Blow It Up? Rollins Knows It Could Happen

Rollins Back at the Top, Halladay Ready to GoJimmy Rollins made his Phillies debut Sept. 18, 2000, when the Phillies stood just 61-86 for the third-worst record in the National League.

Just 15,486 fans watched at Veterans Stadium.

Since then Rollins has helped the Phillies win one World Series, two National League pennants and five National League East championships. He won the 2007 NL MVP Award, four Gold Gloves and made three All-Star teams. But as the Phillies’ record sat at 19-22 following yesterday’s loss to the Indians, Rollins acknowledged the Phillies need to get going quickly because the reality in front of them is not pretty.

“We’ve just got to make sure we do what we need to do before they blow it up,” he said.

You can bet the rest of Rollins’ teammates understand this. If the Phillies don’t turn this around quickly, Ruben Amaro Jr. could hold a fire sale that would dwarf last season’s trades that included Shane Victorino, Hunter Pence and Joe Blanton. Essentially, these next couple months could be the last time you see the core of Rollins, Chase Utley, Ryan Howard, Carlos Ruiz and Cole Hamels together.

“There’s nothing I can do about it, except play a winning brand of baseball,” Rollins said. “And if we don’t win, it’s up to the guys up top, whether they decide to blow it all up and ship us out.”

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I am against blowing it up no matter the record. I didn’t agree with it last year and if it happens this year it wouldn’t be good. Pence is playing well and we traded him (bonehead move of the year award), a right handed power bat we all complain we need and Victorino who is playing decent (still better than revere). We didn’t get better we got worse. Who knows how bad it would turn out if we did that again??

Well, they should have traded Cole Hamels last year but who will take him now? I can see Ruiz and Rollins going at the deadline. Utley will be a Phillie for life. The Orioles need a front line starter so I wonder what they would offer for Cole Hamels? He might be having control problems presently but he is too talented to not be able to pitch at a high level and he could thrive in Baltimore.

There was no way we were going to pay Victorino the amount of money that Boston wound up giving him, nor should we have. They majorly overpaid for him. It might not be quite as clear right now, but I’m sure it will be well before the full life of that contract is up.

If they do blow it up the first one to go should be Amaro. He took this team right out of competition but you know how the Phillies management is. They love their Haired Boys and they have to screw up for a decade.

Happ, Whorley, and Blanton, are struggling. So glad thay didn’t pay for Werth and Victorino. Victorino struggled on defense last year. He wasn’t getting the jump on the ball off the bat like he used to. Revere can run circles around Victorino on defense. These guys are used to Pop Pop Charlie taking care of them and not pushing. Utley should be the 1st to go. This is first year he has earned his money since signing his last contract. But you know how that goes when it is a contract year.

3 1/2 games back right now, and they aren’t even playing good baseball.

Cole Hamels just needs to turn it around. If he wins even half of his games so far, we have a winning record & are in first place. (Is he hurt or what?)

This team will get hot when the weather does the same – they always do.

One change that might help? Bring back Ruf. Ditch Delmon Young.

I think people are losing sight of this. They’re only 3 1/2 back and everyone is acting like we’re in Miami. While they need to play a lot better to have any chance of winning the division (and they’ll have to because there are too many teams that are better than them in wild card contention) this is not blow up time. I’d say resign Utley to a lower salary that is maybe more incentive laden. You’re not going to find a better catcher than Chooch in the farm or the open market. Hamels and Lee are still 2 of the better pitchers in baseball and will do just fine at the top of the rotation. Don’t resign Halladay (or if you do, make it 1 year with lots of incentives). Don’t resign the Youngs. Bring up Ruf and Asche next year. I’d watch that team for sure.

Agreed, except maybe on resigning Utley. I think Galvis has waited long enough. Also, don’t forget about Frandsen. Asche should be eased in and needs to earn the job.

I’d agree if Galvis could hit better. What I wouldn’t mind seeing is Rollins move to third and Galvis take over at short – but no one seems to even be discussing that. Galvis at third is a waste of his superior range.

P.S. They will replace Charlie with Sandberg long before they will do a fire sale.

So look for that to happen by mid-June if this lethargic play keeps up. They are going to get Charlie fired.

Blow it up already! Nothing lasts forever and we need to move on and go through some tough times to get to good baseball.

Amaro has gone amuck in all of this, he hasn’t made the right moves. When left to do all of the job on his own, he brings in Lee.. ships him out.. brings him back… they lose Victorino and Pence and get nothing and now sign Zambrano to any deal? Ruben is out of control, and unfortunately he must go.

Give it a month or two but start planning for the end, then Blow. It. Up!
Pink slips: Ruben Amaro, Chuck, Dubee, John “Nepotism,” Jr., D. Young.
Easy Trades: Hamels, Rollins, Lee, & Utley.
Hard Trades/Dumps: Howard (find an AL team that will pick up part of his salary and eat the rest. Try for a prospect but dump this albatross (the salary & broken 1st baseman) ASAP.
They need to rebuild the farm system that Amaro ruined. They need money and to get the false hopes and the “Heartless” out of the way.
If they aren’t competitive by the All Star Break; “BOOM!”

How anyone can see this group going anywhere in the playoffs puzzles me. Quarter of the way through and I see no indication this team can win 3 out 5 or 4 of 7 games especially against playoof calibar teams (not Mets and Marlins). It is just not there. It sucks, I know, but the window is closed and it is best to part ways and start fresh. This team will not just flick a switch and start hitting/winning because it gets warmer out or so and so returns or gets called up or the new manager is (insert name). This core is old and on the wrong side of the hill. As a group they are what you see, individually they can maybe boost other groups (i.e. teams). You trade them for top value while they are hot or get hot and be done with it. Please do not hold onto this group thinking we are only 3 games out, when in reality we are not a playoff team. Do not hold onto guys because of past glory or possible returns to it. Look toward the future and move whomever gets you value in return. I see no untouchables on this roster, thus no core to build around. DO NOT MAKE THE MISTAKE OF 1994!

You may be right. But, it is too early to make a call on them. They have decent pitching and a lineup that relies on guys that are very slow starters(Rollins, Howard). Lets take 2009 for example.

On May 13, 2009 Ryan Howard had 6 HRs 22 RBIs, he finished with 45HRs and 141RBIs

On May 15, 2009 Jimmy Rollins was hitting .199 had only 11 RBIs and 18 Runs, he finished with 21 HRs, 77 RBIs, 100 Runs and brought his average up to finish the year at .250.

The Phillies could easily win a short series against anybody with a little timely hitting. The Giants have been one of the worst hitting teams in MLB for years, but they won 2 WS in recent years because they got timely hitting to go with the pitching. Cody Ross? Please, he ain’t Hank Aaron but he helped win them a pennant and WS with timely hitting, just like Freese and Craig did for the Cardinals.
The hard part will be getting in the tournament in the first place if the pitching continues to falter.

I agree they are only 3.5 back. That is unbelievable as badly as they have played. However they rewarded several players with great contracts mainly because we as fans wanted the same old group to stay together. Charlie has one or two blowups a year to get them going. These over paid players aren’t playing up to their salaries. When Charlies starts getting tossed from games we know the blow up will be coming soon, I doubt they will respond anymore.

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