Everybody Scores on Phillies Pen

Jeremy HorstIf a Phillies relief pitcher enters a game with a runner on base there is a very good chance he will allow that runner to score.

The Phillies bullpen has allowed 46.3 percent (25 of 54) of its inherited runners to score, which is the worst mark in baseball. (The Mariners have been the stingiest at just 15.9 percent.) Upon further inspection, the Phillies’ mark is one of the worst in baseball in nearly 40 years. Going back to 1974, the 2013 Phillies’ bullpen has been the second-worst in baseball in allowing inherited runners to score.

  1. 1977 Reds: 48.1 percent (74 of 154)
  2. 2013 Phillies: 46.3 percent (25 of 54)
  3. 1974 Mets: 46.0 percent (63 of 137)
  4. 1992 Phillies: 44.8 percent (73 of 163)
  5. 1974 Expos: 44.2 percent (69 of 156)

The MLB average from 1974 through today is 33 percent. The best Phillies bullpen in that stretch? The 2011 bullpen, which allowed only 25 percent to score.

“I have a big concern about our bullpen,” Charlie Manuel said. “If we can’t hold people how can we win the game? You can say you’ve got to score runs to win, but at the same time how many runs do you have to score?”

Here is how individuals in the Phillies’ bullpen have fared:

  1. Justin De Fratus: 0 percent (0 of 4)
  2. Raul Valdes: 33 percent (1 of 3)
  3. Mike Adams: 40 percent (2 of 5)
  4. Jeremy Horst: 42.9 percent (9 of 21)
  5. Antonio Bastardo: 50 percent (1 of 2)
  6. Jonathan Papelbon: 50 percent (1 of 2)
  7. Chad Durbin: 60 percent (9 of 15)
  8. Phillippe Aumont: 100 percent (2 of 2)

“I think it’s a matter of pounding the zone, being the aggressor,” Durbin said about pitching better with runners on base. “I think we get 1-0 and 2-0 then you have to throw the ball over the plate and all the pressure is on us. So, the success I’ve had in the past with it has been getting ahead with an offspeed pitch or a well-located fastball to put the pressure on them and kind of let our defense get comfortable.”


Durbin can “talk the talk”; now “walk the walk”. Maybe not a good metaphor for this situation….

I don’t this because I’m trying to be negative etc,but Amaro doesn’t have a clue what is needed to put a winning team on the field. He doesn’t have Gillick pulling the strings for him .Last year and this year he’s been on his own.

What happened to the great Pen we were promised?

Isn’t this the exact problem Ruin has been trying to address for just about his entire tenure as Phillies GM? But can the 2013 Phillies really be compared to what other teams have done for an entire year with the operative word being “Year”? Is what a team does for one-quarter of a season comparable to what other teams have done for an entire season? Besides, Horst and Durbin are at 69% while the remainder of the bullpen is at 25%..

Great points Pherris.. too many gloom and doom types

Pherris, still angry at Todd for calling your post the worst he has ever seen? lol

Erich, I just consider the source.

The pen doesn’t look as bad as the numbers suggest. Most of the players have allowed only 1 or 2 and that is going to happen time to time, the main culprits are Durbin and Horst. If they get on the ball so to speak then the “pen” will improve.

the problem with the pen is confidence. Do you (or Charlie) have confidence in the pen to turn a game over to them after 6-7 innings or are you forced to push your starter an extra inning or 2 to avoid using the pen? I am not worried about the inherited runners (shouldn’t be there to begin with) But rather with the pens lack of ability to close out games

I don’t normally jump on the fire Charlie bandwagon, but if anyone can explain to me why in the world our best starter was pinch-running in the bottom of the ninth when the team was down 1 run, I would love to hear the explanation. Who the h___ does that?! SP are not used to running the bases, and what if he had gotten hurt?!

Because he was out of position players. Unless you wanted Howard and his bum knee to run? It’s not entirely unheard of if you have an athletic pitcher. Also – I hate the “what if he got hurt” argument. He’s a professional athlete not a porcelain doll.

Hanging Chad is simply attrocious… I’ll be happy to drive him to the airport and chip in on a one way ticket out… I’ll even go to LV to pick up his replacement – Michael Stutes.. And going forward – please – NEVER trade or sign for any relievers named Chad. (see Qualls)

Dubee said that his success with Phillie pens in the past have been because the pitchers throw strikes early in the count. By announcing that no one in his pen can throw a first-pitch strike, he basically threw all of them under the bus. What he really needs to do is tell them: “Start getting ahead in counts more or you’ll be pitching in LV or for some another team!”

Dubee is part of the problem. He’d rather trust a veteran like Durbin instead of a young guy like DeFratus.

the problem with this offense is we jumped the gun too fast last year by dumping victorino and pence, who were pressing because of the absence of Howard and Utley..if we had just held on to them until howard and utley returned it would have been a different outcome.

If we had held onto those two guys the owners would be paying about $10 million in luxury tax now…..

The only bright spot in pen is Paps. He is pitching like Lidge did in 2008. Let’s hope he can finish like Lidge did in ’08 ;o)

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