Utley to DL

Chase UtleyIt seemed a certainty Chase Utley would land on the disabled list this week.

The Phillies confirmed this evening he would.

They announced Utley, who felt a burning sensation on his right side when taking swings during batting practice Monday in Miami, will be placed on the 15-day disabled list with what they have called a “very mild” Grade 1 strained oblique. They said there is no intercostal or ribcage injury. He is eligible to be activated June 5.

The Phillies selected infielder Michael Martinez’s contract from Triple-A Lehigh Valley to take his place on the roster. Martinez has hit a combined .188 with a .512 on-base-plus-slugging percentage in parts of two seasons with the Phillies. He has hit .226 with a .570 OPS with Lehigh Valley this season.

Ruben Amaro Jr. said the typical recovery for this type of injury is two to four weeks.

“We do believe and hope that Chase will be ready to play in Philadelphia within 15 days,” Amaro said in a statement.

Utley received a MRI exam today. He expressed his concerns about the injury before last night’s 3-0 victory over the Marlins at Marlins Park.

“It definitely scared me a little bit,” he said. “My first swing I took in BP, I felt something. My second swing, I felt it again. My third swing, I felt it again. After the fourth swing, I realized something wasn’t right. You want to be careful with these things, because they could linger and get worse if you try to play through it. I think we caught it early enough, but it’s hard to know until we have some imaging on it.”

Utley has spoken with teammates and former teammates who have had similar injuries in the past. Several Phillies pitchers have spent time on the DL in recent seasons because of strained obliques, but so have position players like catcher Carlos Ruiz and former Phillies outfielder Jayson Werth. Ruiz spent 23 days on the DL in 2009, while Werth spent 15 days.

“The main thing they said was, ‘Don’t rush back,'” Utley said. “That’s when you can make it worse and prolong the time you’re out.”

The Phillies certainly will miss Utley’s bat. He is hitting .272 with seven doubles, two triples, seven home runs and 25 RBIs in 44 games. He has an .814 on-base-plus-slugging percentage.


At least he did the right thing, and complained this time. Instead of trying to “play through the pain”.

If Michael Martinez dons a Phillies uniform this year (or ever again) we’re truly doomed.

Martinez. So, there isn’t ANYBODY else in the entire minor league system that they can bring up? What a scathing indictment of the dearth of talent on the farm.
I really hate the direction this team is going.

For once, I completely agree with you, muleman.

WHERE IS DARREN RUF? Bring him up to play first for Howard against lefties and let Frandsen and Galvis play 2nd or 3rd. What the heck are they doing with Martinez?????? RAJ must go.

Michael Martinez? Really, Ruben? I’ve had it. Clean house with these clowns.

I have a theory…..I think Ruben already considers this season a wash. And is saving the young guns, ’til they’re ready to stay in the Bigs, for good. A little rebuilding, this year. More extensive rebuilding, next year.

It seems like a flawed theory to me that any GM would consider 1 game under .500 and 5.5 back with over 110 games to play a wash of a season.

Yikes! Martinez! Well I hope Galvis gets most of the playing time. I can’t believe there isn’t anybody else?!

Considering the job he has done up to this point, including this latest move Martinez move.can the Phillies really afford allowing Ruin Tomorrow Junior to make any decisions let alone the ultimate one as to the Phillies being either buyers or sellers come the end of July?

I agree with a lot of the comments here. I’m not sure why they felt the need to have a 1:1 replacement for Utley when Galvis is already available to play second just about every day with Frandsen also available to make spot starts or replacements. I guess you could make the argument that bringing up Ruf and not having him play consistently would throw off his progress? I don’t know…

That’s the same reason they won’t bring up Cesar Hernandez. They want those guys to play everyday in LV rather than make a spot start or pinch hit every 3-4 games….

They brought up Martinez as a late inning bench guy… galvis will play 2nd the entire time utley is out. Ruf needs ABs, he won’t get them up here. Don’t act like you know everything..

I agree with this. We have much better hitters in the minors, but the other potential call-ups are guys you want getting regular at bats. They want Darin Ruf playing all the outfield he can handle so bringing him up doesn’t make sense right now. It seems like they want Cesar Hernandez to play everyday as well so they don’t want to call him up in this situation. This DL stint is Galvis’ time to show he is an everyday guy and potentially a future core cog of the team.

Would Ruf really have benefited from a call-up right now? They will wait until a call-up means a legit everyday starting role. If Brown, D.Young or Howard go down then Ruf will get the call.

