Brown, Howard Heating Up

Ryan Howard Domonic BrownThere has been plenty of focus in the past 24 hours on the Phillies’ pitching staff (and pitching coach), but I maintain the biggest reason for this team’s losing is its struggling offense. They are averaging 3.7 runs per game, which is 11th in the National League and 23rd in baseball.

But a couple key bats have started to show a pulse, which could get the offense moving. Domonic Brown and Ryan Howard have homered in consecutive games. Brown is hitting .382 (13-for-34) with two doubles, three home runs and eight RBIs in his last nine games. Howard has four homers and 12 RBIs in his last nine. He also is hitting .348 (16-for-46) with five doubles, four home runs, 13 RBIs and a 1.090 OPS in his last 13. It goes without saying the offense stands a much better chance if these guys start producing on a consistent basis.

(Ah, for the days when fans complained the Phillies relied too much on home runs. They sure seem to like them now.)

The offense needs to continue to build this weekend against the Marlins. Yes, the Marlins are terrible, but the Phillies need some positive vibes before they fly to San Francisco on Sunday evening to open a seven-game road trip in San Francisco and Arizona. The Giants are 17-12, and tied for first in the National League West. The Diamondbacks are 15-14. Things won’t be easy out there. If the Phillies move to .500 with a sweep of the Marlins or split the remaining two games to head West 15-17, it would be another bad sign if they limped back from the trip 2-5 or worse. At some point this team, if it’s as good as it thinks it is, needs to go on a run. And that won’t happen if they aren’t hitting.


I’m glad to see it, both of those guys need some mojo for sure. This is the best I;ve seen Howard swing a bat in what seems like years.

But, I have to wonder if they will even win a game against the SF Giants.

You guys got 1 hit by the Marlins??????? OMG that’s effing embarrassing. . I guess you are lucky Howard and Brown are heating up.

You do realize the Braves have gone 5 and 11 since their 12 and 1 start, don’t you? And, the Phillies have gone 8 and 7 over the same number of games? Do you detect a pattern here? And, please tell us, who is heating up for the Braves? BJ Upton? Dan Uggla? You know, the Braves number 6 and 7 hitters representing 25% of the Braves payroll? And let me take this opportunity to thank the Braves for overpaying BJ Upton and out ruining Ruin Tomorrow Junior for over paying over rated talent.

Yeah I guess if you can pick any 16 game stretch you want you can make a stat look like anything you want, Unfortunately they count ALL the games. Even that rotten piece of meat that Halladay threw today. Yikes!!!!

Yeah, I guess a Brave fan would know that it isn’t over til’ it’s over given the Braves’ history

I guess they forgot to “get heated up” tonight. A 20 yo righty with a 4.50 ERA and is 0-2 One-hits the team and Freddy Galvis gets the hit?? The cold from the artic has still settled in the phillies dugout. This is a BAD team that is too old to compete. Overhaul is required.

It seems like the RAJ move for Ben Revere has really worked out??? A 200 hitter who can’t read a ball off the bat and only makes catches because he is fast. Another bad Ruben move this team can’t take many more.

Interesting fact reported by Bob Ford, the Phillies pitching “staff is second-to-last in the National League in ERA during the first six innings of games.” Second to last with three so-called aces making $64.5 million? The Phillies offense is the least of their problems. It is what it is not withstanding the sabermetrican infused pitching apologists, Howard haters, Rollins haters and, until very recently, Kendrick haters posting here. Let us put the blame where it belongs, Ruin and his Three Ace Policy.

Read more here:

Goes along with what I’ve always said: You’re paying guys $20 million and turning their games over to guys making the league minimum. It doesn’t make economic sense.
Keep counting pitches. Bullpens are for losers.

Well maybe we need to be thankful. Revere was a .300 hitter until he came to Phillie. I guess they need another hitting coach. Oh that’s right we have Charlie who knows hitting better than anybody and he also has two hitting coaches. This team needs a shake up and if that doesn’t work a big house cleaning of over paid players.

hate to say this, as we all thought Doc would be leading parades down Broad Street, but stick a fork in him, he’s done. Hope he has the sense to hang them up and go out with some honor

I can’t blame Hamels at this point. He’ gotten no run support so far this season. So sad to see Halladay in such a decline of his pitching career.

Brown, Howard heating up? Starting to show a pulse? Not that I’ve seen. Even the middle inning TV booth stooge, Sarge, had this to say about the Big Glove Spitter’s 4th inning swing Sunday, “That’s just an awful swing, just awful.” Ha ha ha ha ha!!!
Brown is young a still deserves more time to show what he’s got. Howard is a irksome dufus who does not deserve one tenth of his bloated $25M/year salary and needs to be benched.

Too bad they can’t maintain it….

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