Explaining Mini-Mart

Phillies Cardinals BaseballMichael Martinez has hit .188 in 354 plate appearances over two seasons with the Phillies. He hit .239 in 121 plate appearances this season with Triple-A Lehigh Valley.

But he took Chase Utley’s spot on the 25-man roster when the Phillies placed Utley on the disabled list yesterday because of a strained right oblique. (They placed Roy Halladay on the 60-day disabled list to make room for Martinez on the 40-man roster.) Utley is eligible to be activated June 5, so Martinez is unlikely to be around long. But why Martinez and not somebody like Darin Ruf, who could provide a little help offensively? Or somebody like Triple-A infielders Pete Orr or Cesar Hernandez? I got a ton of questions about this move, so here is the explanation from the Phillies.

“We could always use somebody to run,” Charlie Manuel said. “If we take Delmon (Young) out of the game, we might want to keep (John ) Mayberry back to hit. Things like that. Michael is a switch hitter. He can play a lot of positions. Hopefully we won’t have to run Cliff (Lee) no more.”

Ruf is hitting .262 with 13 doubles, five home runs and 23 RBIs with Triple-A Lehigh Valley, but he had just three hits in his last 29 at-bats entering today. But Ruf also only plays left field and first base, which means there would be little opportunity for him to play. He is unlikely to take away starts from leftfielder Domonic Brown or first baseman Ryan Howard. The Phillies play two interleague games Monday and Tuesday in Boston, but bringing him up for essentially two games didn’t make sense to them.

“I think the better fit was someone who could play all over the field,” assistant general manager Scott Proefrock said. “We’ve got two (interleague) games. It would be hard to find (Ruf) a place to play (otherwise) and it probably wouldn’t be the right fit. At this particular point in time Michael would step into what Freddy (Galvis’) role is and play all over the field. He can play some center field if he had to. He’s been here before. That seemed to make some more sense than something like that. It was more Michael’s versatility and just the really short window of interleague play.”

Proefrock said Martinez’s versatility probably helped him over Orr. Hernadnez, who is hitting .312, is primarily a second baseman.

“Freddy is going to play ahead of him, so it didn’t make a lot of sense to bring him up,” Proefrock said of Hernandez. “He’s not as versatile as Michael. He’s pretty much limited at second base right now at least from playing on any kind of regular basis.”


I think that it’s long overdue to start taking a good look at their minor league players and start bring a few players up rather then bring up the same guys that’ll never make the Big Roster.

i knew it was only a matter of time before amaro found a reason to bring up his lover mary martinez

The Phillies brass has been doing everything wrong with this team this season, Proefrock sounds like bullock to me, he and decisions along with Amaro have been brutal on the Phillies so far.

Ben Revere sigining, brutal. Hasn’t lived up to anything that we expected from him, doesn’t come through in the clutch hasn’t hit many balls out of the infield. We got rid of Victorino for him, I think I’d rather see Mayberry out there at this point.

I think the only reason Martinez is on the team is because he make’s Ruben’s MLB career shine in comparison. There is no other explanation. They can call him “versatile” all they want but Phillies phans aren’t stupid. We’ve seen the guy in action and he is simply not a MLB-caliber player. I am actually shocked that Michael Martinez is currently on the Major League roster and it is an indictment of Ruben’s ability to recognize talent, going all the way back to when Ruben snatched him as a 27 year old Rule 5 player.

What kind of versatility does a 30 year old place holder who can’t hit from either side of the plate bring,? He’s lucky he’s in triple A ball.

A never was, never will be player. Are we grooming a new minor league coach ? There is nothing new that Martinez will show us.

like i said yesterday the reason mary martinez is still a phillie is because he is amaro’s girl

And your comment today was just as scurrilous, homophobic and sexist as it was yesterday. What didn’t you get from the fact you were ignored the first time?

i just love you die hard loosers who cannot see the writing on the wall. why do you think mary was brought back up. do you really think he can help the team, if you do i feel sorry for you. the fact is amaro does not like having to drive all the way to allentown to see his girl

Not surpisingly, spelling and grammar are also among your problems.

Another dreadful loss for Hamels and the Phils. I think Charlie is also trying to convince himself that calling up Martinez was a good idea for the reasons he gave since I don’t think he could be too thrilled by it.

They can’t score runs so they call up someone who can’t hit , boy it must be nice to get paid all that money to make decisions like that no wonder they havent been able to retool and compete

it is a shame some of these die hards do not see things like you do.

Pete Orr would have made more sense. It would be stupid to bring up Cesar Hernandez at this stage in his development. I t wouldn’t have made sense to bring Darin Ruf up. He has no where to play, until Delmon sucks so bad that the Phils release him or if Ryan ends up on the DL, then Darin can play first base, his natural position, for 15 days plus….

Here is what Dave Montgomery had to say about Ruin when he gave Ruin a 4 year contract extension in 2011:

“For the last 2½ years, my opinion is he’s done an outstanding job for the organization… I remember at the time we hired Ruben, my quote was I said, ‘I thought he had a situation where he had been excellently prepared for this opportunity’ and I think, in my judgment he’s exceeded the expectations we had for him at that time.”

Does anything more need to be said as to why the Phillies are in their present predicament? If this Montie had been involved in WW II rather than the Montie that was involved, Americans east of the Mississippi would now be speaking German and those west of the Mississippi would be speaking Japanese. But even here there would be a bright side for Phillies fans. Considering Charlie’s “fluency” in Japanese, he probably would now be employed somewhere west of the Mississippi rather than here in Philadelphia.

as long as the die hards keep showing up at the park every home game (35,00 plus) the front office could care less. since chooch stopped doing CRANK, i noticed his stats were nothing like last season. is the KKING really worth 25 million per season. is halladay and hamels worth over 40 million between them? problem with the phillies is that they are stuck with these stiffs, no gm in their right mind would trade for these OLD over paid men

If you get entertainment value by watching the ‘KKING’ as you call him, (I call him the BIG GLOVE SPITTER for the way he keeps stepping out of the batter’s box to spittle on his batting gloves even when he doesn’t offer at a pitch) swinging and missing in a meek whirlwind fashion like I do, then he is worth every bit of $25M per season paycheck. Then after striking out, he sulks back to the dugout seemingly beating himself up over making out. That acting job is priceless!

FINALLY, a comment worth reading. keep them coming. davy boy.

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