Utley Needs More Time to Heal

Chase UtleyThe Phillies said last week Chase Utley’s strained right oblique would take two to four weeks to heal.

They were optimistic he would need just two.

But Utley still feels soreness in the oblique, so they said today he is going to need more time.

“It’s just an injury that’s tricky, so we have to be real careful with it,” Ruben Amaro Jr. said. “He still feels tenderness in there, so we’ve got to be careful not to let it get to the point where it becomes even more of an injury. We’ll just slow play him until he’s ready.”

Asked if Utley had a setback, Amaro said, “No, not to my knowledge he hasn’t had a setback. He’s just still tender.”

Utley has not played since May 20, which makes him eligible to be activated June 5. But that won’t happen.


as much as i like utley, it seems to be the same old story for the last few years. i think it is time for him to retire. anybody who thought chase would be healthy enough to play 130 games or more this season was in lala land

It’s ridiculous to say he needs to retire, but he needs to realize he’s not an everyday player and won’t be paid like one. He’ll end up on a team like the Yanks or Sox, playing 100 games and contributing.

the problem with phillies have right now is that they have nobody in the organization to play 2nd base and put up a healthy chase utley offensive numbers, certainly not freddy galvis who i feel will never amount to more than a .225-.235 hitter with little power. hitting .230 is fine if you are hitting close to 30 home runs a year but not 8-10. if you look at the team right now they struggle just to score more than 3 runs a game, and as long as you have revere, galvis, mayberry, and a plunging mike young playing every day this team will be lucky to win 75-80 games this season. you have a bench that with martinez and nix to come in and pinch hit is pathetic. they should put these 2 on waivers and bring up josh fields and darin ruf, or even cody ashe.

if he can play 100 games for us and hit decent I’d keep him. this gives Galvis 60 odd games at 2nd, add in 20 or so at 3rd and 10 at SS
and he’s in 90 games, sounds good to me

This is unprecedented… Chase NOT returning to the team faster thasn he should and making his injury worse and sucking at the same time. Hopefully, he will realize what is good for his future as a baseball player is good for the Phils too. Get 100% well and we’ll see you when you get back, Chase!!

Time for Amaro to start moving guys, starting with Delmon Young and Ben Revere. Charlies keep everyone happy is not working, Bring up Ruf and sink or swim with young guys. No fight in this club at present, changes need to be made. Pitchers working hard and getting no offensive help.

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