More of the Same

Jimmy RollinsMore than three hours before Red Sox left-hander Franklin Morales threw his first pitch to the Phillies tonight, Charlie Manuel took a seat in the Phillies dugout at Citizens Bank Park and told reporters Morales is a pitcher his players definitely should be able to hit.

“We can go up there and look for fastballs,” he said before the 9-2 loss as the Phillies failed to reach .500 for the third time in the past week. “I feel that way. Just because he throws a curveball or a changeup over (for a strike), that doesn’t mean that we’ve got to panic and start swinging at them. He will give you some fastballs.”

Morales threw his share of fastballs, but after Delmon Young hit a two-run home run in the first inning they managed just four hits the rest of the night. The Phillies have been held to two or fewer runs in 21 of 54 games (38.9 percent) this season.

“It’s kind of the same thing every day,” Manuel said afterward.

It certainly is. I’ve been getting tweets from fans expressing their frustrations with Chad Durbin and Jeremy Horst, but the Phillies lost tonight because the offense is bad. They lost Monday night to Red Sox right-hander Alfredo Aceves, who entered the night with an 8.20 ERA. They lost tonight because they could not hit Morales.

“We talk about the same thing every night,” Manuel said. “That’s where that .245 (team) batting average comes into play. This is a game of percentages, averages, that’s what happens. We didn’t muster enough offense. … I’m sure they look at our lineup and look at it as we’re not at full strength. I’m sure they do. I’m not aking anything away from the pitcher, but they threw him instead of (Jon) Lester. They wanted Lester against against the Yankees.

“It’s a battle for us. To win games, it’s a battle. Even when we have Cliff Lee or (Cole) Hamels or whoever, (Kyle) Kendrick, throwing a real close game, it’s still a battle for us to win at times. We haven’t blown too many people out. We don’t knock the cover off the ball. That’s what I’m talking about, too. In order for us to run off a winning streak or do better, we’ve got to score more runs of course. We were in the game tonight until they got four ahead of us. They kept adding. We couldn’t get enough base runners and we couldn’t get big hits.”

The Phillies had the bases loaded with one out when Erik Kratz bounced into an inning-ending double play.

“The game is sitting there for us and we couldn’t do nothing to take it,” Manuel said.

The Phillies keep talking about getting on a lengthy winning streak, but the longer this continues the more difficult it is to expect it will happen.


This shows the fans all they need to know about how pathetic the Phillies offense is.I’ll keep banging the drum that Ruben Amaro was given the GM job with no experience. So why did he get the job ? Because this is the delusional way the do business. Hire the Fair Haired one and after years and years of failure they’ll get him out and hire another Fair Haired One.Any bets if the let Ruben go they’ll try and put Wade back in as GM ? The owners and Dave Montgomery are their own worse enemies,that is if they’re really interested in winning first.The money will always come if they’re honest with the fans .Based on what Amaro has done the last 2 off seasons somethings is real wrong. Was he given orders or is he just inept ?

I believe that ownership wanted/ordered to spend low this year and “hope” for a miracle shot at the post season with the current crew. Knowing that contracts to Utley and Ruiz, etc. come off the books at years end and further knowing they have nothing of value to trade for young, talented offensive players, the mindset is to wait until free agency to retool in the winter. It’s the only thing that makes sense to me. Save up and pray to win and then retool through FA……..going to be a long summer of being .500 at best.

This team is full of guys that don’t start hitting until June. Every year people complain about the same thing then they start turning it around. The Phillies rely heavily on Rollins/Utley/Howard/(Right handed 5th hitter, this year its Delmon) every year. Three of those four guys are notoriously poor starters and the other is on the DL. Below are some encouraging numbers that led me to believe we will begin to claw into the playoff picture and actually be buyers at the deadline(end of July).

Jimmy Rollins
2012 April/May
201 ABs .238 BA 2 HRs 11 RBIs 25 Runs
2012 June/July
215 ABs .260 BA 8 HRs 27 RBIs 34 Runs

2011 April/May
223 ABs .260 BA 3 HRs 18 RBIs 30 Runs
2011 June/July
201 ABs .279 BA 10 HRs 29 RBIs 36 Runs

Ryan Howard
Career April/May
1314 ABs .254 BA 84 HRs 261 RBIs 199 Runs
Career June/July
1342 ABs .277 BA 97 HRs 302 RBIs 312 Runs

Delmon Young
Career April/May
1026 ABs .248 BA 21 HRs 123 RBIs 115 Runs
Career June/July
1061 ABs .320 BA 26 HRs 161 RBIs 119 Runs

Horrible night at the ballpark last night. First of all it took us forever to get there and by the time I sat in my seat it was 4-0. Then it was like watching the Red Sox play against Lehigh Valley.
JRoll’s body language was atrocious last night. Throwing his helmet, and then standing alone out at his SS position during a conference at the mound. I guess he wasn’t happy about the lineup, but he hasn’t done enough this season to have the right to at like that. Hey Jimmy, do something!! You did nothing while watching Jacoby Ellsbury set a team record for stolen bases.

What exactly was JRoll suppose to do while Ellsbury was stealing bases?

Remember when we used to complain this team can’t play small ball. I wish that was still their problem because at least you would know men were getting on base. Let’s hope that they can come through for Hamels tonight. He really deserves a “W”.

Maybe the problem is that Hamels believes he deserves a win rather than getting it the old fashioned way by earning it. He sure didn’t help his cause by giving up 6 earned runs. Did he?

His only fool proof chance of a “W” is for him to homer and get a shutout. Sadly it has almost come down to that….

Hamels can start by not giving up any homers or inopportune walks, for that matter. And one shutout in 12 starts starts from an “ace” is too much to ask. Is it?

Durbin gone; Savery called up.

Horst should be next.

i would rather see nix and martinez go far away

problem with Nix and Martinez is simple. Without a doubt Ruf and Hernendez would help more short run. However, both are benefitiing more by playing 9 innings a day at AAA then sitting on the bench in the majors. Nix actually had a good run back in April and Mini is only here because Utley is hurt. We need help in the Pen ASAP

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