Any Chance for Good News with Doc?

Roy HalladayI have been asked what I expect from Roy Halladay‘s visit in Los Angeles with orthopedist Lewis Yocum.

My answer: I don’t know, but it is tough to be optimistic.

The best-case scenario is what exactly? A little inflammation, he stops throwing for a while and gradually makes his way back? I guess that would be considered good news, but Halladay has not been effective consistently since 2011. He had three good starts (1.71 ERA) before the last two, but he still fell behind most hitters and worked a lot of deep counts. So even when the results have been solid, he has not been the surgeon he had been in the past. I’m just not sure how much a break from throwing will help.

The worst-case scenario is a torn rotator cuff or something of that nature, and Halladay’s season and possibly career is over. In that case, the Phillies’ chances to make the postseason takes a significant hit, although I contend even with a healthy and effective Halladay this team’s chances have not looked good because of the anemic offense. The Phillies were 4-7 during Halladay’s solid three-start run. The offense averaged 2.7 runs per game in that stretch, but please continue to blame the pitching coach and pitching staff for this team’s problems.

Whether it be wear and tear from a long and productive career (this is a likely scenario for me, his shoulder is just shot) or much worse, Halladay’s struggles are sad to see. I would never claim to know him personally. I know him only from our interactions in the clubhouse. But he is a good guy and a ridiculously hard worker. The stories that have been written about him, the comments people have made about his work ethic and how much he is respected, they have not been exaggerated. He lives up to the hype. So it is tough to watch a guy that has been arguably the best pitcher in baseball struggle like this. But maybe I’m wrong. Maybe he will get good news. I’m just not sure what that could be.


So who replaces Halladay?

My bet is Triple-A left-hander Adam Morgan. I’ve been hearing how he’s not on the 40-man roster, but so what? Morgan (1-2, 3.89 ERA) has the best numbers of the Triple-A starters, although he has struggled in each of his last three starts. But he has performed better overall than Tyler Cloyd, Ethan Martin and B.J. Rosenberg (Cloyd has pitched better in his last two starts. He last pitched Friday.) None of those three have an ERA less than 5.11. I also don’t believe Double-A Reading left-hander Jesse Biddle is an option at this point.


It’s so sad. It breaks my heart to watch him pitch. And, before anyone gets on my case about being a *sentimental female*, a lot of my male friends say the same thing.
Hoping for the best. And whatever the outcome…..Thanks Doc!!!

Norma, I’m a guy and I couldn’t agree more. It’s sad to watch him go out and get absolutely shelled after working so hard at his craft. Many will say “he’s making millions, so what?” I am pretty sure Halladay would hand over every paycheck from here on out to get good news on his shoulder, and ultimately a ring. However it goes, it was awesome to watch him pitch as a Phillie!

Brian…..It drives me NUTS, when people mention money, about any of the players! It’s not like these guys WANT to lose.

Admittedly dumb question: can you explain the meaning of being on the 40 man roster? And what’s the meaning, if any, of Morgan NOT being on the 40 man? Does that affect pay? Thanks!

Nick, he would need to be added to the 40 man before he could pitch for the Phillies. Since the 40 man roster is full, someone would need to be waived to make room. You run the risk that another team will claim that player and we lose him without compensation.

Nick, didn’t your mother tell you? There are no dumb questions.

I just hope he’s more like Schmidt and less like Lefty. Time to hang them up and wait for Cooperstown to call. Thanks for allowing us to be a (small) part of your career

Agree. It still bothers me, how Jamie Moyer ended his career. It’s so hard for these guys to let go.

I understand the hitting has been horrible but I imagine it is hard to stand at the plate when you are already 8 runs down in the 2nd inning, js.

I agree, John. It’s demoralizing for the whole team.

Shush, didn’t you get the word that it is always the offense? After all, it wasn’t Hamels fault he gave up two gopher balls the other night. Was it? Of course not, it was the offenses fault for not saving Hamels from himself.

So their 26th ranked team ERA shares no part of the blame?

I haven’t any idea what to think . He had 3 games in which he improved in each game.Now he’s had 2 games that were horrible.
I do know that he can’t be left in the game until the opponent has scored so many runs that he Big Offense of the Phills can’t make a come back.
Amaro has so destroyed this team in just 2 yrs that it doesn’t matter.

Bill…..Doc said, after the game, that his shoulder had bothered him a little during Spring Training. Then started to feel better. Maybe that accounts for the few decent games.
And I SO agree about not leaving him in with such a big deficit. That’s my main complaint, about Charlie. He always leaves a pitcher in one batter too many. We were already down 5-0, bases loaded. Next hitter…..Grand Slam. “Maybe” we could have come back from the 5-0 deficit. I think that grand slam was the final nail in the coffin. It demoralizes the whole team.

Norma, Charlie doesn’t call when a Halladay, Lee or Hamels is involved. Let it be a pitcher of lesser “stature” and there is no doubt what he would do. Charlie has been jerking around young pitchers for years. And, those who do open their mouths are traded shortly thereafter as was the case with Worley and one other whose name escapes me at this time. Anybody remember his name?

Norma, it’s only one game. If Charlie over-extends the pen, it’ll hurt the team for the next couple of games unless Cliff Lee can pitch 9 innings and get a “W”. When Kyle was in the pen, he could come into a game in the 2nd and go 4-5 innings strong. This year’s version of the pen has NO reliable pitchers before Bastardo and even Adams is suspect. Durbin and Valdes were supposed to be innings eaters but they have turned out to be run producers for the other team. Aumont is also not to be trusted. WHO do you want Charlie to bring in in the 2nd-3rd inning? Really?…

Cooperstown doesnt call for 200 wins

I agree that it’s absolutely heartbreaking to see what’s happened with Doc. I almost cried when I heard people boo him yesterday. Imagine how demoralizing it has to be to the entire team, though. It’s like this huge black cloud hanging over everyone. I would rather see him go out (somewhat) on top and just retire. He’s no longer contributing to the team in any event. I’d rather see him walk off with some dignity, instead of getting booed off the mound like that. He and his career deserve better.

I agree with what you are saying. After all Doc has done for this team and the city how can these so called fan sit there and boo him. Whatever happens Doc “thank you so much for everything you have done for this team and the fans”. It has been such a pleasure watching you pitch these last few years. So glad that you are a member of the Phillies. You are the best and Cooperstown awaits you.

I was appalled, too, Mary Pat, when “fans” were booing. And shame on T.Mack for even mentioning it, on the broadcast!

Fans were booing, and I would have been too. I’ve lost a lot of respect for Roy this season, with saying Kratz was to blame, and also looking like he’s been injured since spring training, and is either lying about it now, or has been lying about it the whole time.

Hey, it is a good thing you caught yourself from that crying business. There ain’t no cryin’ in baseball.

Good point! Phew, that was close!

I too agree with everyone on how sad it is to see the possible end to Doc’s career. Also how frustrating has the offense been over this week or so?! Just when we thought Brown and Howard might be heating up….guess not yet.

Joe Savery has been recalled since the Phils just place Halladay on the 15 day DL….hmmm

Yo, Todd, the fact that the “Three Aces” are now a combined 5-15 doesn’t give you a hint that they have not even been mediocre to say nothing of “Aces”? But, you know you are so right. The problem can not possibly be the pitching, the coaching or Ruin, for that matter.

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