Manuel Talks Coffee, Managing and Thome

Charlie Manuel, Jime ThomeCharlie Manuel ordered a medium black coffee at Starbucks inside the team hotel today when the barista asked for his name for the order.

“It’s Charlie!” a few strangers behind him shouted.

“That kind of felt good,” Manuel said with a chuckle.

Manuel, 69, remains a well-known figure in Cleveland. He managed the Indians from 2000-02, and served as their hitting coach in 1988-89 and 1994-99. He recalled his best times with the Indians before tonight’s game at Progressive Field, including trips to the World Series in 1995 and 1997. But he also talked about other things, like his desire to keep managing and how former Indians and Phillies slugger Jim Thome is doing.

Manuel’s contract with the Phillies expires after the season.

“I want to manage as long as I can,” he said. “I’ve never told nobody I was going to retire. We’ll see. … I’m not worried about nothing. I want to keep managing.”

(Manuel saying he wants to continue managing beyond this season is nothing new. He has been saying this since the Winter Meetings. But it seems every time a writer asks him and he says it, it gets turned into a headline, so I thought I’d include it here.)

Thome is hoping to continue his career, but so far he has not found a job. He called Manuel a couple weeks ago and asked if he could swing by the clubhouse in the future.

“You can come and live with me,” Manuel said he responded. “I hope he does. … He still thinks he can play. He misses the game. Baseball is his identity. That’s all he’s done for 20-some years or so. He’s kind of having a hard time adjusting.”


I’m afraid it’s all over for the Great Jim Thome. He he makes it into the HOF in five years…

Bring him on board as the hitting coach…

Come on , surely some AL team out there needs Jim Thome , true champion both on and off the field..get him some AB asap , so come playoff time he should be able to help a team…

kinda looking like weinus wain was a Phair Weather Phan.

Damn Todd, kind of unlucky timing with the book. Kind of a joke anyway to compare Lee, Halladay and Oswalt to Mauddux, Glavine and Smoltz.

Career Wins Maddux 335, Glavine 305 Smoltz 213(plus three 40+ save seasons out of the bullpen). Now Halladay 201, Lee 135 and Oswalt 163. On what planet, are these 2 things similar???? But why would we want to let facts confuse the issue?

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