Halladay Says Williams ‘Completely Out of Line’

mitch willamsMitch Williams appeared on 94.1 WIP this morning and ripped into Phillies pitching coach Rich Dubee, saying the Phillies need a new man for the job.

He said Roy Halladay‘s problems were a simple mechanical fix that Dubee simply could not find. He mentioned an encounter he had with Dubee in Spring Training, when Dubee yelled at him for trying to talk to his pitchers, although he claimed that did not make his criticism this morning personal. Williams, the former Phillies closer who currently is an analyst for MLB Network, also said he showed Kyle Kendrick his current change up grip, which has brought him great success. Kendrick denied that. It’s been well known Kendrick gives credit to former pitcher Justin Lehr, who learned the grip from Tim Hudson.

“He didn’t like the fact that I spoke with his pitchers at all about anything,” Williams told Angelo Cataldi. “It may be time for a new voice.”

Halladay answered back before tonight’s game at Citizens Bank Park.

“Coming from the mechanical wonder,” Halladay said. “Yeah, I strongly disagree. To come from a guy who’s not around, who’s not involved. He’s not involved in the conversations … honestly has no idea what’s going on. He really doesn’t. He has no idea what’s going on in the clubhouse, on the field between coaches and players. To make comments like that, it’s completely out of line. It really is. Rich Dubee, when I first came over, he taught me a change up. If I hadn’t had that coming over here I wouldn’t have had the success I’ve had over here. Especially dealing with the injuries I’ve dealt with, if I didn’t have that pitch, if I didn’t have him working with me, I really would have been in a lot of trouble. In my opinion, it’s a statement that I feel like he needs to make amends for. I really do. There’s very few pitching coaches that I respect more than Rich Dubee. Watching Kyle Kendrick, the stuff that he’s learned, the way he’s grown, is because of Rich Dubee and it’s because of his work ethic and the way he goes about things. It really does upset me. It upsets me that guys outside of our group of guys that don’t understand what’s going on here make comments like that. Hopefully, it’s something he’ll learn from. I’m not sure if that’s the case, but he couldn’t be further from the truth. And I don’t think it’s the first time he’s been a little off base.”

Halladay was asked about the other times Williams has been off base.

“I’ve heard him criticize a lot of guys for mechanics,” Halladay said. “For a guy who’s never been a pitching coach, I wouldn’t do that. I wouldn’t go and look at any player in the Major Leagues and say, well, he should do it this way. I just don’t understand where that comes from. I really don’t. Former players, there were guys that had certain success doing it certain ways. There’s no one way to do things. To think that you know the one way to do it is a little bit arrogant. … What matters is your success and how guys get it done. It’s not mechanical. It’s a matter of confidence. There’s a lot of things that go into it. I really just feel he’s wrong on this one. I’m sure he’s not a bad guy. I’m sure he’s trying to do the best he can at his job, but I really feel like he was kind of off the mark on this one.”

Said Dubee: “That’s good. Maybe I hurt his feelings with the dust up, but I don’t know. Mitch has got a chance. He can apply to 30 teams (to be a pitching coach). You know? I’ve got no comment to that. Maybe he got upset because I spoke to him about getting involved in our pitching, where I don’t think he belongs. Maybe he’s upset at that. But I don’t think other people belong in our pitching. Again, like I said, he’s got a chance to submit a resume.”

Read the details about Williams’ altercation with Dubee here.


Well, he was talking to Cataldi who has it out for Dubee because he protects his players and doesn’t give excuse to WIP. I’m sure there was some kind of talk around that to start all this nonsense off. I say good on ya’ Dubee for standing up for your guys. WIP can go screw.

It needs to be asked, is Dubee protecting his players or himself?

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Well if Mitch is wrong than I guess Doc should have no problem solving his problem before his next start.

Good for Doc. Mitch needs to mind his own business. Dubee helped the Phillies win a World Series. Mitch is personally responsible for losing them one. Cataldi is a rat too. I would love to hear the players give their honest opinion of that guy someday. Creep.

Here’s how it is: Halladay and Lee are old. Hamels is not getting enuf support.

Whether or not Williams is the man to deliver it, I do think Dubee should be getting more criticism for the pitchers’ performance this year. How is it that all these immensely talented players are struggling so much?! What’s the common denominator? Dubee! How many hitting coaches have been fired for less? I think Dubee’s feet should be held to the fire!

I am still trying to figure out exactly what Rich Dubee’s function is. Kyle Kendrick seems to me to be the only pitcher developed under Dubee’s stint as pitching coach and my conclusion is Kyle has developed in spite of Dubee and Charlie not because of either of them.

And, in Kendrick’s case, most of the stories reported that he was hanging out with Halladay, doing his workouts. They have been through several hitting coaches, yet when the pitching struggles, they stick with Dubee. I think Mitch might be right.

I would agree with this assessment. I think if anything Dubee has been holding Kendrick back. KK really started to shine when he finally was told that he was strictly a starter last August. It only took them 3-4 years to get there.
BTW, WIP has a morning show? I wouldn’t know.

Mitch is an arrogant ass. Wild Thing as a pitching analyst? Just STFU.

Really? What is Dubee’s status as a major leaguer? Zero years.

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Mitch Williams giving someone pitching advice is like Judge Smails telling Tiger how to putt.

Kendrick got his change from Tim Hudson? Well that was a waste.

I guess Mitch was right, huh?

doc is a big fat dirty pussy

Doc is washed up. Dubee should get the boot.

Star athletes “acting tough” believing that they are helping their team by playing injured reminds of the Black Knight in Monty Phython. The “gamer” mentality rarely helps the situation and only postpones the inevitable DL stint after costing the team a win or few. Doc has a great past that gets (got) him some leway, but in the end it hurt the team and probably ended his career. I wish him well, but I think the news is going to be such that no repair is possible. Even it is I doubt he returns this year and to what quality if he does. This isn’t an elbow….so no quick fix available.

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