Diamondbacks played four consecutive games without a walk in Aug. 2009.

The Phillies are just the fourth NL team to hit that mark since 1935. The 2009 Diamondbacks, 1976 Montreal Expos and 1952 New York Giants are the others.

Can they get a walk tonight? They are just one game from tying the single-season modern baseball record, according to Baseball Reference. The Phillies opened the 1920 season with five consecutive games without a walk. (They finished the 1919 season with two games without a walk, bringing the overall record to seven games.) The Phillies face Jamie Garcia tonight. He has walked nine batters in 19 1/3 innings.

Oh, how times have changed. Here are the Phillies’ walks totals since Charlie Manuel became manager in 2005, where they ranked in the National League in walks and where they finished in the league in scoring :

  • 2005: 639, first in walks (2nd in scoring).
  • 2006: 626, first (1st).
  • 2007: 641, first (1st).
  • 2008: 586, fifth (tied 2nd).
  • 2009: 589, seventh (1st).
  • 2010: 560, fourth (2nd).
  • 2011: 539, fifth (7th).
  • 2012: 454, thirteenth (8th).
  • 2013: 34, fourteenth (11th).


Lets see the names. I bet Ryan Howard BB have dropped big time.

Really hard to dispute the numbers when they’re laid out like that, huh?

How many 1st pitch out have they made so far ?Howard is still unable to’ recognize anything but a fastball. He still swings at the same bad pitches since day one in the majors. He rarely hits to the opposite field. Revere offers ZIP with the bat and doesn’t
work the count. Mayberry had 1/2 of good year,,time to move on from him. I’ll end here.

it is plain and simple, FORGET ABOUT 2013. this team is on the way to lose between 90-100 games. this team should be playing in a 55 and over league, like they have at the sun cities in vegas

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