I agree with everything you posted here. I think if Delmon had still been struggling to get his pitch-recognition and timing back, Ruben would have called up Ruf, as insurance. But Delmon could be the best hitter on the team right now, so he must keep playing. Dom is also fairly hot these past few weeks. Ryan on the DL would be Darin’s only chance to be called up, to play first base every day.

Cesar Hernandez may be the 2nd baseman of the phuture, but Freddy is the guy as of now, so he will or should play 2nd every game. He has been money in virtually every situation he has been brought into. He has been a game changer with his glove and bat.

Delmon Young is “the best hitter on the team right now”?
Dude, he’s batting .219 and swings at everything. another Amaro swing-and-miss, but that’s what you get when you shop in the discount rack.

Keep in mind player options. Whoever would be called up would be an emergency infielder only, so why waste that space and option (they are limited) on a bench warming role? MM will ride the pine for a couple of weeks, no harm, no foul. I agree with the move.

The bench-warming role isn’t my problem with the Martinez call-up. My problem with it is that a guy with a .188 batting average, .241 OBP and .272 slugging percentage is their best option.

Not really sure how you can say no harm, no foul. If MM gets AB’s for the phillies he will most certainly do harm. Not to mention that he makes some boneheaded plays in the field from time to time as well. I would have much rather had Orr come up. At least he has some pop and can play all the same positions as MM.

No harm? How about a game-losing error or striking out as a pinch hitter with the tying run on third base and one out?….MM still his room to develop……downward ;o(

You think Darin Ruf is a possible replacement for Utley ? You’re talking about Ruf actually playing 2nd base? How did you arrive at that idea when he can’t play the outfield even ?
Freddie Galvis should play 2nd,

That is the point, there is already a replacement for 2nd base, so they could have just brought up Ruf to spell D. Brown in LF and Howard at 1st base. I would personally not bring Ruf up quite yet, but I’m just explaining the reasoning behind people wanting to bring him up. I would rather have Pete Orr up here. He doesn’t hit for a great avg, but he has some power and has much better speed than MM. For the people that think MM is fast just because of his body type, HE IS NOT! Next time you see him run the bases – if he ever gets on base, that is – look at how fast he is actually running. He may look like J-Roll in stature, but he has the athleticism of Erik Kratz.

That’s really unfair to Kratz……

No it’s not, Kratz knows what he is, and that is why he is a catcher. You don’t see him out there in the infield or outfield running around.

Kratz provides a power bat at the plate and a power arm behind the plate. If you start seeing Kratz trying to bunt and steal bases then something is seriously wrong.

My whole point is this, you use the tools you have to contribute to the team. I just don’t know what, if any, tools MM has that help this team.

How about the STARTERS hit, field and pitch……problem solved. At the end of the day it is really on them, not the GM, manager or the 4th string utility infielder.

The starters are the GMs responsibility.

Obviously the starters that are on this team have to provide production in order for the team to succeed this year, but you need more than just the every day players to produce in order to not only get to the playoffs, but have any kind of success in the playoffs. A quality bench and bullpen is key to success in MLB, just ask Matt Stairs.

Especially when you have an uphill battle, as the phillies do this year, you need to get production out of every single 1 of the 25 roster spots at your disposal to be able to beat the younger, more talented teams out there.

When it comes to the GM and manager and their part in all of this…

RAJ is responsible for the roster the Phils roll out there, and that includes the starters. He is the one that brought Durbin here and gave him a major league deal, assuring he would be on the 25 man roster so he could allow over 50% of inherited baserunners score. He is the one that hamstrung the phils for years to come by signing Howard to an insanely expensive extension 2 years before his previous contract was over. He was the one that spent $50 million on a closer instead of seeing what the market would be for him first. And really what it comes down to is this…he is the one that is responsible for our underachieving starters, because he is the reason they are still here eating up a ton of salary and not producing up to what their contracts say they should.

And Charlie…I love him and his good ole boy charm, but if he doesn’t have guys that can consistently come up with a homer in a big spot and already know how to work a pitcher, he can’t teach anybody how to do those things and doesn’t know how to win close games with savvy baseball moves using what he has to get the job done in any way possible. Pretty much, when Chase and Jimmy were hitting 20-30 homers, Howard was smacking 40+, then Pat the Bat and/or Werth were adding good RH power, Charlie didn’t need to do too much actual managing. Now that he doesn’t have that, he doesn’t know how to adapt and make use of what he has to get the job done.

Bottom line, I think that no matter what happens this year, major changes need to occur in order to give this team a chance to compete in the next 5 years. Unfortunately RAJ isn’t going anywhere yet, but Charlie is gone after this year unless something crazy happens.

Heal quickly and completely Chase!

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