Looking for a Leadoff Hitter

Chase Utley, Michael BournIt seems like Charlie Manuel is asked about Ben Revere, Jimmy Rollins or the leadoff hitter every day.

There is good reason for that. Phillies leadoff hitters entered tonight’s series opener against the Indians with a .273 on-base percentage, which ranked 27th in baseball. But when I asked Manuel if he imagined anybody else hitting leadoff other than Rollins or Revere he said he didn’t based on personnel. That had me thinking about Michael Bourn in the Indians clubhouse. He signed a four-year, $48 million deal with Cleveland in January. He also has a .348 on-base percentage from 2009 through this season. (He is hitting .293 with a .350 on-base percentage in 64 plate appearances this year.)

The Phillies could use some production like that right about now.

“I think I might have been on their hit list,” Bourn said about the Phillies’ offseason interest. “I don’t know how high or what their target was or if they were worried about what Scott (Boras) was going to do. There are a lot of teams that say they want you to be part of their organization, but you don’t know if they really do. You have a whole bunch of teams that say they’re interested. But when it comes down to it there’s about three or four of them. Really, two.”

The Phillies had some interest in Bourn, but not as his original asking price, believed to be considerably higher than the deal he eventually struck with Cleveland. Had the Phillies not acquired Ben Revere from the Twins in December, the Phillies might have made a late run at Bourn in January, but that never happened.

“Getting adjusted to play in Philly is different,” Bourn said about Revere’s early struggles. “When you come here it’s different. They want you to do everything right now. That’s the only advantage I would have had because I’ve played here before. But I’m really happy here. Yeah, I guess the Phillies were interested a little bit. But that’s not how it went down.”

Revere, who started tonight on the bench, is hitting .400 (8-for-20) in his last eight games.


Fist off Revere should have never been an acquisition . He can’t hit and constantly goes after the same pitch and hits weak grounders. He’s a really great guy,but baseball is baseball.Then again look who is the GM. He isn’t exactly doing anything helpful at all.However since he did make this insane move he should be at best a bench player,certainly NOT a lead off hitter.I mean when does he ever get on base by any means

Revere is still young and obviously still time to develop into a solid everyday hitter. His glove keeps him in the line-up. If he figures out how to hit NL pitching, he will be a lead off candidate. Charlie should have had him bat 8th for half a season and then move him up in the order. The pressure to perform from day one was too much for the youngster. I’m not giving up on Benny just yet.

If we had signed Bourn everyone would have been bitching about how we overpaid for another old guy instead of getting younger.

I think Amaro really wanted Span but the Nats beat him to it. Then the Twins came back and said, how about Revere? And Amaro took the bait.
That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.

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