Michael Young: A Sabermetrican’s Dream

Michael YoungMichael Young played a critical role in the Phillies’ 5-3 victory last night against the Reds.

He hit a two-out triple to score Cliff Lee in the fifth inning to give the Phillies a three-run lead. He then turned a 10-pitch at-bat in the eighth inning into his third walk of the game, which sparked a two-run rally.

Young has walked 22 times this season, which is tied for seventh in the National League. His .399 on-base percentage is eighth.

Young walked just 33 times last season. He walked a career-high 58 times in 2005.

“I’ve made an effort to really make sure I lock into the strike zone,” Young said. “Right now the walks are up. Last year they were probably really low for me, too. I don’t think necessarily think last year was indicative of how much I’ve walked. I’ve never really walked a ton of times in my career, but the goal is still the same: get a good pitch to hit and hit it as hard as I possibly can. But at the same time, if there’s something outside the strike zone I don’t want to bite on it.”

Young, who has grounded into 10 double plays to tie for the league lead with Matt Holliday, has showed a little more power recently, too. He had just four extra-base hits in his first 95 at-bats through May 1, but has five in his last 41.


Will you interview Dave Montgomery and ask why he hasn’t relieved Amaro of bis GM duties ? In the last 2 off seasons (no Gillick) he has managed to totally destroy this team. I heard that he never made any offer or honest offer to either of the Upton Bros. Look at the joke team he put on the field last year. If he doesn’t think that the Phillies pitchers aren’t disgusted with NO RUN support then he’s a fool and so is the Phillies management etc.

So, you’d rather have BJ Upton’s sub-Mendoza avg leading off for the Phils than Benny? At $10 million discount, I’ll take Benny thank you…

I think Ruben has made some huge assumptions that have caused him to make the bad choices he has made. If half the things that he has assumed happened, we’d be praising him. He really needs to understand that he himself will be gone if there is a fire sale of this team…..

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